41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

Long road trips can become tedious and extremely boring after a while, especially if you have kids with you, and the likelihood is that they’ll become bored a lot quicker than you will!

Thankfully, if you’re looking for something that can keep both the adults and the kids happy and entertained on your road trip, then you’re in luck! As we’ve compiled a list of 41 fun road trip games that you are able to play in the car

So whether you prefer music based games, memory games, word games, or even some of the classic road trip games, there should be something for everyone on this list!


This game is a basic one, but is a true road trip classic, and can be adapted to be about anything you want it to be!

Firstly, someone chooses a category, which could be anything, famous actors, songs from a band, types of candy, animals, the possibilities are endless.

Then, each person must be able to name something in this category without repeating what someone else has said, if someone fails to name something, or repeats what someone else has said, they’re then out.

This can then go on until everyone has picked a category of their choosing. If you are looking to increase the difficulty, you can add a rule where each answer must be in alphabetical order.

Two Truths, And One Lie

41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

This game is also relatively simple to understand, everyone has to come up with two truths and a lie about themselves, and then the other players have to individually guess which one of the statements they think is the truth, and which one is the lie.

This one is an easy one to play with your children, and can be a lot of fun too!

I Spy

Arguably the most popular road trip game of all time, one player has to pick something they can see either inside or outside of the car, and then they state “I spy something beginning with the letter…”, they then tell the other players what letter the word starts with, and from there it’s down to the players to guess what they’ve seen!

Whoever guesses the word correctly, then gets to pick their own word.

Animal Name Game

Another fun game to play with kids is the animal name game! One player starts by naming an animal, and then the next person must name an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous animal!

This then goes around until someone can’t think of one, which means they’re out! This is a great way of expanding the kids’ knowledge of animals too, so it’s educational as well as fun!

Twenty Questions

One player has to think of something, it can be absolutely anything, and then the other players have twenty questions in order to try and guess what it is the other person is thinking of! However, the only thing is, the person can only reply yes or no to each question!

You can either play this in a way that everyone has twenty questions, or that the twenty questions are shared amongst the players, which makes it more difficult!

If you’re struggling to guess the answers, then you can also narrow it down to categories, such as a famous person, a musician, or a TV show!

Name The Song

41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

This game is great for music lovers, all you have to do is take it in turns singing the lyrics to a song, and then the other players have to guess what the song you’re singing is!

One point is given for the artist, and one for the song, and the winner is the person with the most points after everyone sings!

Alternatively, you could use the car stereo with bluetooth to play a small snippet of a song, which people then have to guess within 10 seconds! The first person to guess it right wins!

Movie Plot Game

One person has to think of a movie, and then begin describing the movie without mentioning the name of the movie or the actors in the movie, whilst the other players then have to guess what the movie they’re describing is!

This game can be as easy or difficult as you decide to make it, and can be really funny too!

Guess The Movie Quote

If you’ve got bored of the movie plot game, but still want to play a movie based game, then this makes a fantastic alternative!

One person has to try and think of a quote from a movie, and then the other players have to try and figure out which movie it’s from! This is a great game for the movie nerds amongst you and will truly test your knowledge!

Grocery Shop Game

Another simple yet fun guessing game, one player has to think of something they would buy from a grocery store, and then the other players must go around guessing what it is that they would buy!

Each person gets to ask a question about the item the person would buy, and then gets to guess what it is. Once someone has guessed correctly, that person then gets to pick their choice of item from the grocery shop!

Alphabet Memory Game

Fun Road Trip Games

This game is a simple memory game, but can be fun too!

Someone has to say something which begins with the letter A, the next person must then say the first word, and then add their own word, this then goes around each player until everyone has remembered all of the words all the way to Z, and if you forget or get it wrong, then you’re out!

You can also make this harder by limiting it to categories too, such as animals, or food items!

Group Counting Game

This one is a quick way to pass the time, as it may get boring quickly, but is a great stop gap whilst thinking of other games!

One person starts by saying number one, and then someone must say the next number within 5 seconds, but if two people say the same number at the same time, then it goes back to the start!

This game can be fun, and wildly competitive, so see how high of a number you can reach without messing up!

First One To…

This game is really simple, and can also lead to some rather mischievous behaviour. It works somewhat like a simon says game.

One person starts as the leader, and says “First one to…”, they must then think of something to do, and the first person to complete the task successfully wins! That person then becomes the leader, and thinks of something for everyone to do!

Spot The… Game

This game is based on the surroundings that you’re travelling through! Someone has to pick something for people to spot, it could be anything, from a certain color or type of car, or a certain food restaurant, then the first person to see it then gets to decide the next thing to spot!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

41Fun RoadTrip Games To Play In The Car

Another classic road trip game, but if you have a full car or van, then why not host your own rock, paper, scissors tournament! If you don’t know how to play, then here’s how:

Start by bouncing your first on your hand three times whilst counting down from 3

On the word “go” you choose your weapon. For a rock, make a closed fist. For paper, have a flat hand out. For scissors, extend both your index and middle finger out in the shape of open scissors.

Remember, rock beats scissors, but loses to paper, and that scissors beats paper!

Music Artist Game

Similar to the animal name game, but this time it’s music-orientated! Take it in turns naming a music artist, and then the next person has to name an artist starting with the last letter of the previous music artist!

The game finishes when no one can think of any more music artists!

Alphabet Sign Game

This is a team based game, which is great if you want to get competitive! The left side team looks at the left side of the road, and the right side team gets the right side of the road respectively!

They must then try to spot a road sign which features a word that contains each letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order! Start with A, then B… and then try to get all the way to Z by the end of your journey!

Monotone Lyrics Challenge

Another one for the music lovers, someone has to sing lyrics from a song of their choice, but they have to remain completely monotone as they do so, and the other players have to guess what the song is!

This adds another layer of difficulty to the game, and can be much harder than you initially realize!

No More Jockeys

This game is one for the especially long journeys, and is certainly not one if you have players who could get bored easily!

Begin by picking a person, and a category that the person you chose is associated with, this person, and category, are then removed from the game.

The game is complete when no one can think of another person and a category. Of course, the longer the game goes on, the harder it gets to name a person and category as they get removed from the game!

The Top 5 Game

One person has to think of a topic, it can be something easy, like video games, music artists, albums, foods, drinks, and then each person must take it in turn to name their top 5 favorite things in that topic!

Whilst not overly competitive, this is a great game to play with kids, or with people you might not know entirely! This helps to get everyone to get to know each other too!


Fun RoadTrip Games To Play In The Car

This is a great continuous story game to play with either kids or adults, and can take entirely different directions depending on who you’re playing with!

Everyone must add a new phrase every time it’s their turn, and each of these phrases must start with either fortunately, or unfortunately, and the idea is try to make the story as funny as possible!

As an example: Unfortunately, Lucy’s van ran out of gas. Fortunately: She had broken down next to a gas station!

Fast Food Frenzy

Each player must decide on a different fast food restaurant, and then each player gets a point for every one of the restaurants they choose appears either enroute, or on a sign! The player with the most points at the end of the journey, wins!

If your journey is too long to keep count of all the points, then try setting a timer to limit how much time the game lasts for, an hour or two should be good!

Actor/Actress Movie Game

Another association game, someone begins by naming either an actor or an actress, then someone has to reply with a movie that actor or actress appeared in.

Then, follow that up with another actor or actress that was in that movie, and then another movie that they appeared in! This game ends once you can’t think of either any more actors or actresses or any more movies!

Olympics On The Road

This is a great game to play if you’ve got a lot of break stops planned on your journey, and have a bunch of restless kids in tow!

At each stop, you challenge the kids to a challenge, this could be a small race, a certain number of push-ups to complete, or to do a number of star jumps the fastest.

This will help drive up some competition between them, and will also help them let off some of their energy, which should make the journey easier for you!

Story Game

This one is another great game to play between adults and kids! The adults have to think of three nouns (names), and then the kids will have to think up a short story involving those three nouns!

For example, it could be something like “Florida”, “banana”, “Antelope”. This is a great way to get silly and will also help the kids’ imagination too.

Word Association

A true road trip classic, word association is a simple game that can be played by anyone, and can be kept as easy, or made as hard, as you want it to be!

The first person has to name something, and then the next person has to name a word associated with the first word that was said!

For example: Green – Grass – Nature.

Would You Rather

41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

Would you rather is an excellent way of getting to know people, and if you’re playing with only adults, then you can also ramp up the nature of the game, making it as awkward or funny as you want!

One person has to pose a question “Would you rather…?”, and then each player must decide which option they’d choose, remember, it’s meant to be hard to choose between the two options, so make it difficult!

Think Fast Game

This game is a funny one, and can get competitive too! Someone picks a category, and then chooses a player to play, that player then has to name as many things to do with that category in 30 seconds as possible. Take it in turns to think up difficult categories, and the player with the most points wins!

This, But…

This game is similar to would you rather, however each of the options have a twist for them, which is what makes choosing so difficult!

One person comes up with two scenarios, and then each player must try to decide which scenario they’d prefer!

For example: “You’re a millionaire, but you have crab claws for hands”, or “You’re a billionaire, but can only bark like a dog”.

Family Story

Another adult and kid game, this time the adult starts the story off with a sentence, and then the kids have to follow up with a sentence of their own, continuing the story! You can then go back and forth until everyone runs out of things to say!

This is another great game that allows the kids to use their imagination whilst on the road, which as we know, can be rather boring when you’re young!

The Counting Game

Another great way to keep kids occupied throughout the journey, pick one thing for them to keep count of, this will keep them entertained by giving them something to focus on instead of wondering how long the journey is going to take!

The kids should all be counting, and then at the end of the journey, ask everyone how many they managed to count, and the winner is the one who saw the most!

You can ask them to count anything, whether it’s animals, certain colored signs, or a certain colored car!


Hopefully, if you’ve got a long journey coming up soon and are looking for some games to kill time whilst on the road, then this fun list of games is able to keep you occupied, and should keep boredom away!

What’s so great is that these games can be played by both kids and adults, and you can change them as you like!

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