Lufthansa Baggage Fees, Policy & Allowance [2021]

2021 is almost here and with it, new rules about Lufthansa carry-on and Lufthansa checked baggage allowances have changed too. The Lufthansa baggage policy depends upon where you are going to or coming from, and, what class you are traveling in. Here are the Lufthansa Baggage Fees, Policy & Allowance (2021). 

Lufthansa Baggage Size/Allowance Chart

Lufthansa Carry-on Baggage Allowance 

Lufthansa Airlines allows you to take 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag on board. However, depending upon the travel location and class, you may take additional and heavier carry-on luggage on Lufthansa. 

Lufthansa Baggage
Lufthansa personal item: 
  • Allowed: 1 free 
  • Size: up to 11.8” × 15.7” × 3.9” (30 × 40 × 10 cm) 
  • Weight: not specified, but you have to be able to carry it yourself in-hand 
Lufthansa carry-on bags 
  • Allowed: 1 free in Economy and Premium Economy class, 2 free in Business and first class. 
  • Size: 21.6” × 15.7” × 9”  (55 × 40 × 23 cm) 
  • Weight: 17.6 lb. (8 kg)  
  • On business class, if the overhead bins are full, then the passengers may be asked to check one of their carry-on bags. 
  • During the pandemic, Lufthansa urges everyone to travel with as little carry-on luggage as possible. 

Lufthansa Checked Baggage Allowance 

Lufthansa checked bags policy depends on and changes greatly with the route of the flight and the class you are traveling in. However, all standard Lufthansa checked luggage must be sized under 62 linear inches (158 cm) in total dimensions (length + width + height). 

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance International 
  • Economy1 free bag (50 pounds/23 kg) 
  • Premium Economy2 free bags (50 pounds/23 kg) 
  • Business2 free bags (70 pounds/32 kg) 
  • First3 free bags (70 pounds/32 kg) 
Lufthansa Baggage Allowance European 
  • Economy LightNo free bags  
  • Economy Classic1 free bag (50 pounds/23 kg) 
  • Economy Flex1 free bag (50 pounds/23 kg) 
  • Business2 free bags (70 pounds/32 kg) 
Lufthansa Carry-on Restrictions 

For your own safety and for the safety of your fellow passengers, Lufthansa Airlines has imposed many restrictions on what you can or cannot bring on board a Lufthansa flight. Please check the following lists of restricted items in Lufthansa. 

Lufthansa Liquid and aerosol rules 


  • Example: HairspraysPerfumes and colognesMedicines containing alcohol 
  • Each container should not be greater than 0.5 liter or 0.5 kgs, whichever is lower 
  • In total, you cannot carry more than 2 liters or 2 kgs in all bags. 


  • Each container should not be greater than 0.5 liters or 0.5 kg 
  • In total, you cannot carry more than 2 liters or 2 kgs in all bags. 
  • The release valves on the aerosol containers must be protected by caps or another measure to prevent accidental release 


  • Must be in retail packaging 
  • Must be less than 70% alcohol 
  • Total allowed: 5 liters including all bags 
Other Lufthansa Restricted & Prohibited Items 

The following are restricted items in Lufthansa Airlines: 

The following are the prohibited items in Lufthansa Airlines: 

  • Explosives 
  • Oxygen cylinders 
  • Oxidizing or Corrosive substances 
  • Fuel 
  • Fuel pastes 
  • Tasers 
  • Camping gas 
  • Paint or drink with >70% alcohol 
  • Poison 
  • Household chemicals 
  • Battery powered transportation 
  • Radioactive material 

The following items can be allowed in your checked bags with some great restrictions if they are packed correctly for travel and locked: 

  • Firearms 
  • Ammunition 
  • Sharp or pointed objects 
  • Bunt instruments 
  • Work tools (saw, hammer, etc.) 
  • Any powdered substance over 350 ml (on USA flights only) 

Lufthansa Baggage Price for Additional Weight

Lufthansa extra checked baggage fees for Economy Light class passengers (for the first extra bag): 

Per One-Way Route (max 23 kg) Domestic Routes (Within Germany) Within Europe Between Europe and U.S./Canada Other Long-Haul Routes 
Booking online €15 (~$16) €25 (~$27) €60 (~$70) €60 (~$70) 
At check-in €30 (~$35) €40 (~$44) €60 (~$70) €90 (~$105) 
* The second piece of luggage (except for US/Canada routes) costs €90 everywhere.  

Lufthansa Airlines Additional Checked Bags Charges 

FAQs About Lufthansa Baggage Policy 

1. How much baggage is allowed on Lufthansa international flights? 

For international Lufthansa flights, the baggage allowance is as follows: 

  • bag (50 pounds/23 kg) for economy class 
  • bags (50 pounds/23 kg) for premium economy class 
  • bags (70 pounds/32 kg) for business class 
  • bags (70 pounds/32 kg) for first class 

2. Can I take a handbag as well as hand luggage on Lufthansa? 

You can take 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag on a Lufthansa flight. However, you cannot take a free carry-on in the Economy Light class, and you can take extra carry-on bags in Lufthansa Business class and First class. 

3. Does Lufthansa have free checked bags? 

Yes, depending upon your route and cabin, you may have some free Lufthansa checked bags. For example, you can take 2 carry-on bags and 2 checked bags for free if you are an International business class passenger. 

4. What is hand luggage on Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa hand luggage or Lufthansa carry-on bags are small bags that you can carry yourself and fit in the overhead bin. They must be less than 21.6” × 15.7” × 9” (55 × 40 × 23 cm) in size and 17.6 lb. (8 kg) in weight. 

5. Does Lufthansa weigh hand luggage? 

Yes, Lufthansa gate agents check hand luggage for size and weight. Each Lufthansa carry-on bag must fit in the sizer box (55 × 40 × 23 cm) and must weigh less than 8 kgs

6. Can you take food in hand luggage Lufthansa? 

Medicines and special food (baby food, for example) can be carried outside the plastic bag and must also be presented at security for Lufthansa Airlines flights. 

7. How much does Lufthansa charge for overweight baggage? 

Lufthansa oversize and overweight baggage, above free baggage allowance (24-32 kg and from 159 cm): €150 or $220 within Europe and 300 or $450 on intercontinental flights. 

8. Does Lufthansa serve food on international flights? 

Depending upon the flight’s routelength, and class, there are a variety of food and drinks available in Lufthansa Airlines flights. However, they are allowed on only short-haul and medium-haul flights. 

9. What if my luggage is overweight Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa overweight baggage policy:  

  • Bag weight: 23 to 32 kgs (Above 32 kgs, book as freight) 
  • Fee for European routes: $92-114 
  • Fee for International routes: $172-345 
  • Fee for Japan routes: $450 
  • These rates are valid for economy and premium classes only. 

10. What kind of food is included in Lufthansa’s economy class? 

In economy class Lufthansa routes, you can get food for short and medium-haul flights. It will vary from flight to flight, but you can get stuff like sandwichesmuffins, or cakes on shorter flights, and hot meals on longer flights. 

You can also visit their site for any Lufthansa baggage inquiry. 

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