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Things to do in Budapest in 2020 – Budapest Travel Guide

Hungary’s captivating capital truly involves three urban areas that were brought together to shape what is today Budapest. Buda and Obuda on the west bank of the Danube and Pest on the inverse. Today, Budapest has two areas, Buda and Pest, which have an unmistakable vibe from each other. With such an assorted city persona, it’s no big surprise there are many cool and fun things to do in Budapest. 

Marked with a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” identification, Budapest is one of the most excellent urban communities in Europe. While quite a bit of Hungary is experiencing some insane things, I consider the city the last bastion of expectation and solidarity. Okay, that was somewhat gooey. Be that as it may, I’m not kidding when I state that Budapest is genuine. Like it’s a city for cool peeps. Simply believe me or if nothing else looks at the photographs going to be divulged before your eyes. 

Budapest wins by matching up its loose and laid-back mentality with an interesting history and imaginative way of life, and I’m not discussing Hipsters. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or not, trendy person or cool, there’s a great deal to see and do right now. It is also one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

The warm showers are lord here, yet there are a lot of different approaches to killing a day. World-class historical centers, island parks, shopping, and bistros are accessible in spades. Foot it around Castle Hill for a sample of medieval Budapest or go through an early evening time tasting espresso in a bistro with youthful Hungarians. Simply make certain to spare some vitality for the nightlife – when the night moves around, this city kicks into another rigging. 

1. Check out the Parliament Building 

The Budapest Parliament is one of the most established and greatest authoritative structures in Europe. The Parliament building is a genuine show-stopper. It’s likewise one of the most established authoritative structures in Europe. In addition, it bears extraordinary recorded significance for Hungarians. The Hungarian Parliament is one of the essential vacation destinations in the city. 

For all intents and purposes, each visitor who stays with Budapest takes, at any rate, a couple of pictures and selfies with it from the outside. Notwithstanding, just a couple of come to see it from within. It’s a pity since this is the most noticeable structure in Hungary and has a great deal of cool stuff to see inside. Take a jump and go in, it’s just a couple of bucks, and you’ll encounter a great deal more. There are private visits and half-day visits advertised. It is justified, despite all the trouble to see the stupendous staircase, Session Room, and furthermore the Great Vaulted Hall. 

2. Soak in the Széchenyi Thermal Baths 

The warm pools have temperature ranges from 74°F and 180°F. Apparently, the waters here have characteristics for rheumatoid joint inflammation, joint parts, muscle tissue, and different illnesses of the sensory system. Here you can make the most of Budapest’s bathhouse convention. Széchenyi is only one of the numerous showers in Budapest. There’s additionally Aquincum, Gellert Baths, Kiraly Baths, Rac Baths, Rudas Baths, to give some examples, so look at those as well! 

3. Marvel at Statues in Heroes’ Square 

Saints’ Square, otherwise known as Hosök tere, can be found toward the finish of Andrássy Avenue. It’s home to a renowned altar that portrays the recorded figures of the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars – who as far as anyone knows drove the first Hungarians from focal Asian steppes into the Carpathian bowl where Hungary is found today. 

On the focal segment is the Archangel Gabriel conveying the Hungarian crown. Delineated at the two sides of the landmark are a lot of different acclaimed Hungarian figures. Practically around the bend of Heroes’ Square are galleries and stops additionally worth looking at. 

4. Rave All Day and All Night at the Sziget Music Festival 

The Sziget Music Festival happens on Óbudai Island in northern Budapest. Almost all music classification is played here – and you’ll generally discover a phrase that interests you. Consistently a couple of internationally known music entertainers play on five phases. You will see numerous energetic and youthful peeps going to the celebration – yet age doesn’t make a difference. 

You can release yourself with the stream and do whatever it is you’re into and want to do. Possibly it’s not as insane as Burning Man, however, nobody is going to pass judgment or mocking you here. It’s an extremely global setting, so it’s additionally a spot to find out about one another and the entire world. 

5. Take Photos under the Chain Bridge

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, it’s one of my preferred extensions on the planet. It was the main scaffold to for all time connect the Buda and Pest locale when it was done in 1849. The Chain Bridge was viewed as one of the miracles of the world at that point. The originator was as far as anyone knows so pleased with the work that he flaunted nobody would ever discover defects of the extension. 

Oh, dear, somebody discovered that the lion statues which stood watch at either side were inadequate with regards to their tongues, inciting the creator to murder himself. Challenges? Regardless of whether the senseless legends are valid or not, the Chain Bridge remains as the main captured fascination in Budapest. 

6. Walk around the Danube Promenade 

Walk around the Danube Promenade

Budapest is magnificent by daytime, however altogether amazing around evening time. The structures and extensions light up the banks of the Danube, and the reflection on the water goes to the acclaimed blue it ought to be. Simply follow the Pest side of the Danube bank that goes from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge. Over the waterway, you can watch the significant attractions of Buda – Buda Castle, Gellert Hill, and Fisherman’s Bastion. 

7. Shop at the Great Market Hall 

Raised in the nineteenth century, the Central Market Hall is the greatest indoor market in Budapest. The emphasis is on conventional Hungarian items and possibly a couple of knick-knacks made in China. On the main floor is the nourishment region with shippers offering everything, including crisp vegetables, frankfurters, paprika, and a wide range of wines. The subsequent floor has a lot of merchants selling trinkets and vintage Hungarian weaving. 

8. Go inside St. Stephen’s Basilica 

St. Stephen’s Basilica is one of the most significant structures in Hungary. Named after Stephen, the main King of Hungary, the basilica remains an extraordinary structural show-stopper. The section is a “gift” of HUF 200, yet it’s mandatory in light of the fact that there’s a lady at the passageway who looks sufficiently able to handle NFL linebackers – hollering at you to give. 

The inside will attract you with extravagant gold subtleties, polished accents, and amazing show-stoppers; you can likewise look at the splendid domes. It’s viewed as a sacred site, so you must be modestly dressed. You can’t miss the homeless people around here without a doubt. You can scale to the arch to see a great part of the city. 

9. Go on a Look Out at the Fisherman’s Bastion 

For clearing all-encompassing perspectives on Budapest, go up to the Fisherman’s Bastion on the Buda locale. Directly over the Chain Bridge, advance past Buda château. The slope isn’t especially steep however it can initiate perspiration as it wanders towards the stairs of the Fisherman’s Bastion. 

The exertion will be well justified, despite all the trouble, as the perspectives are fabulous. The multi-hued tiles on the Matthias Church offer an inviting sight. Here you can see the acclaimed Parliament Building, Chain Bridge, and the brilliant locale of Pest from up high. 

10. Have a Beer or a Few at Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar 

Ruin bars are an exceptionally Budapest marvel. They’re not a spot to get “destroyed.” Instead, they’re demolished, antiquated structures changed over into bars and bars everywhere throughout the city. The stylish Jewish Quarter has the most noteworthy convergence of these bars, and the most well-known one being Zimpla Kert. 

It’s a neglected maze of steampunk style spaces with an open-air niche. Inside are a lot of bars and cafés serving conventional beverages and nourishment. Talking about eateries, here are the best cafés in Budapest to get your grub on. We will cover the best restaurants in Budapest near the end of this article, though.

11. Taste wine at Faust Wine Cellars 

Directly underneath the Buda Castle is a notable wine basement that offers an example of wines from different Hungarian wine locales. You can likewise test customary Hungarian moonshine, Palinka, an incredible soul produced using different natural products. The main bummer part is that it’s regularly occupied, and you may need to book ahead. 

12. Check out the Jewish Quarter 

The Jewish Quarter is home to probably the biggest synagogue outside of Israel. It likewise has the biggest grouping of ruin bars in the city. Regardless of the way that Hungary’s Jewish mass was significantly decreased during World War II, there is still a great deal of Jewish flavor to this quarter. There’s even a celebration to Swedish negotiator Royal Wallenberg who helped scores of Hungarian Jews from the death camps and ghettos. 

13. Ride the Castle Hill Funicular 

The Castle Hill Funicular opened in 1870 and is one of the most seasoned of its sort on the planet. There is an arrangement of loads and stabilizers used to help with raising the carriages all over the slope. The funicular is the speediest method to arrive at the highest point of Castle Hill, which is exceptionally well known because of the all-encompassing perspectives over the Danube. It’s open day by day until 10 pm, so it’s additionally an extraordinary method to see perspectives on the Pest District around evening time. 

14. Harvest Cherry Plums around Gellert Hill

The slope is perhaps the greenest region of the city. During summer, the trees prove to be fruitful and especially Cherry Plums. Local people overlook these organic products for reasons unknown, which implies’ everything yours for the taking! There are a few strolling ways to follow and bicycle trails too. There are likewise a lot of cookout spots spotted around with the goal that you can make the most of your reap. People spend numerous days assaulting the nearby cherry populace. You should know as well. 

15. Hike up Gellert Hill 

Beginning from the Elisabeth Bridge, you can climb up a lot of stairs that lead to staggering scenes over Buda and Pest locale from the Citadella. Worked by the Habsburgs in 1854, the Citadella was a pivotal key area to see over the vast majority of Budapest. 

Today it’s a commercial center where you’ll discover Hungarian merchants selling their crafted works, including dolls, wooden contraptions, and high-quality attire and scarves. There are in every case some cool open doors for Hiking close to Budapest if this slope is unreasonably little for you. 

16. Dance with the Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill 

All things considered, I don’t know how you’re going to hit the dance floor with the 30-foot statue, however, that would be a striking sight! The Liberty Statue is of the noticeable Communist-time statues that were made due after the progress to majority rule government. 

The statue, raised in 1947 to respect the Soviet officers who lost their lives freeing Hungary, stands an overwhelming figure in Gellert Hill. The etching was later modified, so it currently honors “Everybody who yielded their lives for the opportunity, freedom, and flourishing of Hungary.” The perspectives here are likewise astounding. 

17. Walk over the Liberty Bridge 

Predominated by its progressively acclaimed neighbor, the Chain Bridge, the Liberty Bridge doesn’t get enough consideration that it merits. All things considered, I’m letting you know, in the event that you’ve strolled over the Széchenyi Chain Bridge – walk this one also! A lovely extension in its own privilege and one that prompts wonderful spots like Gellert Hotel and the Great Market Hall. 

18. Live Out a Fairy Tale at the Vajdahunyad Castle 

In our Portugal guide, we have talked about the fairytale castles there, But Budapest isn’t inferior either. In light of a gothic stronghold from Transylvania, the structure was planned by Ignác Alpár in 1896 to epitomize the initial thousand years of Hungarian design. The Vajdahunyad Castle mixes an arrangement of styles from Roman, gothic, renaissance to elaborate. 

19. Sob at the Shoes on the banks of the Danube 

Not all things cool are fun and savoring games Budapest. Some have profound scars and history behind it. The imagery that it speaks to should cause you to contemplate the course of history with the goal that we don’t commit similar errors later on. 

The Shoes on the Banks of the Danube has a miserable story behind it. The dedication is worked to remember the several Hungarians, a large portion of the Jews, who were slaughtered during World War II. It can become exceptionally busy with travelers, however, you shouldn’t miss it. You can buy a few flowers to leave as an offering here, in remembrance of this heartbreaking tragedy.

20. Chill at Margaret Island 


Sitting in the Danube, Margaret Island is 2.5km long and is loaded with parks and recreational spots. Here you can lease golf trucks, pedal trucks, bicycles, and a wide range of other enjoyment toys. It’s a cool spot to chill in the event that you ever get exhausted with the old solid wildernesses of Budapest. When you are tired of the bustling city life and throngs of tourists, come here. It is one of the best things to do in Budapest.

Budapest Travel FAQs

1. Where can I find affordable hotels in Budapest?

Budapest is a fairly costly city to get a room in, because of the heavy tourist influx. However, the cheapest places to stay in Budapest are hostels and homestays. Other than that, you may try the following:

  • GoodMo House – from $26
  • Corvin Point rooms & Apartments – from $31
  • Puli Apartments Danube – from $38
  • EasyHotel Budapest Oktogon – from $40
  • Avantgarde Apartments – from $41
2. Are there low cost flights to Budapest?
  • New York
    • Tap Air, Ukraine Intl, Singapore Air, Aeroflot, KLM, Lufthansa: $299 – $2632
  • London
    • Wizz Air, RyanAir, British Airways, EasyJet, LOT: $28 – $220
  • Dubai
    • Wizz Air, Pegasus, Ukraine Intl, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Emirates: $115 – $545
  • New Delhi
    • LOT, Alitalia, Ukraine Intl, Aeroflot, Qatar Airways, KLM, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, flyDubai, Swiss, : $281 – $640
  • Sydney
    • Cathay Pacific, British Airways, ANA, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates: $618 – $1700

Please note that the above fares are for one person traveling one-way in economy class on the first of July only. Prices are subject to change.

3. What are some Budapest Holiday Packages?

When it comes to Budapest, there are few internationally available package tours just for the city. You can book some in the city, of course. However, Budapest is prominently covered in many european holiday packages. Some of these are:

  • Summer Hostel Tour – Prague, Vienna & Budapest – 8 days
  • Budget Tour Glimpses of Europe – 8 days
  • Summer East Europe with Romania – 7 days
  • Best of East Europe with Oktoberfest – 8 days
  • Cost Saver Balkan Explorer – 10 days
4. Which are the most popular places to eat in Budapest?
  • Mazel Tov – grand glass-roofed dining area with hybrid Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine
  • Menza – a kitsch cafe with modern menu hip decor, nice ratatouille
  • Borkonyha – heavily carnivore menu with 200+ wine and a Michelin star
  • Rosenstein – cute little family-run eatery with Hungarian-Jewish menu
  • Cafe Kor – impeccable service all-day light diner, always crowded
  • Divin Porcello – Italian ambiance and menu, great presentation and cooking
  • Szeraj – fresh and best Turkish cuisine, surprisingly inexpensive, laid-back attitude

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Budapest

Being the most populous and oldest city of Hungary, Budapest is one of the best tourist cities in Europe. Compared to record-crashing star cities like Rome or Paris, Budapest is relatively cheaper and yet holds many attractions to cater to every kind of traveler. It’s a great idea to choose the capital of Hungary for your holiday destination. But you do need a guide for that. And here we are!

In this article, you can find much important information about Budapest. For example, Best Places to visit in Budapest, Cheapest places to stay in Budapest, Most popular places to eat in Budapest, Fun things to do in Budapest, Affordable hotels in Budapest, Low-cost flights to Budapest, Budapest Holiday Packages, and much more.

We hope you like our guide! Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. You can use the comment form below or you can email us. Also, do check out our travel guides to other European places! Till then, viszlát!

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