How to Measure Luggage Dimensions for Airlines


Today, we will talk about the proper way of how to measure luggage dimensions for airlines. Pay attention now, because this may save a lot of unnecessary expense.

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Airplanes have very limited space inside them and have to burn a lot of fuel to fly every bit of extra weight.  For this reason, airlines always place strict restrictions on the luggage size that they have to carry.

Why Airlines Put Luggage Size and Weight Restrictions

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What happens you are over the limits

Every airline charges a lot for oversize and overweight bags – over and above the standard baggage fees. Which means, you can end up paying twice, even thrice more than the normal baggage fee.

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– Baggage size restrictions for your class

– Maximum size given in inches or centimeters

– How the size is given – in each-side dimensions, or total linear dimensions

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Airline luggage limitation factors to note

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Measure for Linear Inches

Airlines now prefer to publish size restrictions in total linear dimensions instead of each-side dimensions.




Straight Ruler: good for measuring small or straight surfaces directly.

Tape Measure: can be very long, and be either self-retracting or manual.



Luggage Scale: for weighing your bags. A standard body weight scale may work as well.

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