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Ultimate Things to do in Brooklyn this Weekend

By: Sahil Luthra

During the summer months, catch a Brooklyn Cyclones (Minor League Baseball High-A affiliate of the New York Mets) game at Maomonides Park, or in the offseason

Coney Island

Putting foot to pavement and traversing the borough's most famous bridge is a journey for anyone who wants to say they've truly seen Brooklyn.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

The park is dog-friendly, with select off-leash hours and locations, so your four-legged companion can accompany you. Rent a pedal boat, go for a bike ride

Prospect Park

Visitors call it a green oasis with a relaxed atmosphere, and some applaud restrictions on bicycles that make it truly a pedestrian haven.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

America is a huge country. As such, it has a lot of rail routes. It is impossible to choose the certain best of them. Since among the numerous different train journies you can take in the US,

Bushwick Collective

waterfront park just north of the Williamsburg Bridge gets its name from the Domino Sugar Refinery development it's located within – the site of a once-operational 

Domino Park

Enjoy this low-cost, antique carousel in its glass pavilion before checking out the rest of what Empire Fulton Ferry has to offer

Ride Jane's Carousel

These three tree-lined neighborhoods are an ideal way to spend a morning with a coffee in hand, strolling their enchanting streets and exploring local shops 

neighborhoods of BoCoCa

Spring draws crowds when the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's cherry blossom trees are in bloom

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Museum features no shortage of variety in its collections and exhibitions. Its displays represent an array of cultures across the globe

The Brooklyn Museum

Cemeteries are peaceful places full of history; from France to New Orleans, living visitors walk among the dead as a pastime.

Green-Wood Cemetery

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