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TOP 10 Things to do in Miami at night 2020

Best things to do in Miami at night That You Must Not Miss

With some spectacular attractions to hop around throughout the day, the nightlife in Miami is something everyone looks forward to! There are tons of things to do in Miami at night. All you need is to know the best attractions to check out! From the stylish clubs to the exotic cruises, you have it all here in Miami.

The nightlife in Miami is just amazing. If you are still confused about the things to do in Miami tonight, this content is going to guide you all along the way. From exclusive bars to picturesque beaches, you have it all.

What are the fun things to do in Miami at night?

  1. Miami’s Big bus night tour
  2. LED paddleboard sunset adventure
  3. A tour of the Ice Bar
  4. Binge drink in the Downtown
  5. Miami sunset spot photography tour
  6. City skyline tour
  7. Nighttime fishing tour
  8. A boho drive along the coconut grove
  9. New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise
  10. Nightlife in South Beach

Well, these were some of the best things to do in Miami nightlife. There’s a lot more! So, in case you are visiting Miami for the very first time in your life, this list is going to help you out!

Miami’s Big bus night tour

If you are visiting Miami for the first time in your life, looking around the entire city is a must! Agree? Well, this ninety-minute night tour after the sunset is utterly exhilarating. Here you see all the vibrant spots of Miami illuminated beautifully.

LED paddleboard sunset adventure

Are you a nature lover? If yes, this is the one for you. Going across the deep blues on a paddleboard after the sunset is one of the most marvelous experiences you could ever even imagine having!

Miami waters will give you an unmatched experience for life, so much so that the bio-luminescent planktons passing by will provide you with the pleasure of living a new life out of the world altogether. This tour usually starts from 6.30 PM onwards. If you are still wondering about what to do here, take your family and friends along with you on a paddleboard experience.

A tour of the Ice Bar

Are you the kind of person who loves to have fun, drinks, and night-long thrill? Wondering about the fun things to do in Miami for adults at night? A trip to the Ice Bar is your most exclusive choice.

A tour of the Ice Bar will give you a rare provision to experience winter along with your favorite cocktails. If you want to enjoy beyond your expectations, sip the drink and dance to your favorite songs. 100,000 pounds of pure ice amidst a fire lounge will give you a spectacular view to preserve for the rest of your life.

Binge drink in the Downtown

Heading towards the Downtown and exploring the tempting bars is one of the fascinating things to do in Miami for 18-year-olds at night. If you love to relax at the bars while taking a sip of your favorite drink, visiting Mary Brickell Village is a good option.

If you explore around the city, you will find some of the best restaurants and pubs offering you super delicious cuisines and extremely cheap drinks. These are some of the best places to spend hours at the weekend.

Miami sunset spot photography tour

If you are a photography enthusiast, the Miami sunset spot photography tour is one of the most exclusive and fun things to do in Miami at night. Here, you get an amazing opportunity to click some of the best snaps of nature. Also, you get the privilege to learn about camera settings, photo composition, finding the best lights, and a lot more.

On your way back from the spot, you may also visit the Art Deco district. Whether you are a professional or a newbie, night photography is one of the most thrilling things to do in Miami in such a picturesque spot.

City skyline tour

Are you crazy about adventure? This once-in-a-lifetime airplane ride is a thrilling experience to have. Just try it out for once, and you can thank me later! This sixty-minute airplane ride will give you an experience that you will be cherishing all throughout your life.

Miami’s neon-lit Downtown and flying across the starry Biscayne Bay are some of the superb things to experience. Professional pilots are going to take you on the flight. Thus, you don’t have a thought to ponder upon! Just sit and relax.

Nighttime fishing tour

Has fishing ever been your hobby? Going on a tour to Biscayne Bay for fishing is thrilling. Start your trip from the Pelican Harbor at 7 AM sharp and go for a phenomenal fishing experience all across the place.

You would also be able to see different experienced fishing enthusiasts out there. Also, there is a lot to learn from the trip, starting from the casting, to the fishing rods and hooking baits or techniques; there’s a lot more to experience!

Exploring the blue waters of the bay and fishing for snappers, trout and mackerels will be one of the best ways to spend your vacation in Miami. The boat lets you munch on your favorite snacks for having as beverages and for dinner too.

A boho drive along the coconut grove

If you are a kind of nature lover and boho is your thing, go on a drive along the coconut grove. Besides, it is an amazing historic destination to stroll and interact with the new locals and thus, have a brief idea about what life in Miami seems like!

If you are looking for ways to relax, you may always seek out to sit by the waterfront and see the people walking past us. You may also experience the vibes of nature while listening to your favorite songs out there. This is one of the best places for people who love to enjoy their “me-time” and is definitely among the perfect things to do alone in Miami at night. Once you are over, you can always head towards the Coral Gables and connect yourself with the crowd of university goers.

New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise

If you are visiting Miami for the very first time in your life, and that too, during New Year’s eve, the fireworks cruise is one of the most amazing things to enjoy. It is a prominent representation of fun and festivity.

This cruise will guide you through some of the top spots of Miami such as Star Island, Brickell, and Port Island. In case you are too fond of tasty foods and photography, this trip would give you all that you want. You get the most fantastic opening to have your favorite foods, starting from finger foods to that your fair share of drinks.

Nightlife in South Beach

Are you in love with beaches? Well, visiting South Beach is really relaxing. Get to this beach for fun, parties, and your own dose of entertainment. It comprises some of the top clubs, leading DJs, and top-notch hosting parties.

These funky lounges, pubs, bars, and well-decked discos are certainly some of the best assortments of this place. Without a doubt,  these are the most enjoyable things to do in Miami at night for free.

What are the best places to go in Miami at night?

Nightlife in Miami is world-famous and there are a lot of places to explore. Miami has a fascination with club life and social people engaging themselves in the pomp and glitter of the nights. Here are a few places to go in Miami-

  1. Mokai Lounge
  2. Nikki Beach
  3. Liv
  4. Sky Bar
  5. Wall

Mokai Lounge

Visiting the Mokai Lounge is one of the most popular night activities in Miami. It features an Asian-inspired design wherein the club comprises 18 VIP seating areas and a total of 270 guests. It is full of concerts, musical nights, and celebrity appearances. If you are looking for things to do in Miami at night under 21, it is your best choice. 

Nikki Beach

Wondering about some crazy things to do in Miami Beach at night? Visiting Nikki beach will be a quintessential way of experiencing SoBe nightlife. Sip on a cocktail and watch the private hammocks and cabanas on the beach. The Pearl Lounge is an astounding place to join for a dance party. Love DJs, burlesque shows, and a 10,000 sq ft venue styled with sparkling white decor from the floor to the ceiling is something you would cherish all your life.


One of the most famous night activities in Miami is to have an exclusive lounge experience at Liv. From VIP tables to private skyboxes, this lavish dance floor, and full-service bars with world-class DJs, you get the best of the best here! If you are crazy about live music, this hotspot is sure to allure you. Just get going towards Collins Avenue, and you are going to cherish those hours forever.

Sky Bar

Nightlife in Miami can never get over without partying at the clubs. Still, confused about what to plan for your night activities in Miami? Well, Sky Bar is an astounding place to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. If you love eclectic music, this place is undoubtedly the one for you.

Furthermore, visiting this chic Shore Club, comprising of some of the best eclectic furniture and tropical flowers, this location has some of the best deals to offer you. Also, you will love the ambiance filled with potted plants, sheet curtains, and pools.

Located at the upscale W South Beach Hotel, Wall offers unparalleled luxury and style with a dedication to service – the embodiment of sophistication. The nightspot regularly hosts top DJs and musicians as well as weekly theme nights like Secret Sin Sundays. Guests can reserve tables in advance for the most exclusive experience.


Don’t miss to visit the Wall at the upscale W South Beach hotel. It offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and style. This service provision at Wall is an embodiment of sophistication. Weekly theme nights with top DJs hosting musical concerts, this place is bliss in itself.

What are the things to do in Miami at night with family?

Most people think that there are not many options for night activities in Miami. Are you one of them as well? Trust me; there’s nothing so serious if you know what all things to look to, you will easily be able to spend some of the best days of your life with your friends and family members here in Miami.

  1. Take a cruise
  2. Enjoy a laser battle
  3. Head to the Bayside Marketplace

Take a cruise

A Miami sunset is a scenic treasure in itself. Plan a boat trip along with your family. A drive across the South Beach and the Downtown skyline are some of the places to go in Miami at night. Also, you will be able to find some delicious meals and drinks during your boat tour along the coast.

Enjoy a laser battle

Among the many other exciting things to do, a laser battle is one of the most demanding and fun things to do in Miami. It’s great for the kids as well. A tour of Laserland& Adventure near the airport is a treat for the kids.

Your children are sure to enjoy the arcade games, and laser gun fights, along with some snacks and drinks – all under the single roof. Miami has got something or the other for people of all ages. While the kids can engage themselves in the laser games, the adults can spend time in the bars and take a sip or two over there!

Head to the Bayside Marketplace

Make sure that you do not miss visiting this one among the many others. The Bayside Marketplace on Biscayne Boulevard is certainly apt for families. If you are crazy about a combination of food and arts, this place is the one for you!

Moreover, the Bayside marketplace gives you amazing options for dining and open-air music seminars. Also, you can participate in the pirate cruises and take your kids along with, you so as to have a lot of fun!

What are the romantic night activities in Miami for couples?

Miami is undoubtedly a perfect place for couples. Whether you want to walk beside your beloved while holding her hands on the beach or go on a date at some waterfront restaurant, options in Miami are plenty! Here are a few romantic things to do in Miami at night for couples:

  1. Clubs
  2. A Jeep tour in and around Miami
  3. Go for an aerial view
  4. Live music
  5. Partying at Little Havana


If clubbing is your thing, no matter if you are in South Beach or somewhere close to Downtown, just peep into any of the nightclubs and dance your heart out! It is certainly the best night activity in Miami to opt for. Go to a lounge featuring music, and an eclectic atmosphere across both the indoor and outdoor areas, and participate in dance as long as you want!

When you finally get tired after you are done dancing, sit down with your partner and explore the fantastic menu. These lounges offer a sophisticated dining experience, with live cabaret singers and magicians performing right before you.

A Jeep tour in and around Miami

If you love adventure, this is going to be one of the best gifts for you. If your partner loves to explore, this would be the best choice for both of you. Get on a sightseeing tourist jeep and go around the city, witnessing all the popular landmarks out there.

There is so much to explore, from the iconic buildings to that of the Miami Tower, the Bayfront Park, the Art Deco district, and a lot more.

If you are lucky enough to get a good tour guide, he will company you while explaining the significance and the history of the popular places in and around Miami.

Go for an aerial view

Be it a date or an anniversary, the loveliest thing for couples is none other than witnessing an aerial view of the entire city. This is certainly something much beyond the usual hopping in the bars or having dinner at some fine restaurant. Take your romance to a whole new level in Miami with this skyline tour.

If you at all are planning to gift your partner with a surprise, this could be something that both of you will cherish for a lifetime. You may also opt for a package that includes dining options along with this aerial journey. The lit district looks simply amazing and it will surely be something that you won’t forget all your life.

Live music

If music runs along your spine, Miami is the best place to look for it. There are several venues in Miami conducting vibrant, jazz music. Ask your guide or do a bit of research and join the location. Also, a lot of places feature local musicians, performance poetry, table service drinks, and more.

Some of the popular destinations in this context include the LILT lounge and the EPIC hotel. In case you have got things to do In Miami on a low budget and you do not want to spend much, go on a free show. One of them is that at the Betsy Hotel. Also, the shows held around Filmore Miami beach are one of the favorites for many!

Partying at Little Havana

Little Havana is yet another place for dancing and partying your heart out. Besides, the LoKal, and Barracuda are some of the must-visit places to go in Miami at night.

The Cuban district is also known for cocktail drinks and thus, comprises countless dance venues. La Esquina de la Fama and Hoy Como Ayer are some of the places you shouldn’t miss by any chance.

From lively bars to sophisticated nightclubs and trendy seafood restaurants, nightlife in Miami is just astounding.

What are the things to do in Miami Beach at night?

  1. Visit the Faena Forum
  2. Have food at Joe’s
  3. Visit the movie theatre

Visit the Faena Forum

This place holds some of the best public gatherings, and a visit to the amazing architectural interior resembling a kaleidoscope is something you shouldn’t miss by any chance. Also, this place addresses some of the astounding exhibitions of all time.

Have food at Joe’s

Want to taste the seasonal stone crabs? Visit Joe’s! It is one of the most famous restaurants in South Florida. Certainly, it is an activity that you must not miss.

If you are visiting Miami between the months of October and May, make sure that you taste this delicacy served with garlic creamed spinach, white sauce, hash browns, and coleslaw.

Visit the movie theatre

If you are a fan of experimental movies, plan a trip to the super cool movie theatre in South Beach. Also, you get a plethora of options for classical movies.

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