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Top 10 Best UK beaches to visit in 2020

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Top 10 UK Beaches

“Did you mention beach holidays in UK ? Are you Joking ?” These may be the questions which may arise in your mind after reading our title. But we are not joking, sometimes it’s very easy to forget how beautiful UK’s coastline is. UK is not just about beautiful cities like London or green landscapes of Scotland but it is also home to one of the fantastic coastlines along with wonderful beaches. In this article, you can find all about the top 10 UK beaches.

You can enjoy your beach holidays in UK with spectacular coastal views and fine sand. If you love surfing then there are multiple beaches as well in UK where you can enjoy surfing on strong waves. Also, there are some hidden paradises with beautiful scenery that are concealed from crowds. We have identified some of the best beaches in UK for you that will definitely make your holidays special

1. Woolacombe Beach, Woolacombe, Devon

Why you should visit here?

Woolacombe beach is at the beginning of our top 10 UK beaches list and holds the “England for Excellence Gold Award” for best family resort. Also, this beach has been awarded as best beach holiday destination in UK winning the poll by a huge margin on every travel websites.

The beach is stretched over three miles and is renowed for it’s cleanliness, water quality and local activities. Life guards are employed during summers over here and they ensure safe family swimming during summers making it favorite destination for tourists to book their beach holidays in UK.

Special Attractions :
  • Dog Friendly beach with designated area
  • Life Guards for safe family swimming
  • Clean water
  • Surfing lessons

2. Bournemouth beach, Dorset

Why you should visit here?

Bournemouth beach is one of the beautiful locations for your beach holidays in UK since the beach has a seven miles of sun bleached sand. It has a picturesque promenade lined with hundreds of deck chair.

It is the perfect family beach destination in UK since all the services from eateries to ice cream parlours to kids playground are present over here. You can also hire a beach huts on this beach which will add more spice to your holidays.

Special Attractions:
  • Warm sea water
  • Extraordinary facilities and services
  • Dog Friendly beach.

3. Filey Beach, Yorkshire

Why you should visit here?

Filey Beach has one of the charming traditional seaside beaches in UK making it one of the best places to plan your beach holidays in UK. The beach has a promenade which runs along the seafront and is lined with arcades, cafes and handy facilities.

Filey Beach is the perfect destination for a day out with your family as well as your dogs. The beach has 5 miles of clean sand that will help your children’s to enjoy building Sandcastle and exploring the rockpools.

Special Attractions:
  • Wonderful array of amenities
  • Clean Sand and beautiful sea views
  • Dog friendly beach ( seasonal restrictions applied) and offers plenty of space to roam around

4. Perranporth, Cornwall

Why you should visit here?

Perranporth boasts one of the largest stretches of unbroken sand along the North Cornish coast and hence is always designated a position in best beach holidays to visit in UK. For this, it has carved a good place in our top 10 UK beaches list.

The Perranporth beach is vast with different leisure and sports options like surfing, snorkeling and swimming available. The beach is clean and is manned by RNLI. There are lots of rockpool and caves to explore as well and hence it makes your beach holiday eventful.

Special Attractions:
  • Clean and safe water
  • Dog friendly beach (seasonal restrictions applied)
  • Good views across Arctic ocean from beach as well as cliff tops
  • Rockpools and caves to explore nearby

5. Rhossili Bay, Swansea

Why you should visit here?

Rhossili Bay is an incredible beach for surfing, walking ( you can walk along with your dog too) and playing on its enormous stretches of sand. The beach has continuously being voted as one of the cleanest and best beaches of Wales and hence finds it’s inclusion in every beach holiday list of UK.

The beach is surrounded by Gower peninsula and is also a path of Gower Coast path. Rhossili Bay is benefitted by Atlantic swell and hence the waves coming on the shores are powerful and strong which are great for surfing. The beach is also a good location for enjoying family trips for picnics and building a sand castle on.

Special Attractions:
  • Famous for seasoned surfers due to big and strong waves
  • Fantastic view from the adjacent clifftop
  • Dog friendly beaches ( seasonal restrictions applied)
  • Good beach for family picnics

6. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Why you should visit here?

Luskentyre beach is situated on the west coast of South Harris in the outer Hebrides. It is one of the largest and most spectacular beaches on Harris and hence it’s included in our list of best beach holidays in UK.

Luakentyre beach is covered in white sand with a stunning green-blue water background. The beach is also close to the island of Taransay, which is famous for being set for BBCs Castaway. The view from the beach is quite beautiful as one can see wonderful sand dunes and islands. You can plan a family trip together and perform various activities like hillwalking, cycling, and other activities together

Special Attractions:
  • Beautiful views with blue and green water backlogs
  • Hill climbing and cycling
  • Island of Taransay
  • Dog friendly Beach ( seasonal restrictions applied)

7. Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire

Why you should visit here?

Barafundle beach has a spectacular stretch of sand sits off the beaten track and remains fairly quite a year round. The beach is also a part of National Trust owned Stackpole Estate which has been likened to Caribbean and hence this beach should be included in top 10 UK beaches list.

The beach is contains a structure which is crescent shaped bay backed by pine trees. The dunes are golden colored and water is very green. It provides you with the fantastic view and you will feel like you have moved out of UK. Even though the beach regularly features as one of the best beach holiday destination it remains very quiet.

Special Attractions:
  • Incredible Location with great picturesque views
  • Wonderful location for Family outing
  • Quiet beach
  • Very effective for Cycling and Padding

8. Botany Bay, Kent

Botany Bay, Kent UK bookonboard guide
Botany Bay, Kent UK – Photo by Nilfanion from Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0
Why you should visit here?

Botany Bay beach located in Broadstairs contains vast stretches of honey-hued sand and is included in every list of best beach holiday destination. The Botany Bay beach is famous for its five-star water quality and is famous for its seaside charm.

Due to pretty surroundings and safe waters, the beach is wonderful retreat for families and groups and couples. It is also a dog friendly Beach which adds to its charm and it ticks all the column of best beach holiday in UK. Also, during the summers the beach is also manned by lifeguards which ensures safe swimming as well.

Special Attractions:
  • Incredibly picturesque views from beach
  • Great location for sunset walks
  • Dog friendly beach ( seasonal restrictions applied)
  • The beach is manned by Lifeguards ensuring safety

9. Weymouth beach, Dorset

Why you should visit here?

Weymouth beach is one of the beautiful beach holiday destinations in UK and is a three mile long beach. The beach is just minutes away from the town center and nearby it’s historic harbour.

The Weymouth beach is always busy with entertainment activities and traditional attractions such as Punch and Judy and Donkey rides are continuously happening. Even Live events such as beach Volleyball championships and music festivals are continuously going on. During summers, the beach even organises a free firework displays. Due to these lively activities going on, the beach is famous amongst tourists and is always included in best beach holiday in UK list.

You can enjoy a stroll along the promenade or on the sands with your family and even your dog. The beach is also famous for it’s Christmas “Chase the Pudding” race and you can have fun by participating in it.

Special Attractions:
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Dog friendly beach ( seasonal restrictions applied)
  • Live entertainment events and traditional attractions
  • Christmas “Chase the Pudding” event

 10. Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Why you should visit here?

Compton Bay is described as one of the best kept secret of Isle of Wight’s and hence it’s now included in best beach holiday destination in UK. Compton is similar to Californian coastline and it presents you with all the goods of California along with some advances.

The beach is also a popular destination for seasoned surfers and kite surfers due to incredibly strong waves which are stirred up by south Westerly winds. This beach is surrounded by clean waters, large stretches of sand and richly colored cliffs which makes for a picturesque views. The beach is dog friendly and you can walk along with your family and dogs on the beach. The beach is also recommended by Marine Conservation Society for it’s clear water and hence it’s recommended in our best beach holidays in UK list

Special Attractions:
  • Year round great condition for Surfing and kite Surfing
  • Dog friendly beach ( Seasonal restrictions applied)
  • Recommended by Marine Conservation Society for it’s clean waters
  • Californian beach view
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