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Top 10 Best things to do near Bisle Ghat Viewpoint

Introduction to Bisle Ghat and Viewpoint

Bisle is a small village in the Sakleshpur region of Karnataka. The Bisle ghat Viewpoint is a part of the famous Western Ghats (Sahyadri Range), compelling in natural beauty and nature-loving. One of the most popular adventure and nature tourism spots in Karnataka, the Bisle Ghat distance is only 55 kilometers from Sakleshpur and 20 km from Kukke Subrahmanya, which envelope this wonderful place. As part of the Western Ghats, this tourist spot and adventure trekkers’ delight is full of natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and lush rainforests.

What Can you see in Bisle Ghat?

The Bisle viewpoint is about five kilometers of a hike from the village and offers a spectacular view of three mountain ranges including Kumara Parvatha, Pushpagiri, and Dodda Betta. On a good, mist-free, cloudless day, you might be able to spot the Yenikallu Betta as well. Once you reach the Bisle viewpoint, you can see the beautiful landscape of western ghats, the Giri river flowing amidst the forest, and also a picturesque waterfall at a far distance combine to make this place excellent for your nature watch pleasure. You can sit at the watchtower erected by the forest department here and enjoy the view. Beneath your feet, the Bisle Reserve Forest stretches out framed by the three mountains.

Adjoining the Bisle Reserve Forest, one of the most spectacular rainforests in India, you can reach the Bisle Ghat road by trekking through the mountainside displaying a wide variety of luscious flora and undisturbed fauna. The dense and deep virgin forest remains unsoiled due to strict restrictions on human habitation here. A nature lover’s delight with the all-natural environment and a quiet, secluded atmosphere, tourists hiking through the Bisle Ghat region may get to see tigers, king cobra, brown fox, spotted deer, and a wide variety of birds including peacocks. The Bisle forest is also home to the endangered and rare Nilgiri Marten.

When to Go to Bisle Ghat?

An indispensable part of your Sakleshpur tour itinerary, Bisle Ghat, and its viewpoint are ready to offer you an unforgettable time. The spot is unsuitable to visit during monsoons since the roads in this area are prone to flooding damage (like recently), and due to animal activities. Also, in the rainy season, visibility may reduce to mere meters, thus taking out the attraction of the viewpoint. You should not plan to spend more than a half-day here since the tourist spot is quite isolated and secluded, and has no public service facilities within a short distance. The best time to visit Bisle Ghat is August-September till February.

How to Get to Bisle?

You can get to Sakleshpur from Bangalore via KSRTC bus or train service. From Sakleshpur, you can take either the 8 am or the 2:30 pm bus to Bisle. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take the bus to Kudurasthe instead and hike the rest of the 13 kilometers. Either way, the nearest hotels, and lodges are in Sakleshpur only, while Kudurasthe offers limited food and beverages. Your best bet would be to use BookOnBoard services to visit the Bisle Ghat Viewpoint and Bisle Forest.

FAQ’s related to Bisle Ghat & Viewpoint:

How far is Bisle Ghat from Sakleshpur?

Bisle Ghat is about 55 kilometers from Sakleshpur.

Where is the nearest bus stand to Bisle?

It is in Sakleshpur, but the bus also stops at Kudurasthe.

How can I get to Bisle from Kudurasthe?

You can either hire a jeep or even better, go trekking.

What mountains can you see from Bisle Viewpoint?

You can see the Doda Betta, Kumara Parvata, and Pushpagiri ranges. You can also see the Bisle Forest Valley cleft in two by the Giri river.

How long does a trip to Bisle take?

The Bisle tourist spot does not have any public services, nor does it offer any accommodation. So it’s best to keep the visit short, preferably under a day. Unless you get the permit to go camping there (and hope not to get visited by a tiger at night).

When is the best time to visit the Bisle Ghat?

The monsoon at Sakleshpur causes floods, mist, and dangerous animal activity in the region. So you would be wise to avoid the rainy season while planning to visit the Bisle Ghat. It is wise to search for bisle ghat road condition now before making your plans. 

Where can I stay at Bisle Ghat?

There are no bisle ghat homestays at the Viewpoint, however, there are hotels 10-11 kilometers away.

Where can I get to eat in Bisle Ghat?

The Ghat is mostly void of human occupation and as such you will find no food there but what you can carry. However, on the way to Bisle Ghat, you should be able to get some breakfast or lunch. Some such places offering food are:

  •  Saphali Family Restaurant: 20.53 kms away
  • Nyritvilla Homestay in sakleshpur: 27.91 kms
  • Bigcup cafe: 31.63 kms
  • Santrupthi: 36.67 kms
  • Coffee Cup: 39.18 kms

What else is there to see near Bisle Ghat?

While Bisle Viewpoint, Ghat, and reserve forest are great enough tourist attractions on their own, people looking for more attractions on the trip should know about the following spots known for bisle ghat waterfalls:

Mallalli Falls

A stunning milky-white waterfall at the foot of the Pushpagiri mountain was mentioned before. It is  26 kilometers away from the town of Somwarpet and only 4.61 kilometers away from Bisle. 

The falls originate where the Kumaradhara river plunges over 1000 meters down into the valley. Surrounded by a lush green rain forest, the white foamy waters of the Mallalli falls create a heavenly sight never to be forgotten.

Kukke Subramanya Temple

The road to Bisle ends up in this rich holy place about ten kilometers away. Worshipped in the form of a King Cobra, the Lord Subramanya presides over various local customs like Naga Dosha Pariharam (Remedy) through Sarpa Samskara Pooja, Ashlesha Pooja,  Sarpa Dosha Puja, Naga Dosha Pooja, Kuja dosha puja, Nagaprathishta Pooja, Sarpa Shanti, etc. If you are going to the temple, do not forget to take a holy bath in the cool waters of river Kumaradhara.

Abbimatta Falls

Another picturesque waterfall nearby is located only 15.83 kilometers away from Bisle. Perched on the high slopes near Bachalli village and surrounded by thick forests, hills, and coffee estates, the Abbimatta falls are hard to get near if you’re not good at some rough trekking. 

But once you get there, the silky waters of the fall will mesmerize you. The Mutt (Math) nearby has some historical artifacts that might interest you as well. Being only five kilometers away from Somwarpet, you can cover this visit in half a day.

There are many more attractions nearby Bisle Ghat, which we will discuss in other articles later on.

Hotels Near Bisle Ghat

The Bisle Ghat Tourist Spot is itself a secluded virgin area with very little human habitation. However, there are some hotels in the region, a distance away. Sorted by distance, these are as follows.

  • Aclat Meadows: 7.17 kilometers away from Bisle Ghat
  • SLR Residency: 10.16 kilometers
  • Shesha Kuteera: 10.20 kms away
  • Hotel Dwara: 10.37 kms away
  • Girikarnika Home Stay: 11.98 kms far

How to Reach Bisle Ghat Viewpoint?

Bisle Travel Itinerary

The best way to reach Bisle from Bangalore is to divide your roughly 260 kilometers of journey in train, bus, and/or jeep. 

Bangalore to Sakleshhpur by Train

From Bangalore, take one of the weekly running trains to reach Sakleshpur rail station. It generally takes four and a half hours to complete that part of the journey. The express trains depart generally in the mornings between seven to nine am, and depending upon your choice of seats and coach, this journey will cost you anything from a hundred bucks to above six hundred rupees.

Bangalore to Sakleshhpur by Bus

If you would rather prefer to take the bus from Bangalore to Sakleshpur, you can opt for KSRTC buses which are available in Volvo AC, Sleeper, and non-AC versions. They are available from half past six in the morning till 9:50 at night. The fare would vary from ₹ 500 to ₹  900, depending upon your choice of bus type.

From Sakleshpur, you can take either the bus or hire a private vehicle to Bisle. 

Sakleshpur to Bisle by Bus or Car

If you would like to take the bus service from Sakleshpur to Bisle Ghat, please note that there are only two direct services per day on this route – one is at eight in the morning, and the other is in the afternoon around half past two. Of course, you also have the option to take other bus routes that go over Bisle. For example, you can take the Sakleshpur – Kudurasthe bus which is more numerous. From there you can take a jeep to Bisle which will go for about 13 kilometers.

There are better options in the form of hiring private vehicles in Bisle. They will go faster and you will be able to enjoy the scenery on the road blanketed by greenery. The road is surrounded by coffee estates on both sides and the smell of coffee plantations around is enough to stimulate you in a tropical environment.

Sakleshpur To Bisle by Train
Subramanya Sakleshpur Road, Bisle Ghat India bookonboard guide to India
Subramanya Sakleshpur Road, Bisle Ghat India – Photo by Ravi Mundkur from Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0

You can also take the train from Sakleshpur station to Subramanya, which is thirteen kilometers away from bisle. There are multiple long-distance trains like Gomteshwara express, Kannur Express, Karwar Express etcetera covering the two stations. This train ride is also another experience in your travel itinerary since the rail line goes through some pretty beautiful natural scenarios. Again from there, you will need to hire a private vehicle. Of course, the area being clad in so postcard-perfect scenery, you may want to just hike all the way.

Places to Visit Nearby Bisle Ghat

Malalli Falls, Kumara Parvata, Kotebetta, Sakaleshpur, Jenkal Betta, Abbey Falls, Madikeri, Nisargadhama, Talacauvery, Bylakuppe, Dharmasthala, Dubare, Belur, Tadiyandamol, Chelavara, Paithalmala, Halebidu, Chickamagalur, Kuduremukha, Mullayanagiri, Bababudangiri, Bekal, Nagarahole, Iruppu Falls, Shravanabelagol, Kemmanagundi, Brahmagiri, Mangalore, Sringeri, Tholpetty, Bhadra, Thirunelli, Melukote, Kundadri Hill and more.

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