Vueling Carry-on and Checked Luggage Fees, Allowance, and Policy [2021]

Vueling Carry-on and Checked luggage policy, fees, and allowance has been updated this 2021. If you are with Vueling, be sure to read below.

Vueling Policy Summary

  1. Vueling carry on restrictions, one bag is the maximum requirement of each passenger on the boarding plane.
  2. If you exceed the maximum baggage allowance purchased at the airport, Vueling will charge you 12 EUR for each excess kg to a maximum of 23 kg per bag and flight.
  3. Once you checked your luggage, you can neither cancel nor you can request a refund of the amount paid.
  4. Smart luggage will only be allowed as a checked bag or hand luggage if the batteries are detached .The passenger must carry the batteries(less than 100 watt) separately in the cabin.

Based in Spain, Vueling flights is a low-cost airline with flights in main cities Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, and Valencia. Vueling’s services are unparalleled that it was named the most innovative low-cost airline in 2011. They have a frequent flyer program called Punto, where passengers can accumulate points and swap them for free flights.

Since this is a low-cost carrier and to further reduce ticket prices, snacks and refreshments are available for purchase on certain flights.

Vueling Carry–on and Personal Item Dimension and Weight Policy

Vueling allows passengers to bring one carry-on or “hand” luggage with a maximum weight of 10kg and dimensions less than 55 x 40 x 20 cm. However, for Basic ticket holders, carry-on bag must be checked in. Optima, Family, and Timeflex ticket holders have the option to bring carry-on on board or check-in at desk.

Vueling Airlines

For Basic ticket holders, Carry-on is free only for check-in. Otherwise, passengers can bring it on board at an additional cost. All other ticket holders can bring their carry-on on-board for free.

All ticket holders are allowed to bring one personal item or “underseat bag”. The bag should not exceed 40 x 20 x 30 cm.

Vueling Airlines

For Excellence Fare ticket holders, carry-on luggage can be up to 14kg.

Checked Luggage Dimension and Weight Policy

Vueling has different fees depending on the weight of the bag. Optima and Family passengers, however, can carry one 25kg for free.

Passengers can check less than four bags.  Additional charges will apply for each kg beyond 23 kg.

Tip: to save on check baggage fees, opt for online/web check-in.

Vueling Airlines

Vueling Luggage Fees

Excess Baggage Policy – Hand Luggage

BASIC ticket holders can bring a carry-on inside the cabin for a minimal fee of 25 EUR. Other ticket class can bring their carry-on inside the cabin for free. 2 items of Hand luggage is 20 EUR per trip, while additional excess hand luggage is 50 EUR.

Excess Baggage Policy – Checked Luggage

If you luggage exceeded the allowed weight limit and luggage dimensions, Vueling charge an additional 12 EUR per overweight kilogram.

Baggage and luggage items that weigh more than 10 kilograms are rejected on the plane. The most low-cost option is a luggage shipper which is a fraction of the checked and excessive baggage fees for oversized packages.

Sports Equipment

Vueling schedules its own fee on the sports equipment to be known as “special luggage”. Sports equipment cannot exceed 23 kilograms like checked baggage. Although dimension limits are bigger to have room for things like skis and golf clubs.

Musical Instruments

Under Vueling’s musical instrument policy, passengers can only bring one. Like all other baggage, musical instruments cannot exceed 23 kilograms. All instruments must be crammed inside a case. Usually, if small enough instruments like a flute or clarinet then you can bring it aboard as a personal item.

Here is the table that gives you all the details about fees of Vueling carry on luggage:

List of Allowed and Prohibited Items

Vueling has a list of allowed and prohibited items inside the cabin, and as part of checked luggage.I Certain items are classified as dangerous goods which are not allowed either inside the cabin, as checked luggage or both. Below are the most common items brought during flights. For other items, be sure to check Vueling’s list of Dangrous goods.

Cabin BaggageWeight: 10 kg, dimensions: 55×40 x20 cm
Checked BaggageWeight: 23 kg, 12-22 euro/one way
Checked Baggage FeeWeight: 23 kg, 25 EURO
Excess Baggage Fee12 Euro per kg
Online Check-INYes
Payment OptionsVisa, Visa Electron, American Express, Diners, Master card
Booking Fees7.5 -11 euro per booking depends on different payment method
Smart Bags with lithium batteries installed exceeding 0.3g of lithium metal or 2.7 WhNot allowedNot Allowed
Hair Curlers, Heat producing elementsAllowedAllowed
Flammable, non-flammable, toxic, non-toxic or poisonous gases, (except Oxygen tanks for medical use)Not allowedNot allowed
Flammable solids and liquidsNot AllowedNot Allowed
Corrosive SubstancesNot AllowedNot Allowed
Items designed to immobilize or stunNot AllowedCheck ingredients prior packing in checked luggage
Blunt instruments (ie batons, bats, etc.)Not AllowedAllowed
Powerbanks and spare batteriesAllowed provided that WH to not exceed 100HAllowed provided that WH to not exceed 100H
E-CigarettesAllowed provided that items are individually packed to prevent activationNot Allowed

Vueling Baggage Allowance FAQs

Image by Pedro Aragão from Commons. Wikimedia

What is Vueling carry-on/hand baggage allowance of?

One hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10kg and dimensions that do not exceed Size 55 x 40 x 20 cm is allowed for Vueling.

What is Vueling Checked luggage Allowance?

Passengers boarding on the Optimum Fare have 23kg of checked baggage weight. Passengers traveling on the Basic Fare can purchase checked luggage

What are Vueling Excess Baggage Fees?

Luggage that exceeds Vueling carry-on dimensions, such as exceeding the amount or weight will cost 12 EUR per kg.

What are the Vueling carry-on rules?

Any luggage weighed above 23 kilograms is charged 10 EUR per any extra kilogram. In addition, each individual thing should not go above 32 kilograms in weight.

What are the regulations of Infant Baggage as a Vueling carry-on or personal item?

Vueling Airlines is not good for passengers with infants to carry baby items like carrycots or even baby seats. If there is a space at the plane luckily then the passengers traveling with their child may be permitted to fit a collapsible baby stroller as hand luggage.

Does Vueling Airline allow online check in?

Vueling Airlines permits passengers to get their boarding passes online through the company’s online check-in. The passengers are also encouraged to notify the Vueling Airline team of any luggage they may bring on after the online check-in completion.

It is advisable to do online check-in and purchase bag allowances before hand (either through their app, website, or customer center) for cheaper rates.

Vueling airlines carry on liquids in your hand luggage?

Passengers can bring 1up to liter of liquid in a container provided each container does not exceed 100 ml.

Can I carry medicine in Vueling?

Yes, I can carry medicine in their carry-on in a excess of 3.4 ounces.

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