Flying with edibles| Is it Safe?

Flying with edibles & bringing weed on a plane

Across new regions and countries, there’s been the legalization of marijuana and other cannabis substances. This has caused most people to think that there’s a huge possibility of them flying with edibles whenever they want.

However, while having marijuana might be a crime in most states, there’s still a possibility of you being able to travel with it. It all depends on the state or region one finds themselves in.

In recent times, there have been lots of questions regarding if it’s possible to bring in edibles while flying. Are edibles legal? Can you bring edibles on a plane? Can you take edibles on a plane? Can you fly with edibles? Etc. In this article, we shall discuss a majority of what you should know and understand about flying with edibles on a plane, let’s get to it!

Edibles TSA Rules

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a major role to play when it comes to preventing hazardous articles from getting into airplanes.

Examples of such items could be liquids, which often are prone to burning. Also, this includes certain weapons that may be used to instill harm in another.

In the case of edibles, there are no direct rules that guide them. Nonetheless, some procedures have been put in place to ensure that people who intend to fly with edibles know exactly what they are getting into. That said, here are a few things to note according to TSA rules:

  1. Edibles are illegal

When looking to fly with edibles, one thing you just bear in mind is that they are illegal. So carrying them simply indicates that you’re committing a crime. In most cases, you may end up facing punishment from the police (that’s if care isn’t taken).

So, can you take edibles on a plane? It’s not legal, so the answer remains a no. You must stay careful or risk getting caught by the TSA and in turn, get into trouble. Regardless of the obvious penalties that come with illegal flying with edibles, a lot of people are always ready to damn the consequences.

2. Don’t get clever with edibles

While traveling, TSA officers usually do not examine your carry-on. How about pills; can you bring pills on a plane? Yes. What if they use a scanner, can airport scanners see pills? No, they do not. Airport scanners aren’t able to deliver the exact image. This is often because they are already packaged as an organic substance and so, wouldn’t show up as something tangible. Nevertheless, if you are looking for how to sneak pills on a plane, it’s easy but does not try to act Clever with the edibles in your possession. If not, it may become easy to detect by modern scanners.

3. Don’t raise suspicions

According to TSA rules, liquids are not to be carried while flying. Can you take CBD oil on a plane? No, you can’t. This is because of the level of suspicion that they can cause. Also, avoid bringing jars or bottles along with you. However, you can bring your toiletries.

Can you fly with medical marijuana?

Flying internationally with edibles and marijuana? Here are some of the key points to keep in mind:

  1. The Transportation Security Administration made it clear that no type of marijuana or any other cannabinoid is permitted in the airport. This is according to federal laws. All passengers boarding the plane go through a form screening process. This is often fine to ensure that everyone is safe. What happens if you get caught with edibles? In a case where a TSA officer gets to suspect a criminal act, the culprit will be handed over to the state law enforcement agents. I tried and found guilty, the offender will be prosecuted even before the federal government gets to hear of the matter.

2. If you intend to travel with marijuana, carefulness is the primary key to making it out safely. Even if the country or state you’re traveling to has marijuana legalized, ensure to check and confirm the airport practices. While some airports will ensure that you’re free from dangerous items, others wouldn’t care to go through any checks.

Each point during your travel is likely to have certain restrictions. You may need to take a copy of your medical marijuana permit, a recommendation letter from a hospital/pharmacy, and every other valid permit along with you.

3. If you’re having a marijuana pot, and it goes undetected at the airport, you must prepare your mind for additional searches. Can you fly with CBD oil? No. When you get subjected to a second search and get found with the item, the state may decide to sue you according to their laws and standards.

4. Before going to the airport, ensure that your carry-ons, pockets of your clothing, and also, luggage are well-checked. This should be fine so that you can avoid a case where edibles are found lying carelessly.

How to get edibles through airport security

Most times, the security at the airport is a lot scary and difficult to walk through. This is usually the case if you’re having any form of weed or edibles in your possession. But it’s always safer to have edibles in your carry-ons.

Ways through which you get to fly with edibles despite the tight airport security include:

● Bud – put it in an ibuprofen bottle tight under the cotton and pills.
Joints – a pack of cigarettes alongside the regular sticks of tobacco would be a good fit.
● Edibles – so far, this has been one of the easiest means of flying with weed. This is why the answer to questions such as “can I take CBD on a plane?” usually gets no answer. Edibles entail creating a food-based product for your cannabis. They can come in the form of gummies or cookies. You only need to properly pack them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What happens if you’re caught flying with edibles?
A: an offender might get persecution. TSA is out to help passengers to stay away from dangers and any form of harmful threats. If your bag is checked and weed or any other cannabis product is found, they will be required to report the matter to the police. It’s up to the police to decide whatever they want to do to you.

Q: Can you fly with CBD edibles?
A: Maybe. Different laws guide the use of cannabis around the world. For instance, if you get caught by a CBD oil TSA while you have it, you may face serious penalties, especially in countries like the US where it’s prohibited.

Q: What should medical marijuana patients do?
A: possession of medical marijuana isn’t also condoned under federal laws. However, in some states, it’s been allowed. This simply means that patients who have medical marijuana cards (valid ones) are liable to enjoy the same privileges given by their state when they move to other states. But in most cases, they will need to apply for the card while visiting the new state.

Simply put, medical marijuana patients can fly with marijuana, but they should carry along a valid permit.

In 2019, there was a reported case of a 31-year-old woman who was found in possession of medical marijuana. The substance was legally administered to help relieve her of her son’s chemotherapy pain. They eventually got caught by a TSA officer. After much examination, the offer let her go scot-free even though he could have easily reported her to the authorities.

Some medical marijuana legal states include:
● Michigan
● Arizona
● Delaware
● Nevada
● Hawaii
● Maryland
● California

Q: Can you take CBD oil in your checked bag?
A: This is the same thing as asking; “can you take CBD oil on a plane? Or can I bring CBD oil on a plane?” The answer is Yes. You can carry CBD oil in your checked bag. The TSA specifically mentioned sometime in January 2020, traveling with CBD oil and every other CBD product one seems fit is allowed. How many oz can you fly with? content shouldn’t be above 0.3% THC when dry. Check out other travel accessories that you can bring along.

Q: Can you bring candy on a plane?
A: Yes. You can also bring as much as you want. When it comes to taking candies along with you on a plane, there’s certainly no limit. As long as it would fit into your luggage or carry-on, you are allowed to pack as many as you want. But, ensure that you don’t have the candy packages as liquid, gel, tubes, or even spray. How about chocolates, can you bring chocolate on a plane? Yes, they are also considered edibles, so you can bring it.

Q: How much weed should I fly with?
A: Not much. Flying with weed is illegal. To be ok on the safe side, going with one-eighth of weed is the best and probably the maximum amount that you can carry. This is the same with other edibles. The truth is, having a bag that’s full of weed ultimately pushes the TSA’s attention to you.

When they spot you and wouldn’t want to report you, the officers will ensure that you have the weed thrown out. That would hurt you a lot like a pack of weed is very expensive to get.

If you find yourself asking; “where should I hide my weed when I fly”, you aren’t totally out of place. When flying with weed, you shouldn’t try to hide or even lie about having it on you. The TSA officers may decide to press further and get the truth out of you especially when you start telling seemingly unbelievable lies.

In other words, stuffing your one-eighth weed inside your pockets is always better than hiding it. With the former, it’s easier to sneak your weed through security. But with the latter, you stand a higher risk of getting prosecuted.

Q: Can I fly after consuming marijuana?
Yes. But doing this may not come off as a good idea. This is because to understand the US and Canadian laws, passengers are prohibited from flying with or under the influence of cannabinoids. If after consuming you get intoxicated, the TSA officers will likely not allow the guy to board the aircraft. You may not also be able to take action when emergency circumstances occur and lastly, there’s a possibility of you causing rangers to go other passengers or crew members on the plane.

Most times, the effects of marijuana contents take a longer time before they wear off. This is more reason why this isn’t a good idea.

Q: What happens if TSA confiscates?
A: Most cannabidiol items found during the search at the airport often get sold. Although the law doesn’t approve of the TSA officers to reap monetary benefits off an abandoned item. Any profit made from the sales usually goes to the state that helped with the sales coordination. The remaining items that weren’t sold may be donated to the right organizations that may require them.

Q: How do airport bag scanners detect drugs?
A: Different scanners can be used for a full body at the airport but currently, the most used of them all is the millimeter wave scanner. This makes use of a unique electromagnetic wave to discover a wide variety of items such as guns, explosives, and of course, drugs in a traveler’s body.

Q: Can I bring food on a plane International flight?
A: yes. But you can only bring solid good items. As we’ve always stated, avoid taking gels or any form of liquids to the airport. Food can be carried in either checked bags or carry-ons. Some TSA agents may ask travelers to separate items like powders, food, etc in the carry-ons. This is often done to help the scanner or x-ray machine to detect items and images freely.

Q: What can you carry onto an airplane?
A: they include:
● Valuables
● Medications


Edibles are the easiest way to get on a plane with cannabinoids. This is because it’s just Food which makes it hard for the officers to detect it. Understanding the risks associated with it as well as knowing how to avoid them all is a key way to travel with edibles/weed. For your best edibles, you can opt for edibles in Seattle. Find out what you can and cannot bring on the plane (complete list)

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