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Tour in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon 2020 | Top 10 Things to do.

Nature carved out many beautiful sceneries and heart-stopping vistas in the Grand Canyon National Park region. The Colorado River flows through the rocky terrain in Arizona, USA. This is what forms the famous Grand Canyon. It is an unmissable tourist spot. As such, you cannot miss it! The best way to visit here is to take a trip from nearby Las Vegas, Nevada. Which, by itself, is one of the major attractions in the United States. So, let’s talk about tours in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park.

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is connected to Grand Canyon via roads and airlines. By the roadways, it is about 250 miles away. Air travel in a straight line can take one-two hours. This depends upon what aircraft you chose.  

The sheer number of guided tours, trips, and tour packages from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is overwhelming. Don’t worry, though! We are here to help you decide on that. With BookOnBoard’s Las Vegas – Grand Canyon tour guide, you won’t feel lost at all.

Types of tours in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

There are two main types of trips you can take from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. These are road tours and helicopter tours. We’ll discuss their pros and cons below.

Road Tours

Take it low and slow on the scenic route to the Canyons! Most tours there from LV are conducted in coach buses. However, you can arrive in style by hiring a hummer! You can also take the off-road experience in them. 

Road trips to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas often include stops at Hoover Dam and other scenic spots. This allows for better coverage of the area. Then, they generally allow three or four hours to stop at the grand canyon for all the activities there. This is normal for a day trip from LV to Grand Canyon. 

The Grand Canyon National Park’s closest portion to Vegas is the West Rim. Even then, its more than 250 miles away! Therefore, you should book your whole day for one of these tours. The best thing about these trips is that they are relatively cheaper. Also, you can take your time exploring the area. You can also set up tripods to take great photographs of the beautiful canyons. 

Helicopter Tours

What if you don’t have all day? Or, what if you want a different perspective of the canyons? Take an exciting, aerial view of the majestic natural beauty while flying. 

One way or round trips from Vegas to the Canyons are costly. But they are impressive! The inspiring views of the canyons from above will surely leave an unforgettable impression on your mind. Also, these are fast. You can finish your whole trip within a couple of hours. Or even less. You can also take a slow flight through the canyons. 

It should be noted that flight tours are meant for very small groups only. If you are planning to visit with a large group, take the bus tours. That will be pocket-friendly as well. However, you will miss the aerial views and the thrill.

Whether by road or by chopper, you should always consider taking a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour which includes a stop at the Skywalk. This awesome glass walkway hangs a dizzying four thousand feet above the floor of the canyon. Accordingly, it’s one of the most visited places in Grand Canyon National Park.

Most interesting tours in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Day Tour

This interesting sightseeing tour is conducted by Grand Canyon One Day Tours. This is a luxury, small-group day trip. You will ride a Mercedes on this trip. This vehicle, by the way, is equipped with free wifi, reclinable leather seats, and USB charging ports. Your driver-cum-guide will be happy to describe all the major and minor spots on the way and in the canyons. 

Tour Itinerary

  1. Start at the Las Vegas Strip early in the morning, at 6 am. Free pickup from most hotels on the Strip.
  2. Drive to Lower Antelope Canyon. Watch the surreal colors and corkscrew walls. Which makes it the most photographed spot in the whole canyons. Enjoy nature’s beauty at its fullest for 75 minutes. A Navajo guide will handle this part of the trip.
  3. Drive on to Horseshoe Bend. Walk on a 1.5-mile-long dirt trail in the Bend. This trail meanders down nearly a thousand feet, down to a secluded valley. For this, you’ll get an hour.
  4. Then, pack up and return to the starting point. Free drop-offs to most hotels on the Vegas Strip.

Tour Inclusions

  • Brunch
  • Bottled water
  • Round-trip transportation from common Las Vegas hotels on the strip
  • Admission fees to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend
  • Baby seats

Things to note in this trip

  • No open-toe footwear allowed. The ground in both the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend requires that you wear proper hiking boots.
  • Up to a maximum of 14 visitors allowed per booking. Also, per trip, there cannot be more than 28 visitors altogether.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • All travelers must be at least 5 years old.
  • This trip only occurs in good weather. If the trip is canceled due to foul weather, you will get your money back.

Grand Canyon National Park Bus Tour

Conducted by Grand Canyon Destinations, this large-group tour is conducted via luxury coach buses. Board your comfy bus at Las Vegas and go off to one of the best natural travel destinations in the USA. You will explore the popular attractions in the Park like El Tovar, Hopi House, Kolb Photo Studio, and the Bright Angel Trail. Also, the 15-hour tour touches important points like Hoover Dam, Mather Point, and Bright Angel Lodge.

Trip Itinerary

  1. Early in the morning (6 am), get picked up from selected Las Vegas Hotels. 
  2. Ride off to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. Walk along the paved trail from Mather Point to Bright Angel Lodge and enjoy the breathtaking vistas. This will last 3 hours.
  3. Be guided to Hoover Dam, possibly the most famous dam in the States. You have 40 minutes to take in the beautiful scenery. Also, don’t forget to take photos of the upper and lower Colorado River here.
  4. Take a short stop at Route 66 in Seligman if you want some great souvenir shopping opportunities.
  5. Relax for half an hour in the In-N-Out Burger (or in Chipotle for vegans) in Kingman.
  6. Then, it’s time to head back. It is dark by now, so you will get to enjoy the twinkling lights of the grand city while you coast in. The bus will tour you for an hour for sightseeing here.
  7. Drop off at the starting point. Free drop-off to selected hotels available.

Inclusions in the Tour

  • Breakfast snacks
  • Deli-style lunch
  • Bottled water
  • Guided walking tour
  • All admission/other fees and taxes
  • Live commentary in bus

Not included: your purchases at In-N-Out Burger, Chipotle, souvenir shops, etc.

Things you should know about this tour

  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible vehicle and roads
  • No pets allowed except service animals
  • Maximum of 56 travelers per trip
  • Fair-weather tour only – refundable for foul-weather cancelation

Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour

What is the best way to see a natural wonder? Why, from the air, of course! This scenic helicopter flight is from Las Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon West Rim. It consists of 1.5 hours of flight altogether and 45 minutes of a landed stop. You can observe birds’ eye views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas – and of course, the Grand Canyon. You will enjoy the flight immensely in a state-of-the-art jet helicopter. This copter can take up to 6 passengers only. 

Flight Itinerary

  • Vegas strip hotel pickup by limousine
  • Board the chopper just off Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
  • Soar over the Colorado River enjoying the breathtaking scenery
  • Land on a canyon bluff 3200 feet below the rim
  • At Ramada shelter, enjoy snacks and champagne as you soak up the natural, humbling beauties for 45 minutes
  • Fly back to Vegas
  • Enjoy a low-level scenic flight over the Strip
  • Your limousine will drop you off to your hotel

Trip Inclusions

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off by limo
  • Snacks
  • Glass of champagne
  • All taxes, fees, and admissions

What to know about this trip

  • Option to upgrade to a larger and grander EC-130 helicopter.
  • For flight capacity restrictions, maximum weight per passenger is 275lbs everything taken together. Any more and that requires the EC130 upgrade, which can take 300lbs max.
  • Wheelchair-friendly vehicles, but you have to provide assistance.
  • Infants allowed on the lap. Infant weight will be considered as personal weight.
  • Service animals allowed only.
  • Fair weather flight only.

Grand Canyon in a Day: Hummer Tour from Las Vegas

Go offroading in Grand Canyon on this guided day trip on a Hummer H2! Through Joshua tree forests, around Lake Mead and Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon West Rim, this 9-hour tour will give you an unforgettable, close-to-nature experience. This tour is arranged by Viator.

Trip Itinerary

  1. At 6:15 AM, get picked up from any hotel on the Strip, Las Vegas.
  2. Whoosh off to the Grand Canyon West Rim in your air-conditioned hummer.
  3. Explore the Grand Canyon for 3 hours. Hike off to Eagle Point and Guano Point. 
  4. Have a cowboy cookout at Guano Point, Otherwise, you can also visit the Hualapai Ranch for an indoor buffet.
  5. Get to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, 4000 feet off the valley floor. You have 30 minutes here. (optional upgrade)
  6. Or, Liftoff in a chopper from the Guano point. Descent to the base 3200 feet below, with the sheer layered rock on either side. Explore the base for 3 hours. (Optional upgrade)
  7. Then, it’s time to head back. Stop shortly at Hoover Dam to take great pictures and souvenirs. 

Inclusions in the trip

  • An air-conditioned Hummer H2
  • Professional guide
  • Hotel pickup and dropoff from/to all Strip hotels
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • All taxes and fees

Note: Skywalk ticket not included

Things to know on this trip

  • Up to 6 passengers per hummer
  • Minimum of 2 passengers
  • Alcohol not allowed on board
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Maximum 2 hummers available for one trip
  • Refund available if the trip is canceled due to foul weather or a low number of passengers

FAQs about Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours

When is the best time to take a tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon?

The best weather in the region is in summer. However, that is also the peak tourist season. Therefore, in summer, tour prices may be high and they may even be unavailable. A safer bet than that will be to book your trip in March to May or September to November.

What should I wear in a Grand Canyon Trip?

The weather here is hot and dusty. Also, most trips include some amount of walking around. Therefore, it’s better to wear comfortable but rugged light clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty. Do make sure to wear hiking or running shoes as well.

Can I drive to Grand Canyon on my own?

Sure you can. Provided you got all the permits and admissions required for the trip you’ve planned, you can rent a car from Vegas and whisk off to the Canyons for a personalized and private experience. The best thing about a private drive along the canyons is that you have no limitations on what you do (except those imposed by law). You will need to take Highway 93 from Las Vegas. Then, head through Interstate 40 east to Highway 64. Make sure you take the bypass bridge for the Hoover Dam visit. Alternatively, you can find an ATV or four-wheel-drive car to go offroading through the region.

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