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THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Colombo In 2021

With a populace of 5.6 million individuals, Colombo is a major cosmopolitan city that has changed a great deal over the most recent few years. Today, we will talk about the things to do in Colombo visit. It is encountering a serious structure blast of high rises, new streets, a few opulent lodgings, an immense TV tower that will likewise house an inn and a major shopping center, just as another harbor port. 

Things to do in Sri Lanka Colombo is an occupied and energetic city separated into 13 locales, with Colombo 1 or Fort Area being the focal point of the city. It is likewise the most ethnically blended spot in Colombo Sri Lanka beach with the two Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. It is a city with an incredible blend of current life and engineering, and old pioneer structures and ruins from when it was the capital of the British Ceylon.  

things to do in colombo

Colombo things to do really filled in as a seaport town as far back as the fifth century, as it has the ideal area for exchange among Asia and Europe. It has since had Arab, Portuguese, and Dutch pioneers so it has been very global for a long time. Put on some decent walking shoes or shoes, and basically stroll through these two old neighborhoods (Fort and Pettah) that are stuffed with history and delightful pioneer structures and markets. Take a tuk-tuk to the remainder of the sights, and wind off your tour of Things to do in Sri Lanka Colombo with viewing the nightfall at Galle Face Green while getting a grub on some heavenly Sri Lankan rice and curry. 

What you need to know before visiting Colombo 

1. Where can I find affordable hotels in Colombo? 

Colombo is a fairly inexpensive city to get a room in, because of the light tourist influx. So, you can try the following cheap places to stay in Colombo: 

  • Backpackers Paradise Colombo – from $12 
  • Yoho Unique Colombo – from $13
  • ACA Bread & Breakfast – from $14 
  • Yoho Villa Safari Colombo – from $15 
  • Chapelton House Pvt. Ltd. – from $17 

All prices mentioned here for two persons staying in one standard room for one night on the first of July. Prices can change according to the situation. 

2. Are there low cost flights to Colombo? 

  • New York 
    • Singapore Airlines, United, Kuwait Airways, Aeroflot: $734 to $926 
  • London 
  • Dubai 
    • Gulf Air, IndiGo, Emirates, FlyDubai, Sri Lankan Air: $195 to $292 
  • New Delhi 
    • SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air india, SriLankan Air: $92 to $160 
  • Sydney 

Please note that the above fares are for one person traveling one-way in economy class on the first of July only. Prices are subject to change. Colombo things to do. 

3. What are some Colombo Holiday Packages? 

Colombo is part of many larger package tours available in the country. 

  • Classic Mini Tour – 4 days 
  • Cultural Heritage Tour – 5 days 
  • Best of Sri Lanka – 7 days 
  • Scenic Sri Lanka – 10 days 
  • Round Tour with Ayurveda – 10 days 
  • Ultimate Sri Lanka – 15 days 

4. Which are the most popular places to eat in Colombo? 

  • The Gallery Cafe – atmospheric dining with rotating art exhibits, local 
  • Nihonbashi – zen garden like setting with minimalist arts, japanese 
  • Zaza – magnificent glass facade, menu shifts often, best Ceylon tea 
  • Chutneys – masters in south indian cuisines, great variety 
  • Curry Leaf – open-air exclusive posh eatery with modern experimental menu 
  • Beach Wadiya – massive variety of delicious seafood, attracts even british royalty 

List of top 10 things to do in Colombo 

  1. See the exhibits at the National Museum
  2. Admire the exquisite buildings in the Fort Area 
  3. Be inspired by the countless Buddhas at the Gangaramaya Temple 
  4. Have some rest and relaxation on Beira Lake 
  5. Learn about Sri Lankan struggle at the Freedom Memorial Hall  
  6. Spend some quality time in and around the Old Dutch Hospital 
  7. Wander around the streets and alleys of Pettah
  8. Pay some respects to the Hindu gods at the Sanctuary
  9. Enjoy tuk-tuk rides in Colombo
  10. Have a leisurely evening out at the Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green  

Galle Face Green, only south of the Fort Area, is a significant lot of green yard beside the limited sea shore and ocean promenade in Colombo. Initially it was cleared by the Dutch to give the artilleries clear sight, however today it is a pleasant and serene spot ideal for strolling, running, playing football, kite flying, and cricket. This is best what to do in colombo sri lanka.

galle face green things to do in colombo

The promenade is pressed with couples and families going for a walk in the evenings, particularly on Sundays. Galle Face Green is the ideal spot to watch the dusk. Along the promenade there are likewise a ton of nourishment merchants, selling extraordinary road nourishment at a modest cost. A portion of the spots even have tables on the asphalt. You should have Indian nourishment at one of those spots, it is quite flavorful!  

Tuk-Tuk Ride 

It is entirely tiring strolling around Colombo in the warmth, and the tuk-tuks are literally everywhere! And extremely simple to discover! They are the fundamental transportation for the two local people and vacationers in Colombo, and they are additionally a great deal of fun. 

tuktuk ride things to do in colombo

Any place you stroll in Colombo, tuk-tuks will stop by you and the driver will inquire as to whether you need a lift, not one time but rather like ALL the time! What’s more, in the event that you don’t reply (better believe it, it is conceivable to get a piece tired of this), they will ask you again, simply stronger.  

We wound up taking a tuk-tuk to most places we went in Colombo. Riding a tuk-tuk is incredible enjoyment, particularly after sundown! It is one of the best top things to do in sri lanka. 

Sanctuary of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil  

Additionally called Captain’s Garden Kovil, this is Colombo’s most established Hindu Temple. The South-Indian roused design of this sanctuary, just as the excellent and brilliant works of art, and nitty gritty fine art, particularly in the roof, is noteworthy. They were constructing some new structures when we visited, so the sanctuary is as yet growing. 

temples things to do in colombo

The sanctuary has a great deal of statues of a wide range of Hindu divine beings, yet the fundamental lord of this sanctuary is Easwaran (Shiva) and Ganesh. There is a little symphony consisting of a man playing a type of woodwind and a man playing the drum. It makes the entire experience very environmental. Sri lanka sightseeing is best here. 

The sanctuary is very well known and there were continually individuals going back and forth to supplicate at the sanctuary. They are all cordial and inviting towards tourists despite the fact whether they were  there for worship or not. You should dress unassumingly and non-provocatively. Simple pants for men and long skirts for women are preferable. 

The Streets Of Pettah  

Pettah, Colombo 11, is perhaps the most established locale of Colombo and strolling around right now a genuine experience brimming with sound, scents, and people viewing. Dive into the franticness of shops, slow down, and advertise. In the middle of, you additionally observe some strict structures like mosques and places of worship. Best things to do in colombo sri lanka. 

pettah street things to do in colombo

A portion of the features of Pettah that you should see are:  

  • Pettah Markets – The Federation of Self Employees Market along fifth Cross Street is pressed with family unit stuff and nourishment. You will discover a wide range of vivid and delightful products of the soil here.  
  • Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque – A wonderful red and white block building going back to 1909 that resembles treats. It is best sri lanka attractions. 
  • Wolvendaal Church – Built in 1749 this congregation is the most significant Dutch structure in Sri Lanka. It got its name on the grounds that the Dutch mixed up the jackals meandering this zone at the ideal opportunity for wolves. So they named this territory Wolf’s Dale (Wolvendaal). The congregation has some exquisite and wonderful furniture like black seats, wooden platform, wooden baptismal text style, and podium. 
  • Dutch Period Museum – This structure began as the home of the Dutch representative when it was worked in the seventeenth century, yet has since housed a Catholic theological school, a military emergency clinic, a police headquarters, just as a mail station. The gallery is best things to see in sri lanka and has a decent nursery yard and bunches of Dutch provincial furnishings and curios in plain view. It was here that the King of the Kingdom of Kandy in 1638 marked the papers that opened Ceylon to the Dutch.  
  • Old City Hall – Built in 1865 and used to be the City Hall in the British time. Sri lanka tourist places is the best place to visit

Old Dutch Hospital  

After such a lot of touring and meandering the occupied and swarmed avenues of Colombo, the Old Dutch Hospital is the ideal spot to eat or supper. Best places to visit in sri lanka  is the Old Dutch Hospital is viewed as probably the most seasoned structure in the Colombo Fort zone, going back to the Dutch pioneer period, that is, around the middle-ish seventeenth century.  

old dutch hospital things to do in colombo

It is delightfully reestablished and houses some extremely pleasant cafés and bistros, and cool shops. I love the shop Odel and Barefoot, they have a great deal of pleasant nearby quality garments and trinkets. You can have an exceptional lunch – Chicken Biryani with Watalappan for dessert, heavenly!  

Freedom Memorial Hall  

Sri Lanka got its freedom from Britain February fourth in 1948, and this tremendous stone structure encompassed by a serene, green, and lavish nursery is a landmark to that. Before it is a statue of Sri Lanka’s first president, “The Father of the Nation” Rt. Hon. Wear Stephen Senanayake. Thinking what to do in sri lanka, come here. 

freedom memorial hall things to do in colombo

The engineering of the Independence Memorial Hall is enlivened by the Royal Audience Hall in Kandy. It was in the Royal Audience Hall in Kandy that the Kandyan Convention was marked on the fifth of March 1815 closing the Kingdom of Kandy and making Sri Lanka British. Many believe it’s an extremely pleasant signal and a decent method for connecting these two major and characterizing noteworthy minutes together.  

Today this lobby is utilized for strict occasions and the yearly national day festivity. It likewise houses the Independence Memorial Museum. For us, the spot was a pleasant departure from the commotion and hordes of Colombos roads, as there was not really anybody there.  

Beira Lake  

Near the Gangaramaya Temple, in the core of Colombo sri lanka attractions, is a gigantic lake – Beira Lake. The lake has insane green shaded water because of its contamination. In the lake is a little island containing the Simamalaka Shrine, which was worked from gifts made of a Muslim support. The lake interfaces with different lakes through limited waterways and winds up in the Indian ocean. This is best places to visit in sri lanka. 

beira lake things to do in colombo

In the provincial period, the lake and its waterways were utilized for moving products inside the city, despite everything having its Portuguese name “Beira” which means outskirt in English. The lake is a decent and quiet spot to plunk down and have a touring break. We were enticed to go with one of the duck paddle pontoons molded as swans that were for hire. You can see creatures like storks, pelicans, screen reptiles, and there are different types of fish in the lake.  

Gangaramaya Temple  

The Buddhist sanctuary Gangaramaya (Vihara) comprises a few structures and is a clamoring sanctuary complex loaded up with a colossal measure of things. Some of which are honestly quite odd and somewhat unnerving. It incorporates, for example, a library, a historical center and a presentation lobby of endowments got from aficionados and well-wishers throughout the years. It is best sri lanka tourists attractions. 

gangaramaya things to do in colombo

The sanctuary clearly has the relics of Buddha’s hair. The sanctuary additionally has a LOT of Buddhas, in stone, white plastic and gold. It’s hard to find so many Buddhas in a single spot! All the blessings from aficionados are in plain view all around the sanctuary, and it is a colossal measure of stuff. In one corner there is even a pitiful looking elephant, he is really a stuffed genuine elephant! It can be at times weird and at other times somewhat terrifying.  

Visiting this sanctuary is a genuinely novel encounter, and definitely justified even despite a visit. You should go here only a couple of days before the yearly and enormous service at the Navam Perahera on the February Poya (full moon). During this festival, the Gangaramaya Temple is the primary concentration and it is the most lavish festival in Colombo things to do.  

The Fort Area (Colombo 1) 

All around downtown Colombo, in the Fort Area, there are dazzling amazing structures going back to the Dutch and British period of Sri Lanka attrctions. In those days (Colombo was proclaimed the capital of Ceylon in 1815 by the British) this zone was a genuine fortress as it was encompassed by the ocean on different sides and had a canal on the landward sides. 

fort area things to do in colombo

Today the Fort region of things to do in Colombo Sri Lanka is pressed with staggering old provincial time engineering artful culminations that have been reestablished with a blend of present day structures. The Old Dutch Hospital is a genuine case of this (no. 6 right now) definitely justified even despite a visit. Additionally, this region houses the President’s House and different service and legislative structures.  

Different features in the Fort region that you ought not miss are:  

  • Old Galle Buck Lighthouse – Worked in 1954, the beacon is encompassed by old guns and has an excellent perspective on the sea and Colombo port.  
  • Sambodhi Chaithya dagoba/stupa – A brilliant white dagoba/stupa on 20 m tall legs with the goal that mariners at the ocean could see it. 
  • The Clock Tower – Originally a beacon from 1857. 
  • Main issue – Built in 1914, this used to be the old colonnaded Central Bank and is presently the most excellent remodeled working right now. The inside is great, particularly the noteworthy ceiling fixture which is the tallest in the entire of Asia. 
  • Lloyd’s Buildings – A dazzling recently redesigned fabricating built in 1908, which is presently claimed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka tourist places. 
  • St Peter’s Church – The most established church in Colombo that is still being used, from 1821.  
  • Cargills Main Store – Dating back to 1906, this lovely splendid red structure is a magnum opus.  

National Museum of Sri Lanka 

The lovely structure that houses the National Museum, was worked in 1876 and established by the British legislative leader of Sri Lanka things to do at that point. It is the biggest exhibition hall in Sri Lanka. Encompassing this astonishing structure is a flawless and quiet green park

national museum things to do in colombo

Inside the historical center are statues and displays recounting the narrative of old Sri Lanka. The historical center additionally shows things claimed by the previous imperial group of Sri Lanka, similar to the King’s brilliant position of royalty and crown.  This is best what to do in sri lanka. 

You will discover a great deal of craftsmanship, carvings, swords, firearms, covers, and statues from Sri Lanka’s antiquated past just as the frontier time frame. It is an extremely good historical center! Underneath you see two of the antiquities in the National Museum of Colombo, Sri Lanka city similar to the common outfit worn by the Nilame, the Kandyan nobility. It is a long material folded over the legs practically like pants. 

Wrapping Up 

Despite the fact that Colombo doesn’t have numerous popular must-see locates, the city has a lot of appeal, exquisite and inviting individuals, heavenly nourishment, a lot of captivating history and old wonderful provincial structures, fascinating strict structures, pleasant stops and plants, and an incredible entryway patio along the shore of Sri Lanka in Galle Face Green. Things to do in colombo.

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