What is the Drinking Age in Italy

What is the Drinking Age in Italy? Know the Italian law

Are you thinking of visiting Italy with your friends this summer? If yes, you must visit different bars or clubs and live the time you will have there. But wait! Are you a teenager? Or underage for drinking alcohol?

Well, don’t worry. All you need to do is get a profound idea about the legal drinking age in Italy. After knowing the legal rules or regulations about the drinking age, you will be able to hang out with your friends in even an excellent way.

Majority of the teenagers eager to drink one shot of whisky or vodka always wonder if they might get arrested in Italy. But, we have solved your problem now. We know the primary concern of teenagers living in Italy or visiting this country during vacations.

The below article has a lot to tell you everything about drinking alcohol in Italy. So, let’s not waste more time and explore the guide below.

Drinking Age in Italy – A Short Overview

If you ask about the legal age limit for drinking in Italy, the answer would be 18 years. It means that only 18-year-old people/teenagers in Italy have access to have fun while drinking alcohol. It also means that the shop owners are prohibited from selling alcohol to teenagers in bars or restaurants.

Furthermore, there are no such legal restrictions on the legal age limit for drinking alcohol in Italy. But, it is also known that the rules for drinking wine in Italy are more generous than the rules in the USA.

In Italy, the shopkeepers or bar owners have to demand the teenagers about their ID cards. This means that identifying the teenager’s age limit is necessary before handling alcohol. Plus, if you are visiting Italy, you should be aware of all types of laws that govern the drinking rules in Italy.

For additional insurance, it is suggested that the teenagers should always bring their ID even if they don’t belong to Italy. It can cause a lot of trouble for you if you get caught red-handed drinking alcohol.

What is the Legal Drinking Age Limit of US Citizens in Italy?

What is the Legal Drinking Age Limit of US Citizens in Italy

There are many chances that you may get confused about thinking of the legal age to drink in Italy when you are a US citizen. But there is no need for you to worry about this factor!

Americans are friends with the people who are living in Italy. Thus, if your age ranges from 18 to 21 years old, you have access to drink openly. It doesn’t matter where you have alcohol; you only need your ID to justify your actions with age.

Other than this, the citizenship of any state doesn’t have anything to deal with the legal age limit to drink in Italy. Almost all citizens from the countries around the globe are treated the same when they are in Italy.

In this case, there will be good news for you. You can take your trip to Italy as the most significant opportunity to live your life while drinking beer or a glass full of wine. In addition to this, all citizens have to ensure one thing they shouldn’t overdo. If they become unconscious, it can cause trouble for them and the authorities to handle the situation.

So, it is suggested to control your nerves and drink to the extent that you can have fun at your ease. Prevent overdrinking alcohol at any party or club.

Relief on the Legal Drinking Age in Italy

It is pretty surprising to know that there are no strict restrictions on the drinking age in Italy. Plus, there are no fixed laws that can punish those who drink even when they are not 18 years old. The drinking age set by the Italian government is much lower than the limit set by other countries.

There are no extreme penalties for teens under 16 years old. In this case, you don’t have to bother about getting arrested when you get caught drinking alcohol without having your ID. Furthermore, it is also socially acceptable that you can drink alcohol when you are with your parents.

In addition to this, Italy is considered one of the most liberal countries around the globe. You don’t have to stick to the drinking rules when you want to have fun out there. The country also holds many small and big events where minors have access to drink alcohol on their own.

So, if you are planning to visit Italy or just thinking of joining a party arranged by your friends, make up your mind to live the chill moments of your life.

How do Vendors Check the Age of Young People In Italy Before Drinking?

As stated earlier that the lowest drinking age in Italy is about 18 years old. But, you will witness some vendors confirming your age. The primary reason behind their action is the rule as given by the Supreme Court of Cassation. The court issued a law that the vendors are supposed to check the appropriate age of the teenagers before handling any type of alcohol.

Other than this, the vendors can also estimate your age just by looking at your face. But, if you have changed your getup and are visiting any party, there are many chances that your ID can be checked. But, if your outlook isn’t similar to the minor’s, you will not get fit at the drinking platforms.

The majority of the teenagers also ask about the strict nature of the vendors when they are selling alcohol to the teenagers. Regardless of all the rules or regulations issued by the Italian government, the vendors aren’t that strict about selling alcohol to the customers around them.

What does this mean? They are seen handling alcohol to the minors in bars. This mainly happens in the local bars and vendor kiosks.

But if you talk about the nature of vendors in supermarkets and restaurants, they are very strict with all the rules. They are highly restricted from selling even a small glass of alcohol to those who are not 18 years old.

In addition to this, they will also ask you about showing your identification to them. Any type of ID can work and provide you the access to drink as much as you can when you are in Italy.

Vineyards – The Most Visited Place by Teenagers in Italy

If you are living in Italy, grown up in this state, or just visiting the region, you will witness that majority of the students visit vineyards during their afternoon break. From this, you can get the idea that almost all Italians have grown up with wine.

The vendors are always ready to serve you several types of alcoholic beverages if you are in the mood to get high. Plus, another striking fact about Italian teenagers is that they love to have a piece of bread with a spoon full of red wine. Besides, a spoon full of sugar with red wine is considered the most classic Tuscan snack in Italy.

Furthermore, it becomes even more challenging to know the exact drinking age in Italy because wine is present on the lunch or dinner tables and even at the birthday parties. But, the only thing that you need to keep in mind while drinking in Italy is that you don’t have to over-drink any beverage.

What is the Youngest Drinking Age in the World?

If you are planning to visit your favorite states of the world besides Italy, you may still think about the restrictions to drink in each country. Every state holds specific rules that govern the drinking act. In addition, the majority of the governments are very strict about maintaining the age limit for teenage while drinking.

However, the youngest legal drinking age around the world is 15 years on average. Can you believe that? Fifteen years old have access to drink as much as they can in countries like Mali or the Central African Republic. So, if you are planning to visit any of these countries with your family, you can have the opportunity to sneak out and drink your favorite beverage.

Besides, you will also be surprised to know that almost 11different countries of the world have permanently banned the consumption of alcohol for any age group. This means that you aren’t allowed to have any drink even if you are 18 plus.

People who get caught with alcohol in such countries have to pay heavy penalties to get out of the legal matters. So, make sure to know the drinking details before you think of visiting any state.

Which country has the Lowest Drinking Age?

Burkina Faso is considered the state where the government allows the 13 years old teenagers to drink alcohol without any restrictions. You may be surprised to know this, but yes, almost everyone in this country drinks regardless of worrying about the rules set by the government.

Other than this, there are no harsh penalties for those who are caught drinking under their age. The government offers free access to the people to drink alcohol publically in their favorite spots.

How Old Do You Have to Be Drink Wine?

Besides Italy, the international authorities have set an age limit of 21 years as a legal rule to drink wine. This legal age limit to drink alcohol is also related to the MLDA in the USA. Thus, if you are living in the USA, you can’t drink wine when you are not 21 years old.

The primary reason behind setting this legal age limit is to prevent health hazards and road crashes. It has been seen that the people who are used to wine when they aren’t 21 years old are the most common ones to cause road crashes.

So, try to avoid using wine as a fun factor when you aren’t eligible enough to have it legally. 

What is the Clubbing Age in Italy?

Besides drinking, the majority of the teenagers also ask about the clubbing age when they are living in Italy or visiting this state. So, the simple answer to this question is you can enjoy clubbing if you are 18 years or older than this limit.

The majority of the prominent club areas in Italy don’t allow people lower than 18 years to enter the area or drink alcohol. But, wait! This condition isn’t the same in all states of Italy. There are also many clubs where you can drink your favorite beer without worrying about the age restrictions.

Thus, it all depends on the person to find a place where he can have alcohol regardless of the age restrictions in the state.

What is the Drinking Age in Rome?

The majority of the teenagers love to visit Rome as it is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. But, if you think about the legal drinking age in Rome, it is as same as the other cities in Italy. Thus, you don’t have to prepare your mind for the restrictions when you are thinking of visiting Rome this summer.

In addition, you can have access to enjoy clubbing and bar dancing without thinking about the restrictions in Italy.

Most Famous Italian Wines to Try!

Now that when you know everything related to the drinking restriction in Italy, it’s time to get an idea about the most famous Italian wines that you need to try. Chianti is one of the most famous dry Italian red wines. It is renowned around the world for the aroma it gives.

You can enjoy it with the meat-based dishes. Soave is also a famous drink in Italy. It is basically a Veneto-based wine that comes in different tastes with some rich bases.


Some commonly asked questions about the drinking age in Italy are given as under: 

Can You Drink at 14 in Italy? 

The simple answer to this question is NO. The legal authorities in Italy don’t even allow selling alcoholic beverages to adults younger than 16 years old. 

Can You Go to Bar in Italy at 16? 

Yes, you can enjoy going to bars in Italy at 16 as the government has not specified any age for visiting drinking bars. 

Is Drinking Legal in Italy? 

Yes, drinking alcohol is completely legal in Italy. It is even considered as a general trend to celebrate the victories or events with drinking activities. 


Every state or country has its own rules or regulations for prohibiting the act of drinking among minors. Italy stands as one of those states of the world that have the lowest drinking age for individuals. So, cheer your glass full of alcohol and spend some quality time.

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