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THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Accra In 2021

Accra, Ghana’s capital, is an incredibly lively city. With great sea shores, incredible nightlife, vivid markets and helpful craftsmanship displays there is a bounty of things to do in Accra to suit everybody’s preferences. Getting around is simple whether you decide to go by private taxi or open tro-tro. In the event that you’d preferably walk, make a point to remain hydrated with the assistance of the city’s various coconut stands. 

things to do in accra Ghana

In the event that you have plans to visit Ghana city and don’t know whether Accra ought to be remembered for your agenda, continue perusing. Right now, have assembled a portion of the activities in Accra and around. We suspect that on the off chance that you remember this city for your itinerary items, you will be excited you did as such. 

A travel guide can’t be needed, however can be a smart thought for first time guests or ladies voyaging alone. Is Ghana safe? Arguably yes. Accra is a little yet bustling city, with numerous things to see both on and off in an unexpected direction. Here are the top 15 tourist attractions in Accra you ought to be certain not to miss in your ghana travel. 

FAQs about Accra, Ghana 

1. Where can I find affordable hotels in Accra ghana? 

Accra is a fairly cheap country to get a room in, because of the light tourist influx. You may try the following hotels and hostels: 

  • Royal German Guesthouse – $16 
  • The Sleepy Hippo Hotel – $22 
  • Bonsukoda Lodge – $26 
  • Omanye Lodge Guesthouse – $29 
  • Jenos Hotel – $30 

All prices mentioned here for two persons staying in one standard room for one night on the first of July. Prices can change according to the situation.

2. Are there low cost flights to Accra?

  • New York 
    • Tap Air Portugal, Ethiopean, Royal Air Maroc, EgyptAir, United: $623 – $930 
  • London 
  • Dubai 
    • Ethiopian Air, Air Emirates, Turkish Airlines: $213 – $643 
  • New Delhi 
    • Ethiopian, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines: $289 -$499 
  • Sydney 

Please note that the above fares are for one person traveling one-way in economy class on the first of July only. Prices are subject to change. 

3. What are some Accra Holiday Packages? 

  • There are not many tour packages for Accra exclusively. You can get some walking tours and day tours in and around Accra, but you have to book them locally. Your best bet is to grab an Accra Travel Guide, like this, and go exploring off on your own.  
  • Of course, most Ghana Package Tours include Accra in the itinerary. 

4. Which are the most popular places to eat in Accra? 

  • Bread&Wine – Expensive but exquisite, open for all meals, English and European
  • Kaya Energy Bar & Design – specialized in creating delicious dishes from raw food 
  • Santoku – contemporary japanese restaurant among the best in Africa 
  • Le Must – French cuisine at its best in the country 
  • Buka – African fusion dishes in a beautiful woven bamboo facade 
  • Toro – authentic Spanish cuisine and live music  with plenty of drinks 

15. Shop for endowments at the Artists Alliance Gallery

Artists Alliance Gallery things to do in accra Ghana

An extraordinary one-stop shop in Accra for all ways of privately made blessings: from kids’ books to adornments and dabs, dress, compositions, models and collectibles. This huge space is situated in Labadi, in a house rooted on rocks ignoring a fierce city sea shore. All things are marked and estimated so it’s the ideal stop on the off chance that you need a legitimate cut of Ghana accra without all the wheeling and dealing.

Clamorous Makola Market highlights slow down offering everything from textures to dots and keepsakes. A significant number of the slows down are worked by solid, autonomous African women with brilliant crowns and a straightforward marketing prudence. Ask consent before taking photos of ghanaian people.

14. Attempt neighborhood nourishment at Buka or Country Kitchen

country kitchen things to do in accra Ghana

These two spots are exceptionally evaluated for their Ghanaian nourishment staples: fufu, banku, jollof rice, yam, plantain and beans, just as considerably more, including neighborhood beverages, for example, bissap (hibiscus) juice and crisply tapped palm wine. At Buka, appreciate the feel of its terraced feasting and live highlife, and at Country Kitchen be set up to experience numerous lawmakers, as this outdoors space is a most loved among those in government.  

13. Catch an unrecorded music appear at Republic

bar and grill things to do in accra Ghana

The clamoring neighborhood of Osu consistently has a great deal going on. A prime staple in the territory is Republic Bar and Grill, an ever-mainstream spot, as much for its bar style environment, finger nourishment and privately fermented mixed drinks concerning its great week by week unrecorded music determinations, from highlife to hiplife. Benevolent and comfortable, it’s the best spot to blend with an enormous cross-area of the city.  

12. Participate in a chocolate tasting  

As perhaps the biggest maker of cocoa on the planet, it’s a marvel there aren’t more chocolate organizations in Ghana. All that is changing, with new brands jumping up and individuals exploring different avenues regarding all way of fixings and flavors.

chocolate tasting things to do in accra Ghana

Such is the situation with ’57 Chocolate, the brainchild of two neighborhood sisters who hold tastings of their carefully assembled chocolates out of their workshop in Legon. An enjoyment day out, you can attempt great flavors, for example, mocha, coconut and hibiscus, and you can purchase the flawlessly created and bundled items as endowments.  

11. Take in the all encompassing perspective at Skybar  

On the notorious Villagio, whose red and green towers loom over the city, sits Skybar, the main spot in the city to get an unhampered 360-degree perspective on all that is Accra. An upmarket space with an exquisite beverages zone, just as a café, it likewise has live groups and the best DJs around. It’s exceptional, and booking is basic. It’s one of the most relaxing things to fo in accra ghana.

10. Loosen up in Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park  

Following a bustling day, head to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to unwind in the midst of five sections of land of finished nurseries complete with flower beds and smooth water highlights. The recreation center is devoted to the memory of Ghana’s first president and founding father Kwame Nkrumah, and is situated on the spot where he announced autonomy in 1957.

nkrumah things to do in accra Ghana

Its centerpoint is the structurally great catacomb where Nkrumah and his significant other are covered. A gallery recounts the narrative of the previous president’s crusade for opportunity, and incorporates a fascinating exhibit of belongings and photos. Which makes it one of the best places to visit in Accra Ghana.

9. Visit the W.E.B Du Bois Memorial Center  

The home of American Civil Rights pioneer and Pan-Africanist W.E.B Du Bois now fills in as an exhibition hall of his labor of love. Du Bois was welcomed to live in Ghana by President Nkrumah in 1961, where he started to deal with an African Encyclopedia at the mature age of 93. Get an accra ghana map and go there.

web du boi memorial center things to do in accra Ghana

In mid 1963, the United States wouldn’t restore his identification, so he made the emblematic motion of turning into a resident of Ghana. His well being declined during the two years he was in Ghana and he kicked the bucket on August 27, 1963. His tomb has indistinguishable grounds from the historical center, which is little yet loaded with intriguing individual relics.  

8. Find the National Museum of Ghana  

The National Museum of Ghana is separated into three primary areas: one for ethnography, one for archaic exploration and one for workmanship. Most importantly, it is a decent spot to find out about the disastrous history of the Atlantic slave exchange. Social displays additionally give an intriguing knowledge into the ethnographic decent variety of current Ghana.

national museum things to do in accra Ghana

You can perceive how kente fabric is woven and find out about the exceptionally significant imperial Ashanti stools. There are instruments in plain view just as some cutting edge canvases. The gallery is open somewhere in the range of 9:00am and 4:30pm consistently, and expenses roughly $5 to enter.  

7. Experience Accra’s Soccer Fever  

Soccer is a national fixation in Ghana. While the vast majority of the best Ghanaian players have been gobbled up by European groups, you may in any case get Michael Essien or André Ayew playing during a World Cup or Africa Cup of Nations end of season game. Nearby Accra soccer group Hearts of Oak play in the Ghana Premier League.

football festival things to do in accra Ghana

On the off chance that you need to see a strongly savage match, discover when they’re because of their most outstanding adversaries (Kumasi’s Asante Kotoko) and get yourself a ticket at the door. Once inside the arena, anticipate loads of drumming, moving, phenomenal head gear and vivid face paint.  

6. Venture Inside a Fantasy Coffin Workshop  

Aficionados of the odd will cherish Accra’s dream pine box workshops. The convention of covering friends and family in a casket to recollect started with the district’s individuals however has since spread the nation over. Many hotels in ghana accra are near here.

fantasy coffin shop things to do in accra Ghana

Caskets are authorized and made to arrange, and can be made looking like pretty much anything – from extraordinary fish to organic products, family unit articles or strict symbols. For a little tip, most pine box shops permit guests to see their craftsmans busy working or appreciate their completed items. You never know, you may even be motivated to buy your own announcement coffin – clearly, requests can be dispatched!  

5. Take a Tour of Historic Jamestown  

Oceanside Jamestown is an interesting neighborhood that is loaded with history and filled with destitution. To encounter it completely (and securely) consider utilizing the administrations of a nearby guide, who will have the option to bring up the different focal points. Best things to do in Accra.

jamestown things to do in accra Ghana

These incorporate pilgrim structures deserted by the Portuguese and the British; brilliantly painted customer facing facades and shacks; and dilapidated rec centers well known for delivering a portion of Ghana’s best fighters. For a raised perspective on Jamestown’s bright angling harbor, think about making the move to the highest point of the region’s famous red-and-white beacon.  

4. Absorb the Atmosphere of Makola Market  

makola market things to do in accra Ghana

Set up to haggle at the best cost as you hobnob with neighborhood Ghanaian people doing their every day shop. The new products are especially intriguing, flaunting outlandish natural products, vegetables and meat that you’re probably never to have seen. To arrive, bounce in a taxi or hop in a tro-tro from focal Accra or Usher Town.  

3. Investigate Oxford Street’s Global Restaurants  

Everything occurring on Oxford Street, a bustling avenue in the upmarket territory of Osu. Here, you’ll discover a portion of Accra’s best cafés, bars and shops. Slows down selling counterfeit Rolex watches, pilfered CDs and soccer shirts line the road and heavily congested traffic adds to the rich air.

food trip

Venture into Arlecchino Gelateria Italiana for an invigorating dessert, or pick close by Country Kitchen for heavenly neighborhood top choices. Worldwide Mamas boutique sells quality artworks made by a system of Ghanaian ladies. The road additionally has a lot of bars and clubs for an unruly night on the move floor. Its best place to visit in accra africa. 

2. Peruse Contemporary Art at Artists Alliance Gallery  

Those inspired by contemporary workmanship will be overwhelmed by Accra’s Artists Alliance Gallery. Immense metal figures blend in with antique Asafo banners, kente material, furnishings and fabulous covers. One of Ghana’s most regarded craftsmen, Ablade Glover, is answerable for this three-story treasure trove. Where is accra? Its right here in these crafts.

gallery and museum things to do in accra Ghana

Each Ghanaian craftsman deserving at least some respect is spoken to in the exhibition. You can purchase the majority of the craftsmanship you see here direct from the craftsman. The display delivers everywhere throughout the world and acknowledges Visas, while those on a careful spending plan can pursue littler things in the very much loaded blessing shop. Affirmation is free.  

1. Join the Party at Labadi Beach  

Labadi is Accra’s most famous sea shore. Waterfront cafés serve super cold Star ale, scrumptious seared fish and hot jollof; and give an incredible vantage point to human watch from. Look out for young men performing gymnastic stunts, excellent youngsters moving to hip-life, men riding a horse offering rides to bashful women and rasta bunches playing for cash. 

labadi beach things to do in accra Ghana

The waves are solid here, so a plunge to chill off is more fitting than a long swim. On the off chance that you incline toward a progressively serene setting, head to an extravagance resort like Labadi Beach Hotel on the Accra-Tema Beach Road. This is best things to do in ghana. 

BookOnBoard’s Guide to Accra 

Have you at any point visited another spot and felt ‘amazing’ about it? For some guests, it occurs at Accra. Accra may not be as well known as different urban areas in Ghana, yet don’t let that fool you. You will not ask is ghana safe while in accra ghana city. Accra is a smaller however wonderful up and coming visitor goal that merits a visit. You will be amazed by a portion of the interesting activities and spots you can investigate at this shrouded goal. You may wish to return to it sometime in the future, to enjoy a reprieve and unwind at ghana Accra.

ghana things to do in accra Ghana

In this article,you can find many important information about Accra. For example, Best Places to visit, Cheapest places to stay, Most popular places to eat, Fun things to do, Affordable hotels in Accra, Low cost flights, Accra Holiday Packages, and much more. 

We hope you like our guide! Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. You can use the comment form below or you can email us. Also, do check out our travel guides to other African places! Till then, ya soo! 

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