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The mountainous Armenia, tiny, lies on the border of Asia and Europe. Geographically it belongs to Asia, but in terms of culture and history it feels European. Bordering Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, it has no access to the sea. Another fact: capital Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, the city was founded in 782 BC. If you ignore politics during your vacation and ignore rebellious regions,there are plenty of great places to admire in Armenia.


Armenia is a very nice country. A very relaxed atmosphere already shows this at the capital Yerevan. The highlight of this capital city are the views of the Turkish mountain Ararat. People often call it the Pink City because of the colour of the stones used for the buildings.


Lake Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and is located at 2,000 meters above sea level. It is therefore slightly cooler there than in many other places in the country. It is a popular holiday destination for locals that want to avoid the high temperatures. Swimming is possible in the lake as well as wind surfing on the water. Try the affordable fish served in the many restaurants around the lake.


You can reach The Tatev Monastery via one of the longest cable cars in the world. You bridge the Vorotan canyon 320 meters deep and in the meantime you can fully enjoy the far-reaching view. From the cable car you have a good view of the entire monastery and once you arrive you can see the monastery from close by.


Because of the view and the significant significance for the Armenians, Khor Virap is one of the most visited places in Armenia. This monastery is unique not only because it is a historic place of pilgrimage, but also with its fantastic view that opens from there to Mount Ararat, a biblical mountain where Noah’s Ark landed according to the gospel.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site Garni is the only Greek-style temple in Armenia. King Trdat built it in the 1st century and was dedicated to Mithra, the God of the Sun. The temple used to serve as a summer residence for Armenian kings. After the adoption of Christianity in 301 as a state religion, they destroyed all pagan temples. Only Garni is still standing.


The cathedral in Zvartnots dedicated to Saint George was once the largest church in Armenia, built between 642 and 662. An earthquake, probably, destroyed the shrine in 930 AD. The ‘archaeological site of Zvartnots’ (UNESCO-protected) ) was only discovered between 1901 and 1907.

The authorities have now placed a number of columns on the original site. So that you can get a fairly good impression of the size of the former cathedral.

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