How To Fold A Pop-Up Tent: The Best Way

Tent camping is all fun and games until it’s time to pack it all up and head back. You may assume that setting up is the most difficult process, but wait till you pack up all of your belongings, especially your tent. Pop-up tents are without a doubt the greatest and most portable tents for camping since they are quick and simple to erect.

 For example, this Coleman pop-up tent will be your next favorite just because of how easy it is to pitch. The true struggle, however, starts when it comes to folding them back and stuffing them into their carrier bag.

Although folding up a tent isn’t a very technical task folding it back in its original shape and being able to fit it into its carrier bag, that’s where the challenge lies. Once you get a hold of folding a tent it will become a piece of cake afterward. However, before we jump into the steps of folding a pop-up tent, there are a few tips and tricks that you must know to make your tent last longer than expected. 

Tips To Follow Before Folding A Tent

Clean Your Tent

Always check to see that your tent is clean before folding it or attempting to pack it up. A clean tent means that it is free of dirt and trash. Cleaning up your tent is not a challenging task.

With a piece of cloth, you can easily dust off the sand or other minor grime. To make sure there are no insects or pine needles inside your tent, you can also shake it thoroughly. Cleaning your tent before folding it up helps ensure that you have a clean tent the next time you use it and will help it last longer.

Dry Your Tent

This is something you should never forget. You must completely dry your tent before folding it back up if you’ve washed it with water or had a rainy night while camping. Never fold your tent when it’s still wet or even just a little bit damp. 

As doing so will raise the possibility of mold and mildew growing in your tent. Your tent will eventually be ruined by this, and you might not be able to use it again.

Let The Air Out Of Your Tent

Before you start folding your tent remove all the air trapped inside. You can do this by opening the windows and doors of your tent for some hours. Doing this will make the process much easier and you will be able to fold your tent smoothly.

How To Fold A Pop-Up Tent?

How To Fold A Pop-Up Tent

It only takes three steps to fold a pop-up tent. Even if you are a beginner, you can simply complete this task on your own. There is no requirement for hardware. All you will need is a little patience and the ability to properly follow directions.

Step 1

Working with the tent poles comes next once you’ve finished cleaning your tent and letting the air out. The first step in folding up a pop-up tent is to connect the top tent poles. Grab the other pole and bring it together while maintaining your grip on one side of the tent pole with one hand. The combined tent poles will form a semi-circle. 

Next is to fold the other leftover tent poles on the side. While holding the two sides together simultaneously grab the front base pole with your other hand and lift it upright where you have united the other poles and are holding them all in place with one hand. 

Step 2

Once all the poles are in place, flatten the top of your tent to the ground by firmly pressing down on it. You’ll see that the upper and lower portions of your tent have joined as you press it down. It will appear as if two separate circles have been linked together. This indicates that you have folded your tent appropriately. 

Since tents are typically composed of lightweight materials such as polyester or nylon, they are relatively effortless to compress and do not require excessive force or pressure. As a result, this entire operation can be completed by a single person.

Step 3

Your tent should now be squeezed into the shape of a single circle. It’s time to transfer it to its carrier. If any straps are projecting, secure them before placing the tent in its carrier bag. It will be much simpler to pack the tent in its bag if you have folded it neatly. Simply place it in its bag and zip it shut. You are all ready to go back.


Pop-up tents are a simpler option to bring when going camping. Like this sundome tent by Coleman. As the name suggests, they need less effort to pitch; you simply need to pop them up. Despite being simpler to raise, they may be more difficult to fold back. But it’s nothing that can’t be done in a matter of minutes. Just keep in mind to completely clean and dry off your tent before you begin folding it back up.


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