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Things to do in Berlin 2020 – Travel Guide

The capital of Germany is among the best tourist destinations in Europe. Though its reputation is marred by Germany’s role in the world wars, there are still plenty of things to do in Berlin. As tourist spots go, the city offers a unique mix of grit, glory and anything-goes attitude that is intoxicating! 

The city has gone through many hard times and golden ages alternatively and frequently in History. Accordingly, this historic city has gained the reputation of being one of the most dynamic metropolises on earth. From palaces to bunkers, nature parks to techno temples, you’ll find a heady mix of fun things to do in Berlin.

There are such a significant number of activities that it’s difficult to pick. However, there are 15 activities you should not miss when you’re in Berlin. On the off chance that you’ve been to Berlin, you most likely know the accompanying. I trust you do. If not or in case you’re a novice these are the best fifteen things for you to see and do. A while later, you probably won’t be prepared to state the well-known words “Ich canister Ein Berliner”, yet you will have a great deal to tell at home. Furthermore: I do have an uncommon tip for you at each point that will make the experience surprisingly better. 

Top 15 Things To Do In Berlin

  1. Walkthrough the glorious Brandenburg Gate
  2. Have a walk along the Lanwehr
  3. See the Charlottenburg Palace
  4. Remember the dead at the War Memorial
  5. Relax at Treptower Park
  6. Party like an animal at the Berghain
  7. Get the best view of Berlin from the TV Tower
  8. Visit the many art galleries in the city
  9. Savour a Currywurst and other unique food
  10. Visit Checkpoint Charlie
  11. Have a dip into the Lakes of Berlin
  12. Go to the famous Berlin Zoo
  13. Tour the Parliament Building
  14. Visit the world’s longest outdoor gallery
  15. Shop til you drop in Europe’s largest mall

There are plenty more you can do in, but for the sake of moderation, we have to keep it limited. Let’s look at each section more closely now.

Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) 

The Brandenburger Tor is one of Germany’s most visited milestones and a symbol of the city. During its over 300-year history, it has assumed a wide range of jobs. It’s honored in the same row as the gates in Paris or Rome.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin
Brandenburg Gate Berlin

It has been an image for harmony, war, triumph, dread, and war all finished (that time the chilly one) and since 1989 it represents the reunification of Germany. Here, Ronald Reagan said his well-known words: “Mr. Gorbachev, open this entryway. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this divider”. 

Unique Tip: Go there around evening time! There will be fewer individuals and the opportunity to get a pic before the enlightened Brandenburger Tor with nobody else on it than you are colossal. 

Landwehr Canal 

You visit the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag to tour in Berlin. You meander the Landwehr Canal to become hopelessly enamored with Berlin. Seemingly the city’s best people-watching spot, the channel joins two of its coolest ‘hoods (Kreuzberg and Neukölln, called “Kreuzkölln”) into the thumping heart of the city’s bohemian counterculture scene. 

Landwehr Canal in Neukölln Berlin Germany
Landwehr Canal in Neukölln Berlin Germany – Photo by Felipe Tofani from Flickr
Landwehrkanal Houseboats Berlin Germany bookonboard travel guide to berlin
Landwehrkanal – Photo by Sir James from Wikimedia Commons

Truth be told, one of the most quintessential Berlin encounters you can have is snatching a €1 brew from a spätkauf (Berlin’s adaptation of a bodega) and sitting along the waterway’s green banks under a sobbing willow tree. You’ll be encompassed by scruffy fashionable people, Turkish families, tough Berliners, and everybody in the middle. A very much stamped trail runs along the channel through quite a bit of Berlin. Furthermore, seats, biergartens, bocce courts, and other much-needed diversions welcome you to sit and wait. 

Charlottenburg Palace 

Worked in 1699 as a mid-year living arrangement for Sophie Charlotte, spouse of King Friedrich I, this enormous, multi-winged florid structure is Berlin’s biggest castle. Intensely harmed in World War II and revamped and re-established more than a very long while, the royal residence is home to various inestimable assortments, including regal porcelain and silver, royal gems, and significant eighteenth-century French works of art by specialists, for example, Antoine Watteau. 

Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Germany bookonboard guide to berlin germany
Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Germany – Photo by Richard Mortel from Wikimedia Commons
Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Germany bookonboard guide
Photo by David Mark from Pixabay

The rooms themselves, the majority of which were completely remade, highlight resplendent plasterwork, overlaying, and frescoes, all dependent on unique plans. The feature is the nurseries, made in the French and English style, with efficient fences, wellsprings, lakes, and tree-lined rock ways. 

Berlin Wall Memorial 

This free indoor/open-air historical center and remembrance is the best spot to figure out how the Berlin Wall jumped up, essentially medium-term, what life resembled in the previous East German state, and the chivalrous (and appalling) endeavors individuals made to rejoin with their families. 

Berlin Wall Germany bookonboard guide germany berlin
Berlin Wall Germany – Photo by wal_172619 from Pixabay
Berlin Wall Germany bookonboard germany travel
Berlin Wall Germany – Photo by Guy Percival from Public Domain Pictures

As you stroll along this one-mile stretch of Bernauer Strasse, an outside display highlights photos and signs enumerating the accounts on either side of the hindrance. There’s likewise a saved bit of the first outskirt divider and a watchtower, just as an indoor guest place with shows chronicling the political and recorded occasions encompassing the city’s division. 

Treptower Park 

Summer is for all intents and purposes synonymous with radiant evenings abode in Treptower Park, situated along the banks of the Spree River. Berliners head here as once huge mob after winter’s hibernation to the excursion and drink Spati lagers in the recreation center’s wide territories—and there’s a lot of space to hold them all, with 207 sections of land of green space. 

Treptower Park Berlin Germany bookonboard travel guide to berlin germany landmark
Treptower Park Berlin Germany – Photo by Ethan Doyle White from Wikimedia Commons
Treptower Park Berlin Germany bookonboard guide to germany
Treptower Park Berlin Germany – by Dr. Zeltsam from Wikimedia Commons
Treptower Park Berlin Germany
Treptower Park Berlin Germany – Photo by Scott from Flickr

Those inclined somewhat more dynamic head to the recreation center for running or strolling; sightseers come to get a Stern und Kreis City Tour by a vessel that leaves from the nourishment slow down lined riverside breakwater. This being Berlin, there’s some genuine history behind it (the Soviet War Memorial is a burial ground for 5,000 Soviet troopers), and stargazers should look at the Archenhold Sternwarte, which flaunts the world’s longest refracting telescope.


Maybe no club in Berlin (or the world, so far as that is concerned) is more consecrated than Berghain. Set in a previous East German force station, this huge, common stockroom is the Holy Grail for techno fans, facilitating three-day-long depravity instigated raves. Consistently, the club draws in the absolute best DJs from everywhere throughout the earth to turn. 

Berghain Berlin Germany
Berghain Berlin Germany – Photo by Michael Meyer from Flickr

They siphon beats so extreme that they ring in your bones rather than your ears. Things, for the most part, kick-off well after 12 PM and hit their sweet spot toward 3 a.m. or on the other hand 4 a.m.; and this is dark pants and Converse sort of city, so in the event that you dress in costly heels and adorable tops, you won’t go anyplace.

Fernsehturm (TV Tower) 

The Fernsehturm was worked in the late 1960ies in what used to be East Berlin. With its 368 meters, it’s the tallest structure in Germany. From the perception deck, you have an amazing perspective over Berlin, at clear permeability as much as 42 kilometers. 

Fernsehturm (TV Tower) Berlin Germany
Fernsehturm (TV Tower) Berlin Germany

Perhaps you’ve been informed that the Fernsehturm is classified “Telespargel” or possibly you’ve heard some other peculiar monikers. Reality is: everyone just calls it “Fernsehturm”, albeit distinctive political systems and media have attempted to relegate either epithet. 

Unique Tip: Buy your ticket on the web so you don’t need to remain in the holding up the line. Eat a Currywurst at the Telecafé. For the best view in Berlin go to the survey stage at the Park Inn Hotel.

Art Galleries around Berlin 

There are around 200 galleries in Berlin. You will discover probably the most significant ones across the board spot at the “Museumsinsel”, the Museum Island in the Spree waterway and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exhibition halls there generally show significant chronicled relics from times long past, for example, the renowned Ishtar entryway of antiquated Babylon or the bust of Egyptian sovereign Nefertiti. 

In Berlin’s Museum of Natural History, you will see the world’s biggest mounted dinosaur skeleton. Another extremely celebrated gallery is the Jewish Museum with its terrific structure planned by Daniel Libeskind. 

Dinosaur Hall Berlin Natural History Museum Berlin Germany
Dinosaur Hall Berlin Natural History Museum Berlin Germany – Photo by Richard Mortel from Wikimedia Commons
Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie) Berlin Germany
Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie) Berlin Germany – Photo by Manfred Brückels from Wikimedia Commons

Exceptional Tip: Twice per year there’s the “Lange Nacht der Museen” when the majority of the galleries are open till 2 am or later, joined by an uncommon maxim and extraordinary occasions. 

Currywurst and Cuisine

On the off chance that there is anything you truly need to eat in Berlin – it’s a Currywurst. A hot frankfurter cut in parts with ketchup and curry powder. Designed in 1949 by Herta Heuwer in Berlin, it’s Germany’s most mainstream inexpensive food. 

They even have a gallery! be sure to visit and enjoy this mouth-watering Berlin street food

Currywurst Streetfood Berlin Germany
Currywurst Streetfood Berlin Germany

So where will you locate the best one? All things considered, I believe Konnopke’s in Prenzlauer Berg is the best however simply eat your way through Berlin and you will locate your top choice! The currywurst at the top of the tv tower is also famous.

Unique tip: If you’re not into inexpensive food go to the Currywurst Museum to take care of your way of life hunger! 

Checkpoint Charlie 

Having been the most popular outskirt crossing point among East and West Berlin, this checkpoint is an image of the Cold War. Numerous GDR residents left East Berlin through this proviso. After the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961, this was where the well-known standoff among US and Soviet tanks occurred. 

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin  bookonboard travel guide to germany
Checkpoint Charlie Berlin Germany – Photo by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Right other than in the “Mauermuseum (Haus am Checkpoint Charlie)” you can see the absolute most awesome getaway vehicles, for example, the one-man submarine and some different displays that archive the time during the division. 

Uncommon tip: Checkpoint Charlie is every now and again highlighted in spy motion pictures and books. Watch “Octopussy” perceive what James Bond did here. 

Get wet in Berlin

In all honesty: Berlin has a larger number of bridges than Venice! Furthermore, there’s not just the Spree waterway, there are a lot progressively like the Havel or the Panke. Furthermore, there are around 70 lakes in and around Berlin. So take a pontoon trip, take a dip or drink an extravagant mixed drink in one of the many seashore bars. 

Spreeway Berlin Germany
Spreeway Berlin Germany

Unique tip: Sing “Pack die Badehose ein, Nimm dein Kleines Schwesterlein und Dann nichts wie ab a Wannsee” and bring a red elastic vessel – do what needs to be done and you will connect with a great deal of Germans! Or on the other hand, go on an audacious excursion to Brandenburg! 

Zoologischer Garten (Zoological Garden) 

It’s Germany’s most established zoo and with its 16,000 creatures including around 1,500 different species, it’s perhaps the greatest zoo on the planet. It was modified after World War II when it was totally crushed with just 91 enduring creatures. 

Zoologischer Garten (Berlin Zoo) Germany
Zoologischer Garten (Berlin Zoo) Germany – Photo by Slimark from Wikimedia Commons

The polar bear Knut was the most well-known creature in here – yet tragically he passed on in March 2011! Exceptional tip: Visit it in spring since that is the best time to see recently brought into the world creature babies. 

Reichstag building (Parliament) 

The Reichstag has worked in the late nineteenth century to house the German parliament. In 1999, after a fierce history during World War II and the Cold War, it turned out to be indeed the gathering place for the German government. 

Reichstag Building Berlin Germany – Photo by Andreas Von der Au from Wikimedia Commons

At the highest point of the structure, there’s an immense glass vault from where you can watch the German government officials grinding away. Furthermore, it additionally gives a stunning perspective over Berlin! 

Reichstag Building Glass Dome Berlin Germany
Reichstag Building Glass Dome Berlin Germany – Photo by Olga Ernst from Wikimedia Commons

Unique tip: Make a booking in the rooftop garden café Käfer, have a bit of cake and snicker about the others remaining in the holding up the line to get into the vault. 

East Side Gallery 

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, numerous popular specialists deified themselves and the divider itself through a bit of craftsmanship never observed. The East Side Gallery is currently the world’s longest outdoor exhibition. 

East Side Wall Gallery Berlin Germany bookonboard travel guide to berlin
East Side Wall Gallery Berlin Germany – Photo by Rae Allen from Flickr

More than 100 compositions, for example, the well-known kiss of Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev can be seen here on a more than one kilometer long, still flawless unique segment of the Berlin Wall. 

Extraordinary tip: Please DON’T demolish the East Side Gallery with your own works of art or by chipping off some little bits of the divider.


Berliners simply call it “Ku’damm” and on this road, you can shop till you drop. On the off chance that you need anything, you will discover it here. Also, if not here simply circumvent the corner to the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens). 

Kurfurstendamm Berlin Germany bookonboard guide to germany
Kurfurstendamm Berlin Germany – Photo by Onnola from Flickr
Kurfürstendamm Berlin Germany 1
Kurfürstendamm Berlin Germany – Photo by Achim Hepp from Flickr

It’s Europe’s greatest shopping center with a gourmet segment as extensive as 7,000 square meters. At Ku’damm you can likewise observe the “Gedächtniskirche” (Memorial Church), the remnants of which despite everything remain since the time of World War II. 

Unique tip: Don’t ever go there on a Saturday! Don’t! Trust me!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Berlin

1. Where can I find affordable hotels in Berlin?

Berlin is a fairly costly city to get a room in. However, the cheapest places to stay in Berlin are hostels and homestays. Other than that, you may try the following:

  • Die Fabrik Hotel – from $43
  • DJH Jugendherberge Berlin – from $45
  • City Hotel Berlin East – from $50
  • Amaya Motel – from $51
  • Hotel Mit-Mensch – from $53
  • Hostel Ballhaus Berlin – from $56
2. Are there low-cost flights to Berlin?
  • New York
    • Tap Air – from $321
    • Iberia – from $412
    • Singapore Airlines – from $562
    • Aeroflot – from $629
    • Icelandair – from $635
  • London
    • Ryanair – from $47
    • EasyJet – from $58
    • British Airways – from $71
    • Eurowings – from $82
    • Norwegian – from $88
  • Dubai
    • Turkish Airlines – from $224
    • Pegasus – from $244
    • Aeroflot – from $375
    • Ukraine Intl. – from $376
    • Swiss – from $711
  • Bangkok
    • Scoot – from $265
    • Qatar Airways – from $362
    • Singapore Airlines -from $420
    • Etihad – from $461
    • Aeroflot – from $468
  • Sydney
    • Scoot – from $517
    • Cathay Pacific – from $670
    • Lufthansa – from $694
    • Swiss – from $698
    • Qatar Airways – from $731

Please note that the above fares are for one person traveling one-way in economy class on the first of July only. Prices are subject to change.

3. What are some Berlin Holiday Packages?
  • Berlin & The Majestic Rhine
  • Mesmerizing Berlin
  • Berlin City Walking Tour
  • Bicycle Tour Berlin
  • Mesmerizing Berlin -Romantic/Women’s Special
  • Oktoberfest tour 2020
4. Which are the most popular places to eat in Berlin?
  • Facil – innovative international food, excellent presentation
  • Rutz – wine-lovers’ heaven, with an upper story open-air deck
  • Cookies Cream – authentic Berlin-like experience
  • Mrs. Robinsons – homely hangout and special Israeli dishes
  • Restaurant Tim Raue – cool interior, Asian specialty

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Berlin

With so much to see in the historic capital city of Germany, it gets hard to decide where to go and where not. Don’t worry, though! This is why we’ve brought you the Berlin travel guide. You will find much useful information here. For example, Best Places to visit in Berlin, Cheapest places to stay in berlin, Most popular places to eat in Berlin, Fun things to do in berlin, Affordable hotels in berlin, Low-cost flights to berlin, berlin Holiday Packages, etc.
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