9 Reasons Why You Should Join the Aviation Industry

If you’re thinking that the aviation industry only belongs to the national defense and you’ll have to go through rigorous physical and intellectual tests to qualify for becoming a jet pilot, you are mistaken.

The aviation industry, in general, encompasses the defense, aerospace, and commercial airlines businesses.

As per current reports, the aviation industry is getting back to its post-pandemic form; it’s about to boom again in the next couple of years. It’s now one of the highest potential industries to start your career.

That’s why we’ve brought nine reasons to convince you of why you should join the aviation industry.

Why You Should Join the Aviation Industry

Why You Should Join the Aviation Industry

Range of Job Opportunities

Working in the aviation industry not only enhances your technical, engineering, customer relationship, and itinerary skills, but it also makes way for a long range of job opportunities for you.

For instance, the Qatar Airways open day is scheduled to hire qualified individuals to fill their Cabin Crews positions this year. More potential job opportunities are available in other international airlines as well.

From staff to flight attendant to pilot, or cargo operation agent to administrative support, all sorts of doors are open to you while you’re hustling day and night in an airline company.

And these jobs can pay you off to maintain a good lifestyle through hard work, honesty, and advanced skills.

But if you look at the military or defense aviation industry, there are jobs that are more focused on an engineering background like electrical maintenance engineer, vehicle mechanic, aircraft engineering fitter, R & D technician, aircraft software consultant, and many more.

So, you can choose to be on either side of the industry, starting to prepare well ahead of time before finally landing the desired job.

Free or Discounted Travels Worldwide

If your aim is to travel the world, being a part of the aviation industry will be the perfect job for you. No matter if you work in ticketing, wings, or as a customer relation officer, you’ll get to reach the uncommon destinations in the world at the airline company’s expense.

These flying facilities aren’t totally free. Sometimes, you’ll be sent off with other employees for training purposes. Other times, you’ll have to earn such perks through hard work and achieve points or rank up to be a high-performance employee.

Also, there will be discounted tickets for you as well as your close family members and friends. Moreover, if you happen to land a job as a pilot, cruising through the sky and reaching anywhere globally will be your regular facility besides your main job.

Learning Diverse Skills

Airlines or the aviation industry always makes sure that their employees at all levels are on their toes throughout their working hours. There are a few mistakes the industry can allow to happen to avoid any disastrous situation in terms of finance, health, security, etc.

This is the reason why you’ll have to learn the necessary skills to step up to every challenging situation while maintaining your regular jobs seamlessly.

Things will get easier for you since most international airlines offer various programs for their employees to keep them up to date with industry changes and advancements.

The aviation industry can give you a vast scope for learning and growth at the pace required to survive in the industry. It’s a cutthroat, challenging career in many instances, but it pays off through the lifestyle and status you’re going to achieve.

Meeting New People

If you love traveling, meeting new people will come along with that. There’s no denying that greeting your customers, passengers, coworkers, or even corporate delegates in your day-to-day job in the aviation industry.

The work environment is vast, and hundreds of people are coming in and going out of the offices, air bases, hangars, ticket counters, warehouses, etc., 24/7.

Meeting various types of people from different backgrounds will make you more mature in terms of understanding your responsibilities. Besides, you’ll build a strong network of diverse knowledge and positions that will help you step up the ladder in your career.

Stable Job Facility

Stable jobs are hard to come by these days, especially in the post-pandemic period. Millions of people across the world have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and consequent lockdowns. But there’s good news for you if you’re considering the aviation industry to start your career.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, commercial and military aviation industries deliver them with appropriate and timely training and workshops, so the employees can deliver optimum results.

It’s a crucial benefit that you can reap by working in an airline company because it saves you from random layoffs and salary cuts. In short, it makes your stay with the company longer, well-paid, and more secure.

Changeable Industry

You may be a bit skeptical about joining an industry that keeps changing in its operational functions. While this might be a little worrisome, this is what makes the industry more enticing.

If you’re a person who loves to take on challenges and serve the company’s stakeholders the best service possible, then this is the place for you.

There’s a very good reason behind such changes in this industry. The core purpose is to adapt to the technological advancement the world is immersed in while making sure that its functional resources aren’t limited by such leaps.

Some of the technological changes are already in place, which you must be familiar with, such as AI facial recognition, green flights for minimizing fuel consumption, VR training for cabin crews and pilots, etc.

There’s no doubt that this change will extend for an indefinite period in the future, and one who’s inside the industry has to abide by it. So, if you’re ready to take on this exciting journey, the aviation industry is waiting for you.

Sky Is the Limit

The booming aviation industry is promising for those who are eyeing its potential growth. And the North American airline industry is already listening to their wishes as it’s forecasting a profit of up to nine billion dollars by the end of this year.

Apart from this, people from around the world are traveling more and more for business and tour purposes. This is a sign of the airline industry’s expansion. Surely, they’ll require more skilled and dedicated employees to serve these purposes.

Moreover, many countries in Asia and Europe are renovating their airports and runways while building more terminals to meet international flight requirements.

Furthermore, if you take aerospace which is focused on the manufacturing, research, and advancement of aircraft, drones, and defense services, the scope of engineering and technical jobs is getting higher every year in this area.

Additionally, if you’re more into aeronautical science and spacecraft, there’s a possibility for you to end up in the space research center with a high-paying job and a luscious lifestyle.

Work with Flexibility

One of the most lucrative things about working at airline companies is that you can have flexible days and hours. You may be able to shift your weekly work hours to the next week.

Besides, there are opportunities for you to work on a roster basis. This makes your tasks light while enabling you to focus on your family and pursue your personal interests.

You can also work on a contract basis with an airline company. Contract periods may vary from one week to two years, depending on the nature of the job you’re applying for.

Moreover, airlines these days are offering remote-work opportunities, including corporate travel agents, reservation specialists, day-of-departure supervisors, and so on. Such jobs are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not only gives you a chance to work from the comfort of your home, but you also earn a handsome salary every month.

Working in this industry makes your life easier, given that you’re aptly fulfilling your daily duties and responsibilities.

Minimum Age Limit

You can join the aviation industry as early as eighteen. This doesn’t mean you can start off at any job level or position at this age. For instance, at American Airlines, an individual has to be at least twenty when applying for the Flight Attendant position.

As for becoming a pilot, you can start as early as sixteen to solo an aircraft, seventeen to get a PPC (Private Pilot Certificate), eighteen to obtain a CPC (Commercial Private Certificate), and twenty-three to get an ATC (Airline Transport Certificate). Nonetheless, the retirement age for a pilot is sixty-five as per Federal Aviation Regulations, part 121.

Hence, the above information should give you a career roadmap depending on your current age.

Bottom Line

If you were unsure about making your career in the aviation industry, we hope that uncertainty is removed to an extent. At least you can now dig further down the industry’s many potential sectors to choose a profession that suits you best.

Remember, you can always make your way up to a greater position with time and dedication, even if you start in a lower position in this industry.

A proper educational and technical background will make your path easier, but your sincerity and skills can take you a long way.

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