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Which Airlines Accept Paypal For Payment?

Paypal is widely regarded as a well-established company in the field of online payment systems and makes it quite easy in identifying which airlines accept PayPal for payment due to this. It is recognized to be one of the most versatile and reliably safe ways of online money transactions.

Due to how booking flights can be somewhat of a struggle, buying plane tickets is in need of more flexible and convenient ways of doing so. Luckily, PayPal is designed to solve transaction struggles such as these.

But are they even recognized as a payment option in airlines? Can you actually use PayPal to buy plane tickets?

Can you use PayPal to pay for flights?

Most individuals book their flights through Expedia, a known travel agency, and wonder does Expedia accept PayPal. Absolutely. You can definitely find many airlines that accept PayPal payments for purchasing flights, as it is only among the many uses of PayPal for online transactions. In fact, PayPal is an option for payment in online travel agencies like TripAdvisor and Expedia. The number of airlines that allow Paypal as a payment option, is continually growing in all parts of the world.

Qatar airways accepting paypal

There are many airlines that do accept PayPal directly and can even be used to book hotels despite the airline itself not allowing PayPal for flight tickets. Despite this, PayPal can be reasonably safe and easy in making purchases when compared to credit cards.

The stability and convenience of using PayPal for purchases are what makes this mode of payment popular among many people. Additionally, the option of paying through many different currencies makes it more beneficial to airlines. Paypal can also be accepted as payment for things such as car rentals, Air B&B, cruise ships, hotels, and many more.

What Makes PayPal a Good Payment Option?

“Should I book flights with PayPal” is a confusion continuously coming to your mind, so here are some reasons that will remove your confusion.

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Convenient and Fast
PayPal offers a convenient and fast mode of transaction. It uses the PayPal balance of any of the user’s linked credit/debit card or bank account. This allows payment transactions to be easily done through the simple click of a button. PayPal’s convenience is further amplified if you understand which airlines accept payment through PayPal.

Secure Payments
Steadfast security and convenience of payments through PayPal, make booking flights all the more safe and easy. Also, PayPal accounts are fairly simple to set up. Anyone with an email and credit or debit card can sign up for a PayPal account for free.

Since PayPal is increasingly becoming more available as a payment option in many airlines throughout the world, knowing which airlines support payments through PayPal is important for those considering traveling with PayPal as a mode of transaction.

Other Benefits to Paying Using PayPal

No Credit Card Required
Among the many advantages of using PayPal is the option of booking flights without needing a credit card. It is practical for those that refuse to fall into debt due to a credit card. PayPal does not require a credit card in setting up and using, which proves to be a solid alternative option of payment for many different flights.
Many countries allow the added benefit of consumer protection to a credit card used when paying directly through a credit card. This only applies if the air travel company files for bankruptcy.

Added Protection
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protection offered by Paypal that protects users’ personal data. This security feature ensures added safety towards any personal data. Regards to this, recommendations state to always keep private a personal PayPal account password.
The greatly reinforced security system ensures solid protection of privacy and personal information. The denying of any possibility of exposing sensitive details and financial information like credit card or bank account details guarantee

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PayPal Credit Advantages
Using PayPal Credit as payment for flights will also include a 0% interest for 4 months. This indicates that any flights bought will be billed later after purchase. “Bill me later” was the previous alternate term of PayPal Credit, and offers the option of paying the price of a flight over a duration of time. This PayPal credit option is only available on a limited number of airlines. The option can be used to purchase flight tickets at a discount and allows the use of promo codes. However, not every company will agree to take payments through PayPal credit. Airlines may sometimes even charge a fee for using PayPal as a payment method.

Dispute Resolution
Another great benefit to travelers is PayPal dispute resolution. This is a good advantage over the use of credit cards since some airports tend to never give refunds.
But, which airlines actually accept PayPal for payment?
The following is a list of airlines that currently accept PayPal transactions:

1. Air Asia
2. Air China
3. ANA
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Cebu Pacific Air
6. China Airlines
7. China Eastern Airlines
8. China Southern Airlines
9. Hainan Airlines
10. Malaysia Airlines (PayPal is accepted only through the mobile app)
11. Philippine Airlines
12. Scoot
13. Singapore Airlines
14. Thai Airways
15. T’Way Air
16. Vietnam Airlines
17. Xiamen Airlines

tigerair accepting paypal payments

1. Ethiopian Air
2. Kenya Airways
3. South African Airways
4. TAAG Angola Airlines
5. Royal Air Maroc Airlines

Central America
1. Aero Mexico
2. Interjet Airlines
3. Volaris Airlines

1. Alitalia Airlines
2. Aegean Airline
3. Air Baltic
4. Aurigny Air Services Limited
5. Air France
6. Austrian Airlines
7. Azores Airlines
8. British Airways
9. Brussels Airlines
10. Binter Canarias
11. Blue Air
12. Blue Panorama Airlines
13. CSA Czech Airlines
14. Eurowings GmbH
15. Flybe Airlines
16. Iberia Airlines
17. German Wings
18. Limited
19. KLM (PayPal is accepted only through the mobile app)
20. LOT Polish Airlines
21. Deutsche Lufthansa AG
22. Luxair
23. Monarch (Only GBP and EUR currencies are available through PayPal)
24. Ryanair
25. Smart Wings
26. SAS
27. SATA
28. TAP Portugal
29. Transavia
30. Virgin Atlantic
31. Vueling
32. Volotea

Middle East
1. El Al
2. Emirates (the only accepted currencies are AUD/EUR/GBP/USD).
3. Etihad Airways (Etihad Airways only accepts flight payments in USD, GBP, or AED currency. This applies only to flights coming from the respective country where the currency is originally used)
4. Qatar Airways
5. Royal Jordanian
6. Saudi Arabian Airlines

jet air accepting paypal payments

North America/Caribbean
1. JetBlue
2. Air Tran
3. Caribbean Airlines
4. Delta Airlines
5. Southwest Airlines
6. United Airlines
7. US Airways
8. American Airlines (American Airlines only accepts payments through PayPal for flights in the US, Canada, and the UK. Only a US PayPal account is accepted)
9. Air Caraibes

1. Qantas
2. Jetstar Australia
3. Virgin Australia
4. Air Niugini

South America
1. Azul Airways
2. GOL Airways
3. LAN Airways

Things to Consider When Using PayPal as a Payment Option

Set Up PayPal Account
PayPal may be quite easy to set up, but it is never a good experience if you decide on setting up a PayPal account during the online booking process. It is recommended to fully set up a PayPal account before making any bookings or purchases in general.

Varying Rules per Airline/Countries

airport and airlines accepting paypal charges

Regulations in each airline can differ, especially between countries with currencies that are not available on PayPal. The rules of allowed currencies in purchasing flights through PayPal may be limited depending on the country. These factors can make it a bit complicated in identifying not only which airlines accept payment through PayPal, but also identifying which country accepts what currency.

Some airlines even have various regulations and restrictions regarding any payments made through PayPal. The option of buying tickets or booking flights through PayPal may only be exclusive to certain residents of specific countries. This translates to PayPal payments that are limited to a country or airline’s set of available currencies.

Company Policies Regarding PayPal
Being aware of your company’s policy is also important to consider as it can sometimes charge you additional fees for PayPal Credit as payment for flights. The option of deferring payments for up to 6 months, is available to American Citizens.

PayPal in Different Countries

Which airlines accept payment through PayPal in different countries? Many major airlines in Europe and the US are allowing payments through PayPal along with the Middle-Eastern and Asian Airlines slowly but surely expanding PayPal services for flights. In accordance with this, most travel agencies and flight booking sites offer PayPal as a mode of payment.

paypal accepting paypal charges

Although PayPal is well recognized in many countries, not every airline will accept PayPal as a mode of payment. Due to this, it is essential to identify in advance which airlines don’t accept PayPal before any booking process. Airlines that do not offer PayPal services can have the same flights bought through travel sites.

Travel Sites that accept PayPal
Some airlines may not accept PayPal at the checkout when buying a flight. A possible solution to this is by finding a third-party travel booking website that will accept PayPal.

Here are a few travel agency websites that offer PayPal services:

Deciding to travel with PayPal can be quite convenient and smooth if you understand the guidelines of the airlines you plan to travel with. Knowing which airlines accept PayPal for payment will ensure avoiding any issues regarding flight bookings and plane flights.

Finding an airline that accepts PayPal should be relatively easy considering how widely versatile PayPal Credit can be. Even when an airline states that they do not accept PayPal, there is typically a possible way around this by using third-party sites that can buy the same flight through PayPal. Regardless, PayPal remains to be a reliable and secure way of paying for flights without needing to dig up a credit card, and continues to be increasingly accepted as payment by many airlines.

FAQ’s About Which Airlines Accept Paypal For Payment?

1. Does CheapOair accept PayPal?

Yes, you can book your flight for CheapOair using PayPal.

2. Does Orbitz accept PayPal?

Yes, this travel agency accepts PayPal to pay for your bookings.

3. Does kayak accept PayPal?

No, this travel agency doesn’t accept PayPal for bookings.

4. Can we do a booking with Skyscanner through PayPal credit?

No, Skyscanner doesn’t accept PayPal credits to pay for bookings.

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