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Turkish Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy [2021 Update]

It goes without saying that Turkey is a BEAUTIFUL country, with a rich history, and colorful culture to match! This definitely should be part of your bucket list and, good news, going to Turkey via Turkish Airlines is a breeze. But before you pack those bags, check Turkish Airlines’ baggage fees and policy this year.

Note: for the latest announcements, be sure to visit Turkish Airlines’ official page.

Turkish Airlines Summary

  • Passangers are allowed to carry 1 personal item bag, and 1 Carry-on luggage for free. The personal item bag should be within 40x30x15cm. Carry-on luggage should be 55x40x23cm and should not exceed 17.6 pounds (8kg). However, because of the Pandemic, Carry-on bags will be checked at no extra charge. Restricted items are enumerated below.
  • Strollers are not allowed inside the cabin but can be Checked at the check-in counter for free.
  • Checked luggage should not exceed 32kgs, subject to excess baggage limit. Read about the restrictions below.
  • Special fees apply to special baggage such as sports and musical equipment. Read more about it below.

Turkish Airlines Carry–on and Personal Item dimensions and Weight Policy

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to bring 1 standard carry-on, and 1 personal item bag for FREE. Carry-on Luggage should be 55x40x23cm and should not exceed 17.6 pounds (8kg). Personal Items should be within 40x30x15cm in size. Business-class ticket holders are allowed to bring 2 Carry-on bags plus 1 personal item.

Important guidelines: Due to the ongoing pandemic, passengers are only allowed to take personal items into the cabin. A standard carry-on bag will be checked at no charge.

When traveling with infants, passengers are allowed to bring 1 extra carry-on following the same dimensions. Strollers are not allowed inside the cabin and should be checked at the check-in counter. This service is free.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Dimension and Weight Policy

Passengers can bring a luggage bag not exceeding 32kgs, although an excess charge applies (see more below). Turkish Airlines will not accept any bag weighing over the said limit and will have to ask the passenger to split the contents of the bag or reduce and forego other items.

For Domestic flights, the weight concept of luggage applies. For international flights, the piece luggage concept stands. To know more about these two, check our FAQs below.

Domestic Flights

  • Business Class: 66 pounds (30 kg)
  • Economy Class:
    • Eco Fly: 33 pounds (15 kg)
    • Extra Fly: 44 pounds (20 kg)
    • Prime Fly: 55 pounds (25 kg)

International Flights

Turkish Airlines permits passengers to bring a maximum of 2 bags as free checked luggage with a maximum linear size of 62 inches (158 cm) for adult and child passengers.

  • Business Class: 70 pounds (32 kg)
  • Economy Class: 50 pounds (23 kg)
  • Infant passenger: Turkish airline baggage weight of infant that contains 50 pounds (23 kg) with a max linear size of 45 inches (115 cm) in a bag and 1 stroller or pushchair.

For stopovers, be sure to check other airlines’ weight limits and dimension policies to ensure a smooth flight and avoid any hassle. Turkish Airlines follow the Most Important Carrier (MSC) policy when it comes to international flights and stopovers.

Weight Allowance (No Restrictions on Number of Pieces) for international flights except the U.S

  • Business Class: 66 pounds (30 kg)
  • Economy Class: 44 pounds (20 kg)

Turkish Airlines Fees

Turkish Airline baggage fees are different both domestic as well as international. They provide a baggage calculator which you can use to estimate how much excess baggage fees you will be charged for.

Turkish Airlines’ extra baggage fee for domestic flights is 2 dollars per kilogram.

Excess Baggage – Checked Luggage

passengers classes

Sport Luggage

Want to bring your sports equipment with you? We enumerated the most common sporting equipment people travel for your guidance.

  • Mountaineering (bag with special protection, a pair of poles, one ice axe, and a pair of mountaineering boots or shoes)
    • Not to exceed 32kgs; equipment beyond the limit will be transported via cargo
    • Mountaineering equipment is charged for domestic flights for 59TRY
    • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Special baggage fee
    • Must be packed properly; reservation needed
    • Tents: packed and charged separately for 59 TRY per tent
  • Golf
    • Not to exceed 23kgs per golfing set; for 39 TRY
    • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: 1st golfing set free of charge, special baggage fee or 2nd and subsequent sets
    •  Must be packed properly; reservation needed
  • Surfing
    • Maximum length is 292cm (115in) x 60cm (23in) width
    • 1 surfboard for 59 TRY
    • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: special baggage fee
    • Must be packed properly, reservation needed
    • Special policies and offers for travelers coming from certain countries. Visit (https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/sports-equipment/surfing/)
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
    • Must not exceed 23kgs
    • Not to exceed 23kgs per skiing/snowboarding for 39 TRY
    • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: 1st free of charge, special baggage fee or 2nd and subsequent sets
    • Must be packed properly; reservation needed
  • Diving (diving suit, buoyancy vest (BC), mask, fins, underwater flashlight, knife, snorkel, harpoon, diving socks, diving cylinder, and regulator)
    • Diving cylinders should be 0
    • Air buoyancy should be emptied
    • Other equipment – carry-on or checked luggage. Batteries and heat generating sources should be removed from the source
    • Weight limit not mentioned, 1 diving equipment for 59 TRY
    • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: special baggage fee
    • Must be properly packed, reservation needed.
    • Special Policies and offers for travelers coming from certain countries. Visit https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/sports-equipment/diving/)

Didn’t find your equipment on the list? Visit Turkish Airlines guidelines for a more comprehensive list.

Musical Luggage

Small musical instruments that do not exceed total dimensions of 118cm can be carried as a carry-on free of charge. Otherwise, large musical instruments must be checked in.

Note that checked musical instruments should be in a durable case.

Passengers can bring a Cello inside the cabin free of charge. It must not exceed 140x42x25cm and 75kg.

List of Allowed and Prohibited Items

Turkish Airlines provides a list of restricted items in their aircraft either for carry-on or checked luggage. Below are the most common items brought during flights. Item not found here? Be sure to check Turkish Airlines’ comprehensive list.

Alcoholic Drinks (maximum alcohol content is 70%)Allowed up to 5L per passengerAllowed up to 5L per passenger
Batteries – Spare Rechargeable Batteries/Power Banks/Other BatteriesAllowedNot Allowed
Batteries – lithium metal lithium-ion, or standard batteries in Portable Electronic Devices AllowedNot Allowed
Batteries -Electronic devices with non-leak batteriesNot allowedAllowed
E-Cigarettes (as a heat generating device)Allowed (only as a carry-on and not as a personal item)Allowed
Firearms and Ammunition (including replicas)Not AllowedAllowed
Heat Producing itemsNot AllowedAllowed
Knives and Sharp ObjectsNot allowedAllowed
Liquid, Aerosols, and Gas (LAGs) – non-restricted liquids (perfume, deodorant, toiletries, make-up, hairspray)100ml per item. all containers should fit a 1L ziplock bag. one ziplock bag per passenger. Visit Turkish Airlines’ Carry-on guidelines to see the updated listAllowed
Liquid, Aerosols, and Gas (LAGs) – otherdifferent liquids and gases have different restrictions. be sure to check Baggage Guidelines for a more comprehensive listSame
Matches and cigarette lightersAllowed as a personal item only; carry-on not allowed.
The blue flame is not allowed
Not allowed
Smart LuggageAllowed if batteries can be removed, otherwise not allowed. Note Turkish requirements guidelines for smart luggage. Same

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Piece Luggage and Weight Luggage Policy?

Most international airlines operate in a Piece Luggage system, while local or domestic flights operate under the Weight Luggage Policy

Piece Luggage system is when luggage is counted per piece and should follow specific dimensions and weight limits. On the other hand, the Weight Luggage policy is where the airline does not count how many bags you have as long as you follow the maximum weight limit.

How many bags do Turkish Airlines allow for the U.S?

Turkish Airlines works on an item allowance for some international routes like the U.S where economy passengers are permitted 2 pieces (50 pounds each) and business class permitted 2 pieces (70 pounds each).

What is the baggage allowance for Turkish airlines international flights?

With destinations that use a weight concept, passengers can distribute their weight allowance across multiple bags. Economy passengers can bring up to 44 pounds and business class up to 66 pounds. The U.S uses the economy piece concept which allows 2 bags each for a total weight of 50 pounds. Turkish airline business class baggage allowance is 70 pounds for 2 bags. Linear sizes should be 62 inches max for each bag.

How many bags can you bring on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines permits passengers to bring a personal item into the cabin that can fit under the seat in front. Personal Item bag must not exceed 21.6×15.7×9 inches with a max weight of 17.6 pounds can be carried by each passenger.

How much does Turkish Airlines charge for overweight and extra baggage?

Turkish airline extra baggage fee depends on your flight route with destinations on the piece concept. USA airports charge 160 dollars to 450 dollars for an extra bag if you exceed your allowance. American airports also charge $4.50 to $36 per kilogram if your baggage is overweight.

Do Turkish Airlines allow 2 bags?

Yes. Turkish Airlines allow 2 checked bags if you’re flying to the U.S via routes using the piece concept. If you are flying to the U.S via routes that use a weight concept, Turkish airline baggage limits are free only to restrict combined weight allowance.

Can I Prepay Baggage?

Turkish Airlines excess baggage policy allows passengers to prepay for excess baggage. Just log in at the Turkish Airlines website or mobile app.

Turkish airlines lost baggage. How do I track my luggage and how will I retrieve it?

If your luggage is not found within the first 5 days, please visit the luggage irregularity report and fill in the page and make a claim with the required documents. Turkish Airlines has a luggage tracking system you can use to check the status of your bag.

If you are not able to find your baggage at the luggage section of the destination airport terminal, then you must contact the Lost Property Office of your destination airport. The lost property office records your baggage information and your journey. The loss property officer gives you a reference number. You can check your baggage status by entering this reference number which consists of 5 letters and 5 numbers into the online lost baggage tracker on the Turkish airlines website.

How much is the fee to cancel my flight?

If you cancel your Turkish Airlines flight from the scheduled departure of your flight within 24 hours, then you have to pay 100 to 400 US dollars as a cancelation charge of Turkish Airlines.

Can you drink alcohol on Turkish Airlines?

No. Alcohol is not served on domestic flights of Turkish Airlines. However, on international flights and in its lounges alcohol is served except for some countries like Saudi Arabia.

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