can you take razor on a plane

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

A razor is a basic grooming necessity for most men. While traveling, we often like to keep the razor we are already using at home. But many people are confused about whether or not you can bring a razor with you on a plane. In this article, we will try to find the answer to the question: Can you bring a razor on a plane? Many different types of razors and TSA have spelled out different rules for taking them on a plane. So, let us begin.

Categories of razors:
Generally, the razors are divided into the following four broad categories;

  • Straight razors
  • Safety razors
  • Disposable razors
  • Electric razors

Now let’s see what rules TSA prescribes for these razors for carrying them on a plane.

Straight razors:
A straight razor consists of a long blade that gets ensconced in its handle when closed and comes out when you open it. Due to its shape and design, it is also known as open-razor or cut-throat razors.

Can you bring a straight razor on a plane?

A straight razor is strictly forbidden on a plane in carry-on bags. It is a dangerous object with a sharp blade, so there is no way it can be permitted onboard an aircraft in carry-on bags. You will always have to book it in checked luggage. While packing it, you must take care that the blade is correctly placed inside the handle. If there is a safety valve, make sure it is intact.

To be on the safest side, put it inside a plastic bag or wrap duct tape around it. Do anything to minimize the chances of its accidental opening. It has a long and sharp blade that can cut through your belongings and cause damage, and you certainly do not want that to happen to your stuff. So, store them safely and correctly. By doing it, you will safeguard the other belongings inside your luggage, the porter carrying your bags, and also the TSA agent who might be inspecting your luggage with hands. TSA has issued guidelines regarding this where it expects that all passengers pack their razors so that it does not hurt the agents going through your luggage.

Safety razors:
A safety razor or a double-edged razor has a specialized chamber where you put the blade and then close the compartment. Only the sharp edges of the blade are exposed and are used for cutting hair. Their arrival helped men do their shaving as they were earlier reliant on barbers for doing that.

Can you bring a safety razor on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a safety razor on a plane, but specific rules apply to that. If you intend to put it in a carry bag, make sure it is stripped of the razor blades. Stow the razor blades properly in their cartridge and keep them in your checked luggage. You cannot bring them along with you in carry-on luggage. You can store the safety razor with blades in the checked baggage but make sure it is adequately packed. Put them inside a plastic bag or secure them in any other way. You do not want any TSA agent getting hurt
while inspecting your checked luggage.

Disposable razors:
Disposable razors are cheaper and have a limited life. When the blade gets worn out, you throw away the razor and buy a new one. There is no option of refilling it with a new blade here, as it happens in the case of a safety razor.

Can you bring a disposable razor on a plane?

The rules are very much relaxed here. Due to their design, only a bare minimum portion of the blade is exposed, and you cannot pull it out entirely unless you break it. It makes it very easy to handle and the safest razor of all. You can bring it along with you in a carry bag. There is no restriction on that but be sure that the razor’s head has a cap on it. And of course, you can put it in the checked luggage as well. But here, too, the protective lid on it should be in place.

Electric razors:
Electric razors are the latest iteration of shaving razors for men. They come in different shapes and designs. They offer the convenience of use and have a very long life. Let’s look at the TSA rules for carrying electric razors on a plane.

Can you bring electric razors on a plane?

Yes, you can bring them along with you on a carry-on bag and in the checked luggage as well. But there are certain precautions that you need to observe. These can be summarized as follows;

If the electric razors come with a detachable electric cord, do not forget to remove it and keep it safely tied somewhere else. If you do not bind or wrap it securely, you might break or damage it, or it entangles with other stuff in your luggage.

If you use a battery-operated electric razor, make sure to remove all the batteries whether you are taking it in a carry-on bag or checked luggage. It will prevent it from accidentally starting itself. TSA recommends that you wrap all the batteries individually.

Many electric razors are chargeable, and as such, you can’t prevent them from accidentally starting themselves by removing their batteries or electric cords. Look for any safety locks that the manufacturer might provide. You can consult the manual if you do not know it, and do not forget to turn it on.

Make sure that the electric razor is in mint condition and does not have any fault in it. It could unnecessarily cause trouble on board.

Check the voltage regulations of your electric razor and your destination country. If they vary, then take a voltage converter with you to avoid any mishap. Many electric razors have a built-in voltage converter. You have to switch to the appropriate level to match the electric current.

As with all the other types of razors, pack your electric razor neatly and securely too. Use its original box, or a plastic bag, bubble wrap, etc., whatever that can guarantee its safe portability.

Can you bring shaving cream/gel/foam on a plane?

While we are the subject of razors, let’s take a look at what TSA has to offer as a guideline for bringing shaving gels on board a plane.

These items fall under the liquid categories, and the rule states that they should be no more than 3.4 ounces in size. If it is more significant than that, then it will go in the checked luggage. In any case, pack them in a plastic bag so that the TSA agent can see them or they are visible on the scanner. You can buy travel-sized shaving gels that are readily available in the markets. You can also buy a TSA liquid container travel kit with travel-sized containers and a plastic bag to pack them. You can put your toiletries in the containers and use them while traveling.


We will now answer some popular questions related to, can you bring a razor on the plane below.

Q: Can I take a Gillette razor in my hand luggage?
A: Yes, you can take a Gillette razor in your hand luggage. Gillette manufacturers disposable safety razors, and for carrying a Gillette razor in your hand luggage, the rules of safety and disposable razors apply that we have outlined above. To recap, you will have to wrap it in a plastic bag and put the supplied safety lid on its head. In the case of a safety razor, remove all the blades and store them separately in the checked luggage.

Q: Can I take a disposable razor on a plane?
A: Yes, you can bring a disposable razor on a plane. It must be appropriately packed in a plastic bag or a ziplock or bubble wrap. It would help if you covered the head of the disposable razor with the cap provided by the manufacturer.

Q: What kind of razor can you take on a plane?
A: You can take all kinds of razors on the plane except for the straight razor. It is a sharp object and should not be taken in the hand luggage. It would be best if you put it in the checked baggage. For other types of razors, specific rules, precautions apply as prescribed by the TSA. Refer to the above for a detailed guideline on that.

Q: Can you take a BIC razor in your hand luggage?
A: BIC usually manufacturers disposable razors, so the rules regarding disposable razors apply to BIC. To answer the question, yes, you can take a BIC razor in your hand luggage. Just make sure its head is adequately capped, and the razor itself is packed in a secure plastic bag. If it is a safety razor, remove the blades and put them in your checked luggage, and then you can carry the razor in your hand luggage.


So there you have it. We have comprehensively answered all the issues regarding the carrying of disposable razors on a flight. We hope now you can confidently answer the question that can you bring a razor on a plane? You have to follow some guidelines given by the TSA to avoid any unpleasant incident at the airport security. Remember, all those safety guidelines are for your good as well as the general well-being of your fellow passengers. It is in our best interest to follow these directions and be safe.

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