How To Fix A Broken Tent Pole?

Take pleasure in outdoor camping with your buddies, but picture the worst-case scenario: you accidentally bust a tent pole, forcing you to abandon your trip early. Tent maintenance is preferred, but if you know how to replace a damaged tent pole, you won’t have to worry about anything and can continue to enjoy your camping trip without any hassles.

With the proper instructions and supplies, your tent pole will appear as good as new and the comfort of your shelter tent will be ensured, regardless of whether it is split down the middle, the shock cord needs to be replaced, or the damaged segment needs to be reinforced.

How To Fix A Broken Tent Pole?

Things You Need To Pack

It’s necessary to pack your tent pole repair kit with all the necessary supplies and equipment while going camping. Or you can buy a complete tool kit and take it whenever you go camping or outdoors for ease.

  • Extra shock cord.
  • Tent sleeve.
  • Duct tape.
  • Washers.
  • Lighter.
  • Mini toolbox
  • Super glue.


How To Fix A Broken Tent Pole


  1. Place the broken pole out on a level surface like a table.
  2. Remove any dust from the table so that it won’t attach to the tape and reduce its stickiness when you start taping the split pole.
  3. Take a piece of heavy-duty, high-strength electrical tape of the same size as the broken segment, and peel it off.
  4. Cover the whole length of the split by positioning the tape’s lateral edge over it.
  5. To prevent creases, neatly fold the tape.
  6. Once you’ve completed patching the broken split in the tent pole, smooth it down with your fingers.


  1. Cut the break’s rough edges and any splinters and fragments that you notice protruding over the segment’s length should be cut out with the help of wire cutters.
  2. You can also use the pliers to pry them loose. This will make the damaged areas consistent in thickness and stop the sharp edges from causing more harm.
  3. Aluminum poles may also need to be bent in order for them to fit inside the tent pole repairing sleeve that you will need to use later.
  4. Now, slide the tent pole repair sleeve over the damaged area.
  5. Put as much straightness into the pole’s extension before slipping the tubular sleeve over one end.
  6. Till the break is securely covered, move the sleeve along the pole’s length.
  7. A durable lightweight tent pole repair sleeve is usually provided with a repair kit to fix the tent pole ultimately. But in the alternate case, if you don’t have a tent repair sleeve, you can use a sturdy stick to hold the broken tent pole together.
  8. Use duct tape or high-quality gaffer tape to affix the sleeve’s end.
  9.  Cut at least 4- 6 strips that are 10 cm long.
  10. Loop them around the tent pole’s tips where it emerges from the outer corners of the sleeve.
  11. The splint will operate to stabilize the break, so you can pack your tent pole easily as you used to do before the break.


  1. To begin with, you must find a replacement segment pole that is the same size as the damaged pole.
  2. These replacement tent pole pieces are also available from retail establishments. These segments are much longer than the original one so you can cut them in any size.
  3. Measure the replacement pole and place marks comparing it to the original pole.
  4. Carefully cut the replacement pole to the size of the original one with the help of cutting tools for instance a hacksaw.
  5. With the help of sandpaper or filer smooth out the sharp edges of the replacement pole.
  6. This new pole is ready to be placed and attached to the tent.


  1. To get rid of the old cord, cut the anchor knot on either end of the pole.
  2. To untie the knot, place a pair of needle-nose pliers into the open end of the pole.
  3. Cut the rope slightly below the knot using a sharp knife or pair of scissors, then snake it out of the jointed pole segments.
  4. When you pull the cable out, be careful not to lose any of the loose pole parts. They will be prone to rolling because they are cylindrical.
  5. Since you’ll be removing the pole to install the new shock cord, this is a good time to replace any pole segments that are in worse condition because at this step they can be easily replaced.
  6. Fix the replacement cord by tying a knot at one end.
  7. After tying the knot over the pole with the gap of 4-6 inches tug them a couple of times to make sure they are tightly knotted and are not loose.
  8. If you place a washer in between the knot on the pole, it will be better as it will give the cord something to bite into and will prove more durable and a long-lasting repair.
  9. Each segment of your pole should be threaded with the new cord.
  10. The simplest method is to thread the cord through each section one at a time and then secure them all together.
  11. To facilitate the operation more quickly, replacement shock cords frequently have an attachable wire pull-through device.
  12. With the pole extended to its full length, tie off the other end of the cord. Lay the entire assembly out on the ground once the new cord has been passed through each segment.
  13. Twist up a second double overhand knot 4-6 inches (10-15cm) from the end opposite the one you started on after stretching the string to add some stress.
  14. You can use a washer on the first side, don’t forget to slide a second washer onto the cable before making your final knot.
  15. Carefully reinstall the new shock cords.


It’s no less than a nightmare when you are all excited about your camping trip and suddenly find out that your tent pole is broken. It could really set off one’s entire mood. However, fixing a broken tent pole isn’t much of a difficult task. It will hardly take several minutes and can be done by anyone. There are several ways in which you can repair a broken tent pole. Just make sure to pack some essential tools before going camping and you are good to go. 


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