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8 Best Things To Do in Olympic National Park

By: Sahil Luthra

Olympic National Park offers a wide range of natural attractions to enjoy. Short, accessible trails can just as easily lead to spectacular sights as longer, more rugged trails.

Gorgeous waterfalls, stunning night skies, calm tide pools, crashing waves and much more reward park visitors.

1. Hoh Rain Forest

With an annual rainfall ranging from 140 to 170 inches, the Hoh Rain Forest is a lush, green wonderland, with mosses and ferns covering every tree and surface.  

2. Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is located 17 miles south of Port Angeles and is the most easily accessed mountain area within the park. In clear weather, it offers amazing views. 

3. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach

Kalaloch, located on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula, is one of the most visited areas of Olympic National Park. The marine environment and offshore islands are protected by three national wildlife refuges. 

4. Lake Crescent

Formed thousands of years ago, this crystal-clear, glacially carved lake has depths of up to 624 feet in places. As the ice retreated, it left behind a steep valley that filled with the waters of Lake Crescent. 

5. Mora and Rialto Beach

Rialto Beach, which sits about 40 miles southwest of Lake Crescent and about 70 miles from Port Angeles, offers dramatic coastal scenery and is a great place to look for sea lions, seals, otters, whales, seabirds and eagles. 

6. Sol Duc Valley

The Sol Duc Valley, located in the northwest region of the park, offers several trails to explore, but probably the most popular is the mile-long hike to the Sol Duc Falls overlook. 

7. Olympic National Park

According to recent visitors, this should be your first stop in the park. Found in Port Angeles, Washington, the center houses exhibits about Olympic National Park's natural 

8. Staircase

Staircase, located in the southeastern corner of Olympic National Park, is dominated by enormous Douglas firs. You'll find a variety of hiking trails along the Skokomish River and the nearby forests.  

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