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TOP 8 places to travel in September and October in 2020

January 2020 is almost finished and again we will be able to find fresh air, nature, and weather too. Most of us are planning to visit a place where we can enjoy a lot with our friends, family, and the one we love. Here are going to tell you about the Best places to travel in September and October in 2020. Read the full article it will help you to select the best place which can suit your requirements.

Dublin : Ranking 1st in most happening places to travel in September and October

Visiting Dublin in September month is like a golden chance in life. From 26 September to 13 October, there is a festival called Dublin theater festival which happens all over Dublin. Artists from all over the


Things to Do

World come here and perform their best performance. There will be so many plays going on in almost every theatre and hall. If you don’t love to watch skits and theatre, you can go for other options that will help you to be entertained. You can go to Pub out there and Castles also. 

How to go

You can take non stop seasonal flights from there that are running by American Airlines that runs throughout the whole month.

Other Place to go in Northern Europe

Argentina : Ranking 2nd in top natural places to travel in September and October

Are you a person who like to enjoy a wild long-haul adventure far from the corporate world and a place where no artificial things are present just green everywhere with only a pleasant sound of water flowing, fresh air blowing then Argentina Spring is the best time to visit (from September to November) this magnificent country.


Things to Do

Thundering Iguazu Falls –  The combined flow of individual falls of Iguazu falls is the largest of any waterfall in the world. Do you know that it is much taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide? In the rainy season, there can be 450,000 cubic feet of water. If you decided to visit that place then don’t expect to stay dry. Its one of the Best places to travel in September and October 2020.

Don’t you think that if the falls are that big then we have to enjoy it from a far distance, don’t worry even though the falls are so large and powerful, you can still get very close to them? Boats and ferry tours venture into the falls themselves and they will help to get quite close to all the action and adventure that you want to experience.

Not only waterfall Iguazu falls has its own micro-climate, but the landscape around it is also home to over 2,000 species of plants.

How to go 

You can fly to Foz do Iguacu International Airport in Brazil or Iguazu International Airport in Argentina on several South American airlines, with the easiest connections from Buenos Aires and Rio de Jenario, and from there regular bus services to the falls are available from the airports.

Munich : Ranking 3rd in top party places to travel in September and October

Do you love some drinks? Munich is for you. Don’t you love drinks? Again Munich is for you. Let me tell you everything. In September Munich organize the world’s biggest beer party that will start on 21 September and continue till October 6.


Explore Central Europe

Rio de Janerio : Ranking 4th in best places to travel in September and October

The landscape of Rio alone makes it worthy to visit it. One of the most iconic things that you have to do in Rio is to visit Christ the Redeemer, it is one of the most recognized in the world.  Its one of the Best places to travel in September and October 2020.


Things to Do

Want to get tan then you must visit Copacabana Beach, without visiting this beach the trip to Rio is not complete. 

Want to see a hard-packed bunch of sugar then you must visit the Sugarloaf Mountain that rises to 396 m over the Rio Harbour and touches the skyline, you will know the answer to why the name “Sugarloaf” yourself by seeing it.

South Africa : Ranking 5th in the most beautiful places to travel in September and October

Are you a person who is very fond of wildlife, then I have a perfect place for you to visit that is South Africa. South Africa’s dry season falls from May to September, and this country generally offers some top-notch safari conditions. 


Things to Do

Visit safaris where you can see how the wildlife habitat is and how they are living there lives. The best moment is when all the wildlife creatures gather around watering holes, if you are thinking that it will be so hot then you are mistaken, the temperatures are mild (with no rainfall). Its one of the Best places to travel in September and October 2020.

Whale watching, at the coast of Hermanus(a small town in South Africa), is busy with southern whales, who came here traveling from Antarctica to these warm waters to give birth.

An additional tip for you, September is the most suitable time to experience the fragrance and enjoy a pleasant view of colorful wildflower carpets of Namaqualand.

How to go

Flights are the most suitable way to reach South Africa, direct and connecting flights linking this African country to most major locations across the globe. It also has a good network of airways with Europe. 

If you want to enjoy the sea view while reaching your destination you can go by sea route, while this seems to be a time consuming, the voyage through the deep ocean in a cruise and by the name you can guess how delightful your journey would be.

If you want to visit several places then transport by road is also the best way, as South Africa is very well connected with its neighboring countries like Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. If you are planning a long trip then trust me this is the best way to make a lot of memories.

Discover Africa

Barcelona : Ranking 6th in the most diverse places to travel in September and October

Not only India there is another place having a rich and diverse culture, and every region has its own traditions which make them unique in both country and world. Its one of the Best places to travel in September and October 2020.


Things to do  

La Merce this annual festival of the city of Barcelona, attracts huge crowds, locals, and tourists, and you can see a lot of excitement around September. From spectacular human towers to the special tradition la Sardana dances, this event consists of full of free activities.

Who doesn’t like a show of lights at nights(fireworks), water fountain and music at the bottom of the Montjuic mountain which is called as Catalan Wine Fair every year?

If you are very interested in seeing and enjoying paintings then Museo Picasso this is one of the museums which is worth visiting if you are having a trip to Barcelona

More from Southern Europe

Dubrovnik : Ranking 7th in the best coastal places to travel in September and October

If you love going for boat trips then Dubrovnik is the dreamland for you, just off the coastline of Dubrovnik small islands are present which are easy to be reached by boats and if you want to make it a fantastic and memorable trip you can plan for secluded sunbathing, snorkeling and uninterrupted relaxation.


Things to Do

Want to visit King’s Landing( from Game of Thrones), you must have a Game of Thrones tour, it is a walking tour of Dubrovnik, if you watched Game of Thrones you may recognize some people want to know the reason, its because some of the tour guides acted as extras in Game of Thrones. Its one of the Best places to travel in September and October 2020.

Everybody enjoys the view of this city by roaming around in it, but if you want to do something different from others then you have to try seeing the view of the city from Sea kayaking. This sea is one of the most popular ways to have experience of enjoying the view of Dubrovnik. Agencies are present in Dubrovnik which helps customers by offering half-day, and full-day sea kayaking tours.

Want to see and park which is of a size of the island and it is an island, just 600 m of the coast of Dubrovnik, Lokrum is a protected natural reserve and a monument of landscape architecture, and adding to what I mentioned above it is the largest park of Dubrovnik.this place is not only to enjoy the park view and to capture pictures it is also the best spot for swimming and a place to spend time by taking leave from city noises, locals and tourists.

If you want to try to enjoy the view of the city in another way then you must try the cable car ride, who doesn’t like to see the city view from the top of it, the cable car will take you from downtown Dubrovnik 778m up to the Mount Srd. this ride is for less than 5 minutes but worthy to fill your jar of making memories.

How to go

To reach Dubrovnik you have to land at Zagreb and to reach Zagreb flights is the most suggested way flights like Australian airways, Aeroflot Brussels Airlines flights more are available.   

Dubrovnik can be reached by bus from Zagreb(takes 12 hours).

Japan : Ranking 8th in the most healthiest places to travel in September and October

Japan is not only famous for its technology and products and innovations, but it is also the healthiest place in the world because all over the world the count of senior citizens is high.

Even now the culture and heritage are very prominent in Japan. If you are planning on visiting Japan during and after your trip you will learn a lot about the history of this country by visiting the castles, temples, shrines and more. Coming to the best place in Japan is Kyoto if you want to experience the ancient Japanese culture. 


Things to Do

September is the best month to say bye to a season and to welcome a new one and if you want to see the place where you can see the change of season and to enjoy it to your heart’s content then Hokkaido is the perfect place for you, here first autumn leaves are being welcomed and it is absolutely stunning and worth having a trip to.

After coming to japan completing the trip without watching the wrestlers who took license to grow that big is not a good thing to do, if you want to be a person who doesn’t want to do that mistake then Sumo Grand Tournament is back in the city, and it will be conducted through September in Ryogoku Konugikan Stadium. It is one of the most spectacular things to experience and to make memories in Japan.

If you are a foody kind of person then an event is held especially for us it is a great annual food event called Tokyo Wagyu Show, it is 5 days outdoor food event held in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. By participating in it you can enjoy all kinds of varieties of dishes in Japan.

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