25 Best Things to Do in Stowe VT

The charming town of Stowe in northern Vermont feels more like a magic fable than a real place. Set at the foot of Mount Mansfield and surrounded by breathtaking scenery in all directions, Stowe is the perfect small-town getaway. For skiers, hikers, antiquers, indie shoppers, and those who love peaceful, romantic destinations, you’ll want to add Stowe to the top of your bucket list. 

Stowe Mountain Resort will keep you active during any season, while the thriving arts scene, waterfalls and covered bridges, and locally owned shops will keep you entertained for days. Everything great about the state of Vermont truly is found right here. Explore our list of the 25 best things to do in Stowe, VT, and get swept away in this charming New England fairytale!

1. Stowe Mountain Resort

25 best things to do in Stowe VT Stowe Mountain resort skiing

Did you know that Stowe is one of the prime ski destinations in the Northeast? Stowe Mountain Resort, spread out over both Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, is a beloved four-season resort that people from all over the world come to enjoy. This resort is jam-packed with adventure. From skiing in the winters to gondola rides, treetop adventures, and ziplining in the warmer months, there’s fun to be had no matter your age or experience level. 

2. Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa

Looking for a resort that offers a bit of pampering? Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa has you covered. This resort is surrounded by 60 acres of peaceful nature and features 120 upscale guest accommodations, a 50,000 square-foot spa, and its own restaurant. And the biggest highlight of Stoweflake? Their annual hot air balloon festival, when guests can pay to take a balloon ride in the sky. 

3. Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

Have you noticed yet that Vermonters like to ski? Just to make sure you’re aware, take a trip to the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. This intimate museum – located in a charming, repurposed meeting house – is dedicated to Vermont’s history of skiing and snowboarding. View their collection of vintage skis and gear, memorabilia, and equipment. 

4. Noyes House Museum 

Interested in gaining a better picture of 19th century living in this region of Vermont? Hop over to the neighboring town of Morristown to visit the Noyes House Museum, a preserved Victorian estate and barn. Noyes House features a varied collection of artifacts, furniture, art, and photographs that give visitors a better idea of how daily life in northern Vermont was during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

5. Stowe Historical Society Museum

The rich history of Stowe is best explored and understood at the Stowe Historical Society Museum. Their broad collection of items – from postcards, photographs and artifacts, to their large reference library of historical documents – will allow you to delve into the Stowe settlement, established back in 1794. 

6. Spruce Peak

Spruce Peak, a massive lodge, village, and resort complex, feels like being in a stunning winter wonderland. With over 250 guest lodging options, including luxury penthouse stays, you’ll be enveloped in adventure and supreme relaxation. The mountains are right at your doorstep, and Spruce Peak Village has all your shopping and dining needs covered. You can attend live music events, go ice skating, utilize their golf course, or indulge in a spa day. 

7. Laughing Moon Chocolates

Chocolate addicts, rejoice! Laughing Moon Chocolates is a local shop in Stowe that sells an delectable selection of chocolates, fudge, barks, and truffles made in-house. These melt-in-your-mouth candies are worth every cent, and you’ll be supporting local business (Vermont thrives on local business and is proud of it!). Has that earthy Vermont energy affected you yet? If so, give their CBD-infused chocolates a taste. 

8. Percy Family Corn Maze

Accessed via the Stowe Recreation Path, Percy Family Corn Maze is an easy and fun activity that people of all ages enjoy. This corn maze takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, and only costs a small fee to participate in. Visiting Stowe during the fall? This corn maze is transformed into a spooky attraction for the Halloween season! 

9. Stowe Bowl

Sometimes it’s nice to do a wholesome, classic activity with friends or family. Stowe Bowl offers just that. This 8-lane bowling alley prides itself on not just being a run-of-the-mill bowling joint, but offering more of a “swanky, boutique” bowling experience. Besides basic bowling, there is a lounge area and bar that offers mixed drinks. So go have the classiest bowling game of your life at Stowe Bowl! 

10. Stowe Theater Guild

It’s time to go catch a show! The Stowe Theatre Guild, a volunteer-run theatre located in the historic Town Hall Theatre, puts on four major productions a season. Attend a wide variety of shows, from Shakespeare plays to musicals, and everything in between. There’s nothing better than seeing quality entertainment passionately staged by members of the local community. 

11. Trapp Family Lodge

Want to experience a European-style resort experience without having to fly out to Austria? The Trapp Family Lodge, sitting on over 2,500 acres of gorgeous mountain landscape, has Austrian-inspired architecture and endless opportunity for outdoor adventure. This resort is also the site of the original von Trapp Family Lodge, where the von Trapp family (featured in the Sound of Music) welcomed guests in the 1950s. 

12. Von Trapp Brewery & Bierhall

The von Trapp Brewery & Bierhall is part of the Trapp Family Lodge but deserves its own dedicated spot on the list. This Brewery focuses on brewing crisp lagers, per the legacy of Johannes von Trapp who had a love of Austrian lagers and dreamed of starting his own brewery. In addition to good beer, the Bierhall serves Austrian-style cuisine. Try some schnitzel or bratwurst with your golden lager!

13. Ben & Jerry’s Factory

The Ben & Jerry’s Factory is only a few minutes from Stowe but is well worth the visit. Do you have a sweet tooth? The Ben & Jerry’s brand was born and headquartered right here in Vermont. This nationally esteemed ice cream maker creates iconic wacky flavor combos that you can find in grocery stores, such as Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey. Visit their factory and take a tour, buy a cone at their walk-up window, or explore the Flavor Graveyard to check out the tombstones of various flavors that have come and gone over the years. 

14. Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center

The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, located at Spruce Peak resort, is a modern, 420-seat performing arts venue that hosts a great variety of entertainment. Everything from live concerts, to dance performances, comedy shows, film showings, to lectures are held in this multi-use theatre. You can browse their upcoming performances and purchase tickets online. 

15. Stowe Country Club

Golfers will want to keep their eye on the Stowe Country Club. This previous dairy farm, located at the heart of Stowe Village, is now a lush golf course with 360-views of the Green Mountains. This golf course doesn’t require a membership; visitors can pay a one-time fee for a day of unlimited golf and use of the carts. 

16. Stowe Scenic Auto Road

You can’t fully enjoy all that Stowe has to offer without discovering some amazing mountain views. Auto Toll Road is a scenic route that winds all the way up the summit ridge of Mount Mansfield. Jaw-dropping views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains can be seen along this 4.5-mile route. Park your car at 3,850 feet and set up a picnic to make the most of the ride.

17. The Current Art Center

Fans of contemporary and visual art should plan a visit to The Current. With both indoor art galleries and an outdoor sculpture garden, The Current is the perfect place to connect with fine art in a meaningful way. Guided tours, workshops, and studio activities are frequently offered. Check their website to learn about current exhibitions and upcoming events. 

18. Valley Dream Farm

There are no farm-to-table dining options quite like Valley Dream Farm. Their seven-course meals, prepared by a local chef using ingredients grown right on the farm, are as fresh and delicious as they come. The beautiful rustic setting enhances the entire experience of eating organic and local. You will definitely feel more connected to the community and the land when visiting Valley Dream Farm. 

19. Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is the perfect backdrop for your stay in Stowe, but a nice view isn’t the only thing it provides. Vermont’s tallest peak, at 4,395 feet, provides a plethora of outdoor activities. In the winter months Mount Mansfield draws droves of skiers, and in the summer experienced hikers love embarking on the 7.3-mile Mount Mansfield Loop Trail. 

20. Stowe Recreation Path

The Stowe Recreation Path, a nationally recognized greenway, is a 5.3-mile paved path that starts in Stowe Village and follows along Little River. It provides recreational opportunities as well as amazing views and access points to a variety of restaurants, shops, and lodges. Go for a walk or run, a bike ride, or stop to picnic and swim along the river. 

21. Smugglers’ Notch State Park

Stowe’s most beautiful natural gem is Smugglers’ Notch State Park. This Park features Smugglers’ Notch, a narrow pathway that cuts through the Green Mountains, surrounded by 1,000-foot cliffs on both sides. While this park is used for hiking and biking today, it was once a route for smugglers bringing goods to Canada! 

22. Sterling Falls Gorge

Sterling Falls Gorge is a short but scenic waterfall hike around a gorge in Stowe’s Sterling Valley. This hike is an easy 0.5 miles and takes only 40 minutes to complete, making it the perfect excursion for families or those looking for a more relaxed adventure. You’ll get to learn about the geology and history of the gorge, as well as spot various cascading falls along the way. 

23. Golden Brook Covered Bridge

25 best things to do in Stowe VT golden brooke bridge

No Vermont trip is complete without visiting at least one covered bridge. Did you know Vermont has more covered bridges (107!) than any other state? Golden Brook Covered Bridge, also known as Emily’s Bridge, is a 50-foot-long wooden bridge over Gold Brook. Legend has it, a woman named Emily was stood up by her lover in the 1800s when meeting him there to elope. She was so devastated that she hung herself on the rafters and haunts the bridge today. So, enjoy this spooky twist to a classic New England covered bridge stroll!

24. The Alchemist Stowe

In the mood for some locally crafted beer? The Alchemist is a family-run brewery that specializes in unfiltered IPAs. You can come visit to take a tour of the brewery or hang out and picnic in their beer garden while enjoying a canned beer or wine. Many locals claim that the Alchemist brews the best IPA in New England! 

25. Stowe Cider

A trip to Stowe Cider is the perfect opportunity to see just how good locally crafted ciders are in Vermont. This cider taproom crafts fresh-pressed hard ciders in a funky locale with picnic tables and games. They offer three main varieties: super dry, semi-dry, and dry-hopped. With local fruits and hops, this cider is as fresh and satisfying as it comes. Go in and try one of their flights with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stowe VT dog-friendly? 

Stowe locals love their pets, and they encourage visitors to bring their dogs along for the fun. There are several great dog-friendly accommodations in Stowe. And because Stowe has many outdoor activities, your dog is more than welcome to join you for walks and hikes throughout the Green Mountains or along the Stowe Recreation Path. 

You can even take your furry friend on your scenic car ride up Mount Mansfield’s Auto Toll Road. Just be prepared for a lot of attention if you bring your dog around Stowe Village!

What county is Stowe VT in? 

Stowe VT is in Lamoille County which has a population of about 25,000, making it the third-least populous county in Vermont. While Hyde Park is the county seat, Stowe is often considered the best place to live in Lamoille County.

Is Stowe VT safe? 

Stowe VT is one of the safest towns you could visit or reside in the northeast. Its crime rates place it in the 83rd percentile for safety, with a rate of 15 crimes per 1,000 residents a year. The most common crimes are those related to theft and damage of property. The safest portion of Stowe is the southeast region, but no matter where you go in Stowe you will experience a relatively very safe environment. 

Cheapest Hotels in Stowe VT?

There are a plethora of cheap stays, hotels, and B&Bs in Stowe VT. Sun & Ski Inn and Suites at 1613 Mountain Road is a 3-star hotel, and rooms are around $165 a night. Northern Lights Lodge is another great option. This 2-star hotel, also on Mountain Road, offers rooms for as low as $94 a night. If you’re looking for a budget option, Stowe Motel & Stowedrift has rooms for $100 a night.

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