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Things to Do in Bangkok 2020 – Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok has been a champion of tourism for decades now. The capital of Thailand is famous for its hordes of foreign visitors and traffic jams. It is a fascinating and incredible city to visit. There’s a lot of things to do in Bangkok for everyone! This is one of the cities that never sleeps, providing entertainment and fun around the clock.

Bangkok is home to eight million locals with millions more commuting to work here every day. Plus you have probably a competing number of tourists. All of this makes it an extremely crowded city. Expect traffic jams and throngs with a lot of shouting.

That being said, there’s a good reason why Bangkok attracts so many tourists – and no, it’s not sex tourism. While that does hold a good influence on the numbers, the old city has a lot more to offer. From exotic architecture in palaces and temples, beautiful gardens full of zen, Venice-like canal town, floating markets, to sumptuous cuisine, spectacular nightlife, and quirky transport.

Top 10 things to do in Bangkok

  1. Visit the statue of the Reclining Buddha
  2. Tour the inside and outside of the Grand Palace
  3. Shop at the famous Chatuchak Market
  4. See the exhibits at the Bangkok National Museum
  5. Have a real Thai Massage
  6. Enjoy the legendary Bangkok nightlife
  7. Climb up an abandoned skyscraper
  8. Taste the delicious street food of Bangkok
  9. Take a break at Lumpini Park
  10. Watch a signature Bangkok puppet show

There is plenty more to be added to this list. We’ll cover more of Bangkok tourism in other articles. For now, let us look more closely at these most popular tourist activities in Bangkok.

The Reclining Buddha

Bangkok is full of Buddhist temples and the oldest among them is the Wat Pho. It is so old that it existed even before Bangkok was born. Originally named Wat Potharam after the tree under which Buddha found enlightenment, the temple was created by King Rama I. The most famous thing to see here is the giant statue of Buddha reclining on his side.

The visit to Wat Pho is a must for any visitor to Bangkok, it is the house to the Reclining Buddha which stands at fifteen meters tall and 46 meters long, the feet by myself are measured at over 5 meters. The complete statue is covered in gold leaf and looks notable when you rise up close. 

Inside the temple, there are 108 bowls and on the way into the temple, you can buy coins for the bowls. The history behind that is that Buddha finished 108 nice actions on his way to becoming perfect. Whilst you are in the temple you can also prevent some time to get hold of a traditional Thai Massage.

Grand Palace of Bangkok

Of all the best places to visit in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the maximum famous attraction there. You simply can’t flow onto every other city until you have taken the time to visit right here. It is both a romantic and a family tourist spot in Bangkok.

It is actually a complex of multiple beautiful buildings with exceptional and exotic architecture and equally mesmerizing interior decorations. Moreover, the palace consists of numerous halls, pavilions, lawns, open and closed gardens, courtyards, etc. Touring all of this can easily take a whole day out of your hands.

The palace at one time changed into the king’s home in addition to the vicinity in which the authorities of Thailand accomplished their work. A ride to the palace can take many hours as there are over 214,000 sq. Meters to cover. Be aware of potential scams while outdoors the palace and simplest pay the entrance rate while you are clearly going in.

The Chatuchak Market

The world’s largest weekend market is in Bangkok, in Chatuchak. Over two hundred thousand people visit here every weekend. Also known as the JJ Market, nearly twelve thousand vendors peddle their wares here. It has now become one of the best places to see in Bangkok.

If you want to buy stuff and souvenirs, you want to check this vicinity out. If you hate purchasing you need to give this area an extensive berth. With over 15,000 stalls masking 35 acres of space in 26 sections this is one of the largest markets within the world. 

Open each Saturday and Sunday it attracts nearly 200,000 site visitors a day, you may find everything you may ever imagine for sale right here and in the main at local expenses in preference to tourist fees, it’s far simply well worth selecting up a map earlier than you visit to keep away from you being lost within the marketplace for hours.

Bangkok National Museum

Displaying Thailand’s largest collection of art and artifacts, Bangkok National Museum is a must-visit for every tourist. King Rama V founded this prestigious museum in the beautiful Wang Na Palace, in the Old City.

The Bangkok National Museum is domestic to the biggest series of artifacts and Thai artwork in all of Thailand. The museum changed into first opened by way of King Rama V to reveal all the items that his father had given to him. 

There are many interesting things to see inside the museum along with Chinese weapons, precious stones, puppets, apparel and textiles, and Khon masks. If you visit the museum on a Thursday you can be given a tour in English to offer you a greater knowledge of everything in the museum.

Thai Massage in Thailand

This form of body-pampering has been around for around two thousand years, and Bangkok is at the center of it. There is an unlimited number of Thai massage parlors here. They range from cheap streetside shady deals which are more brothels than massage salons, to top-class spas in five-star hotels & resorts in Bangkok.

Whatever country you return from you almost really might have heard of Thai massages and maybe even have seen a Thai rubdown parlor in your local village. But nowhere can you experience a traditional Thai rub down done as well as you could inside the country where it originated. 

The revel of a Thai massage will give you a new rent of life while making you feel invigorated as well as balanced. There are parlors absolutely everywhere so it is worth doing your studies to find an excellent one near your hotel.

Nightlife in Bangkok

This steamy Asian destination is famous for its nightlife all over the world. From the adult action at Nana Plaza to the rooftop bar at Novotel, you have everything that caters to leisure after dark. Basement clubbing and open-air parties dot the metropolis, and theaters and shows are countless. Some of these shows are for adults only and can be very obscene, which is part of the insane level of attraction here. Nightlife is among the most fun things to do in Bangkok.

Bangkok is well-known for its nightlife scene and grown pretty huge over the years. There’s exciting nightclubs, splendid rooftop bars, hip cocktail bars, and much extra. There’s the grownup themed Soi Cowboy and Patpong, the birthday celebration scene at Khao San Road and lots of clubs to bounce the night away. Want to celebrate with like-minded travelers? Then test out some of the bar crawl tours in Bangkok.

The Sathorn Unique Tower

One among the hundreds of high rise developments in Bangkok, the Sathorn Unique Tower is, literally as the name suggests, unique. Planned as a high rise condominium, construction was halted around 1997 when the Asian financial crisis hit. Now it is the only abandoned skyscraper in the world open to tourists.

Before the monetary disaster hit the world some years in the past a massive 49 story skyscraper became being built within the coronary heart of Bangkok, but while the disaster hit the constructing paintings stopped and the tower changed into by no means completed. Now it sits there abandoned, some distance too massive for absolutely everyone to do anything with, except you fancy a climb? 

At the bottom of the tower are some safety guards and you may want to pay them but once this is whole you’re loose to address the tower. The perspectives from the pinnacle are breathtaking and will make the long difficult climb up the incomplete tower really worth it.

Street food in Bangkok

A quintessential part of your Bangkok experience is a street food tour here. Food stalls by the street side are plentiful. A higher concentration of them will be in the business areas. And they have a bewildering amount of variety too. Which means you can go to the same place every night to enjoy a different taste.

With Thai people selecting to consume almost every meal out in place of cooking at home the recognition of road meals has never been stronger. Every busy avenue will have avenue meals vendors selling their merchandise to the locals and vacationers alike. 

The costs are low because this is in which the Thais pick to devour their food as well. You have possibly heard of Pad Thai but there is so much greater to road food that this one dish. You will get stalls promoting all sorts of foods from Som Tam (papaya salad) to Squid, all cooked in the front of you prepared for consumption straight away.

Lumpini Park

Every tourist city has a large urban park or two, like Central Park in New York or the Gorky Park in Moscow. Bangkok’s resounding answer to that is Lumpini Park. You will have a great relaxing day here, out of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Grab a bite from the street vendors and watch a lizard or two crawls by, and enjoy the much-needed peace and quiet.

At over 500,000 sq. Meters Lumpini Park companies the people of Bangkok with a far needed damage from the hustle and bustle of the city. The name of the park originated from the Lord Buddha who became born in Nepal. 

It is not unusual while you walk through the park to peer the older Thai era training their Thai Chi or a romantic couple relaxing with the aid of the aspect of the lake. At the weekends the park is full of human beings taking components in all styles of sports. So a superb time to head is early morning or just before sunset.

Puppet Shows in Bangkok

One of the best shows in Bangkok you will ever see is the puppet shows. The puppeteers are a part of the show unlike similar displays in other parts of the world. The controlling of the puppets is also worth noticing. Because they have to control the large puppets with not only their hands but also feet, it becomes a sort of dance.

An absolute need for all travelers to Bangkok, in most puppet, suggests the puppeteers are hidden from view however no longer in this show. The puppeteers are part of the display and it takes three people to control each puppet. 

The puppets tell out a classic folk tale even as a stay orchestra performs music to add to the atmosphere. The set design and craftsmanship that goes into making the props is dazzling as is the technique of the artists as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bangkok

1. Are there low-cost flights to Bangkok?
  • New York
    • Aeroflot – from $499
    • Eva Air – from $538
    • Qatar Airways – from 585
    • Korean Air – from $615
    • Turkish Airlines – from $640
  • London
    • Aeroflot – from $432
    • Royal Jordanian – from $457
    • KLM – from $462
    • Etihad – from $464
    • Thai Air – from $531
  • Dubai
    • Kuwait Airways – from $280
    • Cebu Pacific – from $ 282
    • Sri Lankan – from $319
    • Gulf Air – from $389
    • Oman Air – from $393
  • Sydney
    • Scoot – from $130
    • Malindo Air – from $240
    • Philippine Airlines  – from $355
    • Qantas/Thai – from $1666
    • Thai – from $1764
  • New Delhi
    • GoAir – from $77
    • SpiceJet – from $83
    • IndiGo – from $99
    • Vistara – from $149
    • Thai – from $181

Please note that the above fares are indicated for one person flying one-way to Bangkok in an economy class seat only. Prices are subjected to change.

2. Where are the cheapest places to stay in Bangkok?
  • Anurak Guest House – $5
  • Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel – $6
  • The Overstay – $7
  • Sabye Club Hostel – $8
  • M Gray Hostel – $9
  • SAMs Place Guest House – $10
3. Which are the most popular places to eat in Bangkok?

You go to Bangkok to eat authentic Thai food, period. To begin with, you must taste what delicacies the streets have to offer you. Then head to one of these upscale restaurants for a fine meal.

  • The Sixth – only five tables, operated by a couple. Homely atmosphere.
  • Prachak Pet Jang – famous best-roasted duck in Bangkok, also Chinese sausages. 
  • Charoen Saeng Silom – best-braised pig’s knuckles in Thailand. 
  • Krua Apsorn – crab omelets. The owner used to work for the royal family.
  • This Samai – best of the best pad thai in the city. Best orange juice in the world!
  • Raan Jay Fai – Michelin award-winning restaurant ran by an old woman in black goggles.
4. Can I get on to some Bangkok Holiday Packages?

Sure you can. Every international tourism company runs its own package tours to Bangkok. Some of the most preferred are:

  • Night Biking in Bangkok – 4 hours
  • Half-Day City Temple Tour Bangkok – 6 hours
  • Bangkok City & temples Tour – 5 hours
  • Luxury Manohra Cruise Bangkok – 2 hours
  • Bangkok Sightseeing by Boat, Ferry & Tuk-Tuk – 7 hours
  • Canal Boating & Bike tour – 5 hours
5. Is Bangkok safe to travel to?

The easiest answer is, yes and no. On one side, the city depends heavily on tourism, so keeping the crime rate low is a high priority for the government. So, the police here are very strict and have little humane feelings. On the other hand, where there is a crowd of foreigners, there will be shady characters who want to take advantage.

Make sure you do not fall for the following common scams and threats.

  1. Extra-friendly locals: while visiting an attraction some people may come to tell you that the place is closed today, and they offer to arrange transport to another tourist attraction.
  2. Tuk tuk and taxi fares: these vehicles have no meters. So, make sure you get the right price agreed upon before you get on one, or else you’ll get skinned. Taxis have meters, but they don’t want to turn it on.
  3. Getting the change: either pay at the exact price or make an effort of counting the change before leaving any street shop counter. They return wrong changes on purpose.
  4. Drive-by robberies: other than standard pickpockets or purse thieves, there are riders who grab your bag and speed away. Make sure your bag is secured around your body, and don’t keep the money in an easily accessible place.

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Bangkok

Our list may contain only the top 10 things to do in Bangkok, but believe me, there are plenty more, even if you’re not targeting nightly pleasures. However, due to space restrictions, we had to mention only the most popular tourist activities in Bangkok. We do this so that deciding what to do and where to go in Bangkok gets easier for you.

In this guide, you will find much important information. For example, Best Places to visit in Bangkok, Cheapest places to stay in Bangkok, Most popular places to eat in Bangkok, Fun things to do in Bangkok, Affordable hotels in Bangkok, Low-cost flights to Bangkok, Bangkok Holiday Packages, etc.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide! If you wish, please let us know what you think using the comment form below. We are always seeking advice and suggestions from our readers. We also have guides to other Asian places, please check them out. Till we meet again, happy travels!

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