Top 20 best Things to do in Oxford 2020

When I first mentioned traveling to Oxford for my holidays, my colleagues laughed and asked me why are planning to waste your holidays buried inside the books. Although when I returned back from my trip and showed them my pictures and activities I did in Oxford, he was in the awe of its beauty. Incidentally now he’s planning a trip over there. Oxford is a great city with beautiful spires and picture postcard esque cobbles. Here’s the list of places to visit and things to do in Oxford, which will ensure that you enjoy your visit to Oxford to the fullest.

1. University of Oxford Campus tour


This venerable city is home to one of the biggest Universities in the world and it would be crime to not include it in “what to do in Oxford” list. The university has various well-crafted architectural structures within the campus. Also, the greenery within the campus makes it look beautiful.

2. Bodleian Library


It would be a crime to visit this city and not include it’s library in “places to visit in Oxford” list. Bodleian Library is a beautifully built structure and is also one of the oldest  libraries in Europe. It is also the main research library of Oxford University. It is situated in Radcliffe Square arguably famous as one of the city’s most iconic landmark.

3. Harry Potter location tours


While watching Harry Potter, every one of us would have thought to get yourselves a ticket to Hogwart’s and be a wizard. What if you get that opportunity to relive? Oxford is home to various locations utilized in Harry Potter franchise and a tour to these places will help you relish your childhood. Even if you are not a Harry Potter fan you can visit the Harry Potter locations and adore it’s beauty. You can also attend a quiz which will definitely geek you out and hence we cannot miss this tour from our list.

4. Pitts River Museum


Pitts River Museum houses half a million objects and artifacts from around the world in a well organized manner. You can find everything from a shrunken heads to Hawaiian feather cloaks to Japenese Noah masks in this museum. This museum will help you gain tremendous knowledge of history  and is one of the best things to do in Oxford.

5. Oxford Castle


Oxford is home to one of the oldest historic castles and you can step back in time while visiting this place. The tour of the castle will also provide you with the opportunity to climb St George’s Tower from where you can view a 360° panoramic view of this beautiful city. There are also costumed characters present in the castle and take you back to the medieval times and hence it is included in our list.

6. Blenheim Palace


The Blenheim Palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and is only a 20 min drive away from Oxford. It is a beautifully sculptured country house with epic gardens and parklands. You can visit this palace to not adore it’s beauty but also to understand it’s historical inportance which makes it to included in “one of the things to do while in Oxford” list

7. Church of St Mary the Virgin


St Mary’s is one of the most beautiful architectural building of Oxford with it’s distinctive spires. The church is present in a very old building which was also adopted as the first University building in the very early days of University of Oxford. You can also have a wonderful view of the Oxford city from the top of this well built structure. The church has beautiful interiors which will help you to relax and hence definitely a must in our list.

8. The Sheldonian theatre


The Sheldonian theatre is the first major design by world renowed architect Sir Christopher Wren. It is also the place where Oxford students are admitted to the university and also receive their degrees and hence it holds a very important place in their lives. The theatre regularly holds classical music concerts as well. One should definitely include Sheldonian theatre in his what to do in Oxford list.

9. Jerico Tavern


Oxford has many great pubs but none of them is as good as Jerico Tavern. It is also the music venue where Radiohead first performed under the name of ‘On a Friday’. The pub still has good music options and hence is a must visit in Oxford.

10. Oxford’s Botanical garden


Oxford’s Botanical garden contains around 6000 types of plants and covers a stunning 130 acre of land. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in UK. Also, the university manages a Harcourt Arboretum which a short 10 min drive from the campus. The grandeur of this garden will help you forget all your city problems and hence is a must include in your to do list while in Oxford.

11. Christ Church


One of Oxford’s best locations, Christ Church sits at the centre of the city. It is also the most well known college present in University of Oxford. The Christ Church has a wonderful Cathedral along with it’s beautiful Meadows. Fun fact: is Hogwart’s Great Hall was inspired by Tom’s Quad, the hall and hence we recommend you to include it in your list.

12. Modern Art Oxford


Modern Art Oxford was established in 1965 and is home to various international contemporary and modern art collections. The museum was aimed at making modern art more accessible and engaging to common public. It helps you to explore a different side of Oxford away from historic buildings and museums.

13. Ghost Trails


Oxford is also famous for it’s theatrical ghost trials which delves into Oxford’s past. These ghost trails can be enjoyed by each section of society because of its attractiveness. Also, Bill Spectre has an award winning ghost trail which is made better with props, tricks and Spectre’s undertaker costumes. Due to its uniqueness and attraction, ghost trails must be present in your things to do in Oxford list.

14. Pub tour


Since Oxford is home to some of the best pubs and it must be included in your activities to do in oxford list. You can also include a three hour pub tour since most of the Pubs have a different stories attached with them and this walking tour will help you get acquainted with city’s past and present. 

15. University Parks


The Oxford University is home to very large Parks and greenside area which will help your mind to relax away from the city hustle. The University Parks are spread out on a 70 acre land with a beautiful collection of trees and plants. Tourists find it a great place for a picnic and you can find people playing cricket, football and lacrosse here. The scenic beauty will entrall your minds and hence is a must to be included in places to visit in Oxford.

16. The Covered market


The Covered market is one of the oldest market which started it’s function in 1774. It has been one of the important places of Oxford since it’s inception. The market consists of multiple shops selling all kinds of things from vegetables to fruits to jewellery. You can visit this lovely place and rome around to enjoy this world famous market in Oxford.

17. River Cherwell Punting


It is said that the trip to Oxford is incomplete without punting on River Charwell. One can hire a boat from Magdalen bridge boat house and can have a tour of Oxford. It provides you with beautiful view of Oxford’s architecture and is one of the best way to beautifully spending your afternoon in this old city.

18. Ashmolean museum


The Ashmolean museum is one of the biggest archeological museum situated in Oxford. It contains an array of archeological and half a million year old artifacts which are spread over five floors. They contain everything from Egyptian Mummies to Ucello’s masterpiece and hence one must include it in their “to do things in Oxford” list

19. Blackwell’s Bookshop


Blackwell’s Bookshop is an integral part of Oxford University Life consisting of hundreds of thousands of titles. The shop contains three miles of shelving in the famous Norrington room. It has also received Guinness book of world record for largest single selling room. The grandeur of the bookshop will blew your mind and hence is a must do activity to perform while in Oxford.

20. Ultimate Picture Palace


The Ultimate Picture Palace hosts multiple classic and mainstream independent films which is like a heaven for cinema goers. The Cinema will make your Sunday special with special screenings of the classic black and white films or indie films and hence included in our list.

Oxford provides you with an array of activities to perform whether it is adoring it’s splendid architecture or enjoying the greenery around and will not let you get bored over there.

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