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Top 10 Best Places to visit in New York 2020.

Places to visit in New York and everything that you need to know about the city

New York is the “dream state” for many! It homes some of the most popular attractions that would contribute to creating your memories for life. If you are still wondering about the places to visit in New York, you are here at the right place.

Whether you are a local and frequent visitor to New York or someone who is visiting this place for the very first time, this article will guide you to fetch a good idea about the best places to visit in New York.

What are the places to visit around New York?

  1. Hudson River Park
  2. Central Park
  3. Chinatown
  4. Times Square
  5. Elis Island and Statue of Liberty
  6. Museum Mile
  7. 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  8. Brooklyn bridge
  9. The Empire State Building
  10. The High Line

Hudson River Park

It is one of the best places to see near New York. This is the longest waterfront park in the United States with a 550-acre riverside park that stands to be one of the best recreation spots in the city.

Moreover, Chelsea Piers is one of the best places for golfers. If you are fascinated by diving and kayaking, this is undoubtedly a fantastic place to spend your leisure time.

The charming town of Hudson located alongside the river Hudson, also known as the “little town with the big red-light district,” or the “Diamond Street” is one of the best locations to spend your vacation. You get a lot of tourist attractions here, from the historical sites to the cruises and more.

Central Park

Central Park, also known as the New York’s backyard, is the home to a lush 843-acre patch of serene greeneries. This is one of the best places to visit in New York. It is a popular tourist attraction among both the locals and the visitors. It is the home to scenic hills, skating rinks, meadows, Belvedere Castle and the Central Park zoo, including that of the Manhattan lake.

Central Park is the place where countless movies were shot, certainly one of the dream locations for a lot of us. Central Park is so vast that you will seem to be lost midway. The best way to explore this area is to get a map and chalk out a walking route before you get started!


Chinatown, one of the best places to go in New York, is an ideal location for all the shopaholic people! Walk along the streets, and you will find shops lit with Chinese characters, vegetables, fish, jewelries, and exclusive accessories.

If you are looking for some refreshing sessions away from your hectic schedule, go for a therapeutic session. You may also stroll down through Columbus Park to hear Chinese musicians playing folk music.

Chinatown’s Canal Street offers an endless collection of chic boutiques and trendy clothing stores. It is no less than heaven to the style enthusiasts and fashion lovers. You will see shoppers bargaining and haggling all around.

It also homes the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (CICF) that gives unique twists of Chinese flavors to the traditional dessert, ice-cream.

Times Square

tour in Times Square Near New York

A Big Bus night tour combined with a trip to the Madame Tussauds will be a real thrill! Times Square, one of the most demanding places to visit in New York, popularly known as the cultural heart of New York is the residence to street performers, to that of high-class family restaurants and tourist attractions, this place is a must go!

Times Square has got so much to offer to the visitors that you would spend almost an entire vacation going nowhere other than just this place. From the wax figure attraction of celebrities, an epitome of artistry and surprises, this Times Square is a place you would cherish all your life.

Another wonderful thing that you must not miss around Times Square is the weird world of Robert Ripley that showcases dozens of miniature NYC landmarks, and replicas of various albino animals.

Elis Island and Statue of Liberty

NYC features a pool of iconic sights; Elis Island is one of them. This island lies far off the southern tip of Manhattan and serves as the gateway to America to numerous immigrants who crossed the borders and entered the Great Hall.

Thus, this place holds a historic resemblance and caters to the struggled living of those people. The ferry ride to Elis Island and the Statue of liberty are some of the major attractions of this city.

The Statue of Liberty is a mark of the commemoration of the alliance between France and the U.S. It is all during the Revolutionary War. It is one of the most iconic American symbols, and how can you ever go to New York and miss a glimpse of this huge and famous landmark?

Furthermore, the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty was home to military families, and thus, this place has got a lot of hidden stories to unfold.

Museum Mile

This mile in America is yet another significant place to go in New York. It treasures world-class artworks from its 82nd street to that of its 105th street along the Central Park. Whether you prefer to go for a classic touch or a contemporary one, this place is going to surprise you either way.

Fifth Avenue’s Museum Mile reveals a lot of information about the historical past of America. It comprises of eight inspiring museums, including that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Neue Galerie, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, The Jewish Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and more.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, located on 180 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, New York, is free to the regular public from 7:30 am to 9 pm. Some of the popular attractions of this place are the half-hour performance presented by 100 dancers together circling the Revson Fountain. The beam of blue light in the shape of Twin Towers is another mesmerizing sight of this place.

This place resembles the deeds of those brave souls, in remembrance of the plane attack that took place on September 11, 2011. A moment of silence and the names of the victims are read out in a ceremony that unveils this incident.

Brooklyn bridge

Walking while at Brooklyn bridge

More than 2 million people join the 30 minutes’ trek along this bridge where they keep walking while admiring the magnificent structure of the NYC. If you are still wondering which all places to visit in New York, add this to your list. There’s a lot more to do over there.

You will find a lot of things along the Brooklyn side. From coffee shops to tiny galleries and small eateries, this place is one of the best sights in the city. Dining at the fancy River cafe restaurant, having the strawberry flavored ice-cream, and tasting the Grimaldi’s and Ignazio’s pizza pies are some of the mandates of this location.

Besides, Brooklyn Bridge Park is the address of several sports like basketball, soccer, swimming, and fun activities like fishing and more.

The Empire State Building

The iconic Empire State Building offers lovely views to the tourists. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania are some of the popular tourist destinations. The tower comprises of two observation decks, one of the 86th floor and the other on the 102nd floor.

The Empire State Building, popularly known as the “America’s Favorite Architecture,” reveals the extensive history of the building. It stays open every day from 9.30 AM onwards, and you would surely love it once you visit there. You can purchase the tickets right from there or buy it online.

The High Line

Among the best places to visit near New York, High Line is the one.It is a public park, elevated above Manhattan’s West Side, usually operated by the Friends of the High Line, which fought for preserving the rail line amidst the greens.

This place offers a plethora of activities to its visitors. From stargazing to tree tours, you get a lot of provisions to try out over there.

The splendid view of the Hudson River, the Haunted High Line Halloween in October (a season-specific event), and the cultural attractions of the marvelous architecture are some of the best sights of this place.

What are the things to try out in New York?

As we have already talked about the mandatory places to visit around New York, here goes a list of what all things can you do over there. Visiting the place won’t just be enough until and unless you know what all things you could try in those locations. Here are those little details of things as follows:

  1. See a Broadway show
  2. Enjoy a drive on the Boat cruise
  3. Taste NYC foods
  4. Witness the splendor of Grand Central Station
  5. Drive the Roosevelt Island Tram
  6. Visit the MoMA

These were just a few places to see in New York and the things to try out there. If you have chalked out a vacation to NYC and don’t know what all to try out there, your entire trip goes in vain. So, here is a guide to help you out!

See a Broadway show

See what’s planning when you are in NYC. If you prefer to attend musical shows, hang around different places to go near New York, and you will find dozens and dozens of Broadway and off-Broadway musicals. Take along your friends and cousins, and you will get an experience that’s worth to be enlisted in your diary of memories.

Enjoy a drive on the Boat cruise

Thinking about the list of places to see in New York? Well, going on a drive on a boat cruise in NYC is a compulsion. Choose whether you want to go on a tourist boat, a speedboat or a sailboat and move in the blues.

Not that all these boat rides are expensive, you may also opt for the free rides if you are on a tight budget. A ride on the Staten Island Ferry is one of the best in this context!

Taste NYC foods

Would the best places to visit near New York suffice all your thirst? Definitely not! You would certainly not like to hop around with an empty stomach. NYC comprises of a plethora of amazing places to eat. It is not always about spending a lot of money.

All you need is to know the best places, and you will be able to fetch the tastiest dishes at an extremely reasonable price. There are several cafes and restaurants offering pizzas, pastrami, knishes, bagels, and more, all at an extremely affordable price range.

Witness the splendor of Grand Central Station

The Grand Central Station is one of the most demanding places that you must not miss during your New York vacation. It is one of the most exclusive railway stations in the world, with the whispering gallery to that of the celestial ceiling.

It is basically a terminal that includes some of the local subways and railway tracks directed to some of the best places to go in New York. It gives you a scope to unveil some of the fascinating stories of this grand station.

Drive the Roosevelt Island Tram

Cable Car Drive with Roosevelt Island Tram

Hovering around various places to see in New York? Don’t know what’s best out there. The Roosevelt Island Tram, often known as the cable car or gondola, offers a skyline view of the city. It isn’t free, but it costs only a little like that of a subway ride! At least, you can spare that much for such an experience.

Visit the MoMA

If you are a crazy aspirant of modern arts, MoMA is one of the most popular places to visit near New York. It is extremely famous for housing several works of modern art, contemporary collections, temporary exhibitions, audio tours, film screenings and access to PS1.

If you have ever wanted to explore the world of art and get lost among those wonderful pieces of art, this is one of the best places to see in New York!

What are the cities to visit near New York if you are traveling solo?

If you love traveling solo and is planning to visit New York on your next trip, here is the list of the best cities to visit near New York. Of course, you can add the above-mentioned places too, along with the ones that we would be suggesting hereafter. Read on…

  1. Washington DC
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Visit the Greenwich Village

Washington DC

Washington DC Major site of NYC

Among the many places to go near New York, Washington DC is one of the major sites. It lies around 225 miles away from NYC yet is one of the best family destinations for newlywed couples and families.

Moreover, the National Zoo and the National Museum of Natural History are two of the most preferred locations at this tourist spot.

Boston, Massachusetts

The boring history of America is said to be preserved somewhere in Boston, one of the most famous cities to visit near New York. However, there’s a lot more in it beyond just the rebellious stories of the Revolutionary war. The cutting-edge technology of Boston will delight you, for sure!

If you have kids along with you by any chance, the Boston Children’s Museum is no doubt the best place to take them along with you. Your kids will thank you forever for giving them one of the best ecstasies of their lives.

Furthermore, the indoor Legoland Discovery Center and the 4-D cinema are some of the best spots you would never want to miss!

Visit the Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is one of the best places to visit near New York. If you are traveling solo, you can always opt for ways to choose a neighborhood and get lost in the streets.

All you need is to have the guts to go around and of course, you have a map even if you are lost along the streets. There is so much to see out there in NYC that you would never love to have a friend along with you to annoy you by any chance.

Go around, shop if you want, visit a cafe, find a bookstore with the rarest collection of books and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Do anything that you feel like!

What are the most beautiful places to see in New York for friends or couples?

New York is certainly one of the best places to visit if you are heading to a romantic destination. There are several best places to see in New York for couples. Here is the list for you to start with:

  1. Brooklyn Promenade
  2. Manhattan waterfront adventures
  3. Lincoln center
  4. The United Nations Headquarters
  5. Federal Hall
  6. New York Public library

Brooklyn Promenade

If you ever want to catch hold of the beauty of NYC, you must have a glimpse of it from a distance. The Brooklyn Promenade is an ideal place to give you a spectacular view of the lower Manhattan. Not watching it with your partner by your arm is something you would regret, all your life!

Manhattan waterfront adventures

Manhattan waterfront and Romance go hand in hand. Going along with your partner? This Manhattan waters, be it cruising or kayaking, do not miss it out by any chance. This is one of the best places to visit in New York and skipping it will be the worst decision of your life ever. Couples are just insane about this place and if you have planned your honeymoon trip to NYC, don’t let this plan go away at any cost.

Lincoln center

Lincoln center is best sights

It is certainly one of the biggest hotspots among the places to see in New York. The fountain at the Lincoln Center is one of the best sights you can give to your partner this anniversary.

Strolling along the Avery Fisher Hall is yet another awesome experience that you shouldn’t be missing on your trip to NYC. This man-made beauty is something that you would cherish in your memories for all your lifetime.

The United Nations (UN) Headquarters

Well, cover the UN headquarters and click a picture of yours in front of it. Make sure that you do not miss this one among the best places to visit around New York.

The USA has always been recognized as the forerunner of world peace, and how can we dare forget Woodrow Wilson’s efforts in coercing peace? That’s what led to the foundation of the UN, isn’t it?

Federal Hall

Want to feel the aura of ancient Greece on your next trip to NYC? The Federal Hall is one of the must-see places to go in New York. The resemblance of Parthenon and the ideals of democracy are some of the significant historical attributes of this place. It reflects the old architectural layouts that were practiced then!

New York Public library

Visit to the New York Public library

This is again another site among the many places to see in New York. A visit to the New York Public library is going to give you an amazing experience for life, particularly if you are a book lover.

However, even if you aren’t that crazy about books, this library will still compel you to pick a book and start reading. Yeah, that’s true! The environment out there is such that you would do so, even if you are not that passionate about reading books.

Endnote –

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