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Top 20 Things to Do In Miami On A Low Budget 2020

BookOnBoard’s Guide to 20 Things to Do In Miami

The touch of Latin American and the Carebian culture must be the reason that makes Miami the most popular city in Florida. No wonder, it is a dream holiday destination to millions of beach lovers. Well, Miami is not all about the beaches, there are countless fun things to do in Miami. From couples on their honeymoon to families on a weekend getaway, it’s one stop for all. Although the city’s tourism keeps running throughout the year, June and July are said to be the peak months and choice of a majority. Read our guide to find out about the most interesting top 20 Things to Do In Miami.

Miami tops the list of many celebrities who spend most of their vacations, chilling in the top-notch beachside villas. Staying near the beach might cost a fortune to a middle-class family. Yet we’ll say, Miami will never be harsh on your pocket until you want it to be. The city has lavishing seven-star hotels for a perfect honeymoon, separate villas for the small private ceremonies, and sharing hostels for solo travelers with a tight budget. These all are discussed in our 20 Things to Do In Miami list.

Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Miami when traveling with a low budget: Historical Sights and Attractions

1. South Beach- Time For Tan

  • Entry: Free
  • Hours: 24/7

Any discussion about ‘what to do in Miami’ is only worth if it starts with the beaches, and South Beach aka SoBe is heaven for not only the beach lovers, but also the shoppers, foodies, and of course, the peace seekers. A trip to Miami is considered incomplete without paying a visit here. The 4-mile (6.4km) long sandy coastline is enlisted among the most famous beaches on this planet. Just grab your swim dress and the beach essentials and enjoy the natural tan. Top place in our 20 Things to Do In Miami.

Tip For The First Timers: So, if it will be your first time and you would love to catch the entire view, start your walk from the Ocean Drive near Lummus Park.

2. Art Deco District: A Self-Guided Tour

  • Adult admission: Free
  • Hours: 24/7

Alright, even if you are not into architecture, the Art Deco District should still be on your list as it is the greatest Art Deco architecture collection in the world. Unless you wish to lay under the extremely high Miami heat all day long, give Art Deco District a chance. It is a different kind of fun walking down these streets aligned with beautiful pastel structures and buildings. Don’t forget to cover the Lincoln Road Mall, a roadside market that will be a therapy for the shopaholic inside you. When tired of shopping, you can always head into one of the various restaurants around the corner.

Surprising History: Although the colorful buildings you’ll see here were created between 1923-43, this location was not even close to the glamour it showcases today. This biggest change of all time took place in the late 90s when cult classic, Scarface (1983) and award-winning comedy Birdcage (1996) were shot here which resulted in the unstoppable growth in tourism. You should really include this in your list of 20 Things to Do In Miami.

3. Wynwood Walls And More

  • Entry: Free
  • Working Hours: Variable – call ahead

Again, even if you are not an artistic one, this outdoor museum located in Wynwood, Miami will surely amuse you with its incredible beauty. This is a masterpiece made in collaboration with one of the best street artists. The colorful walls aren’t all that attract tourists, it’s because of the craft breweries, boutiques and hipster cafes opened in the old warehouse setup.

Historic Fact: Wynwood was a nearly abandoned garment manufacturing district until the 1980s when it finally received a majestical transformation.

4. Little Havana-The Cuban Culture

Located in the center of the Cuban expat community, Little Havana is a unique area that represents the Cuban culture. The place is overloaded with cigar bars and street vendors. You’ll find many street performers doubling the fun and don’t forget the traditional eateries. Include this near the top of your 20 Things to Do In Miami list.

Visiting Miami This Weekend? Don’t miss the 7-11pm show when Calle Ocho comes alive during Viernes Cultural (Cultural Friday). This event is conducted on the last Friday of each month and is one of the must things to do in Miami this weekend.

5. Little Haiti

Little Haiti, a northern Miami district shows the thrilling Caribbean diaspora, that homes to all the newcomers from Haiti. There are several cultural institutions like the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance and the Little Haiti Cultural Center to explore. Our guide of 20 Things to Do In Miami marks it very high.

Fact: This place is one of the less known tourist places in Miami and the crowd here is almost half from that of Little Hawaii. So, if you want to spend some time far from the overcrowded tourist attractions in Miami, you must go to Little Haiti.

6. Miami Beach North

Miami Beach North isn’t a peaceful place but it’s much more low-spirited than the South Beach. Thanks to the wide sandy coastline, it is a perfect place to lay under an umbrella. You can also enjoy the evening performances at the North Beach Bandshell.

  • Where to stay in Miami: Behind the beach, you can locate some eateries and lounges which offer reasonable prices. This area is a perfect district for those who are supposed to limit their expenses.
  • Fun Fact: Miami beaches are man-made and are regularly supplied with new sand. According to some experts, the sand is running out which increases the danger if a storm hits Miami.

7. Everglades National Park

Everglades <a href=National Park bookonboard guide to everglades 2022″ class=”wp-image-6914″ width=”768″ height=”510″/>
Everglades National Park

Situated on the west of the Urban area, Everglades National Park is home to thousands of species including the endangered Florida Panther, the threatened American crocodile, and the adorable manatee. If your trip to Miami is longer than a couple of days, Everglades National Park is a must. Include this nature trip in your 20 Things to Do In Miami list

  • Entrance fee: $20 per vehicle and $8 for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Stay at: Flamingo or Long Pine Key Campgrounds ($20 per site, per night) isn’t that one of the cheap places in Miami?

8. Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is a marine reserve at an hour distance from urban Miami. On a clear day, the downtown skyline is visible from here. Also, you can reach to some offshore islands by boats. This is said to have the best things to do in Miami with kids and if you have an entire day to explore the area, go for a 2.5-hour boat tour to Boca Chica Key which is famous for the stone lighthouse and island landscapes. Just in case, if you get just a couple of hours, you can wander in the mangrove forests on Convoy Point and visit the Dante Fascell Visitor Center.

Entry Fee: None
Boat Tours Cost: $29 (plus tax) per adult.
Pro Tip: Search for social coupons or discounts on platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial. You never know when you are about to get lucky.

9. History Miami Museum

  • Adult admission: $10
  • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5; Sunday: 12 pm to 5 pm

Situated in downtown Miami, this museum is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum. It is one of the famous destinations among school groups. From Cold War to Hurricane, the History Miami Museum stores the memory of all the things that affected Miami in the past. If you are a history buff, you must keep this in the list of 20 Things to Do In Miami.

10. Ancient Spanish Monastery

  • Adult admission: $10
  • Hours: Daily, 10 am to 4:30 pm (hours may vary on Sunday)

Spanish Monastery, Miami was originally constructed in Segovia, Spain during the 12th century. Later in the 20th century, a business tycoon William Randolph Hearst purchased it and delivered it to U.S. piece by piece. Since then, this Monastery has been a part of Miami in one way or the other. Since the 1950s, after a team was done with its reassembling, this monastery became a popular tourist spot.

  • Pro Tip: Sundays are completely occupied as three Catholic Masses are conducted. Make sure you call before visiting the monastery as it is frequently closed for private ceremonies and special events.

11. Cauley Square Historic Village

  • Adult admission: Free to enter and explore; shops cost extra
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; shop hours are variable

Located in the southwest of Miami proper, Cauley Square Historic Village is a historic railroad village that was constructed during the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll find many options from the list of ‘free things to do in Miami’ at this place. Restaurants, gift shops, and some of the coolest exhibits, beautiful gardens, scheduled musical performances, community events, and a car show.

12. Get The Go Miami Card

Go Miami Card will cost you but not too much. Especially when the All-Inclusive Pass permits you access to 30 different attractions, with no additional fees. These attractions include the Hop-On-Hop-Off Big Bus, the Miami Sea Aquarium, the Miami Zoo, an Everglades Alligator Farm & Airboat Tour, a Biscayne Bay Boat Cruise and so much more! Now you can go for sightseeing in Miami without calculating the cost each time.

  • Pro Tip: If you aren’t willing to visit all the locations on the list, you can opt for customizing your pass.

13. Live Jazz In Miami

  • Timing: This fun jazz night in Miami takes place only on the last Friday of every month at 8 pm

The Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami (MOCA) organizes free live jazz performances for the jazz lovers. The concert is conducted in the open area outside the museum even if the weather changes and it starts to rain, the concert will still go on.

14. The Biltmore Hotel

  • Timings: Sunday afternoons

Want to take a closer look at the luxurious life? This where you must go! Located in Coral Gables, the Biltmore Hotel is working since 1926 and it is not one of the cheap places in Miami yet you can have a taste of its luxury by joining the free guided tour of Miami’s National Historic Landmarks. This hotel consists of the largest hotel pool in the East Coast of the United States and that’s not all, this one-hour walking tour will take you to an all-star golf course, tennis courts, a spa, and fitness center and you should Just contact the hotel for further details.

15. Bear Cut Nature Preserve

Very few people are aware that Miami has much more to offer than the regular tourist destinations and the beaches, and Bear Cut Nature Preserve is one of such places which is Located 7 miles (11.3km) outside of downtown, the preserve is the right choice for both hiking and biking along the 3.5-mile waterfront trail which ends at the ending with a stunning background of downtown Miami.

  • Pro Tip: Carry a lot of water, snacks, bug repellant, sunscreen, a towel, and comfortable footwear.

16. Ride on the Metromover

  • Fee: None.

Constructed in 1986, the electrically powered iconic Metromover in Miami is one of the finest as well as the cheapest ways to navigate downtown Miami and it connects 20 different areas and is spread in 4.4-mile (7km).

  • Pro Tip: When traveling Downtown Miami, check out the free Waterfront Walking Tour.
  • NOTE: The Metromover is different from a metro rail which is a paid means of transportation.

17. Yoga Class at Bayfront Park In Miami

Located in the center of downtown, Bayfront Park is a 32-acre public park where free yoga classes are conducted on a daily basis. At the Tiny Hills Pavilion, different types of classes are organized all you need to do is grab a yoga mat, water, and a towel, of course you can always donate some amount for a good cause.

18. Sunset on the Miami Beach

Yes, beaches are known for tanning and swimming but how can you miss on a beautiful sunset like this one? Get yourself a bottle of wine and a blanket but don’t forget to find a peaceful place to enjoy the view.

19. The Museum of Art and Design

  • Entry: Free
  • Timing: Tuesday-Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

The Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design (MOAD) presents a chain of artworks. For those who aren’t into art, there’s a beautiful Japanese garden here that will give you the sudden change of mood from the Florida plants and trees.

20. The Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is situated on the outskirts of Miami gives a feel like Venice in Florida. Built in 1923, out of a coral rock quarry, this pool is a historic one and it contains 820,000 gallons of water and is refilled on a daily basis during the peak season so you should make sure you book the tickets ASAP as once the capacity reaches to full otherwise the authorities won’t allow any more visitors.

  • Fun Fact: As per reports it has snowed just once in Miami throughout its official meteorological history. Swirls were recorded on January 19, 1977.

We would love to know about your experience on your next Miami trip.

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