Winter Getaways in New England

Best Winter Getaways in New England – Options to Know!

Winter is one of the seasons in New England where people are looking for different activities. A wide range of romantic winter getaways in New England is available to soothe the people’s thoughts about visiting this country. Furthermore, New England winter vacations can bring you to heaven of unique activities.

An extensive range of Ski resorts is present in New England to comfort the people visiting this country. So, if you are looking forward to exploring the best winter weekend getaways in New England, the following guide can help you a lot.

Let’s not waste more time exploring the best yet all-inclusive winter resorts in New England.

Top-Rated Winter Getaways in New England

No doubt many worthy resorts in England can help you stay in all your comfort. But, it can be pretty daunting to select the right option. The majority of the people also get confused when they think of making the right choice.

We have added some of the best winter New England getaways below. Let’s explore the options as under:

1. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont

If you think of visiting cosy areas in New England, Stowe, Vermont, can be the best place to stay. It is also regarded as the most visited getaway in New England. It is also rated as one of the most demanded yet perfect quaint little towns. No doubt, it can provide space to about 4000 residents, but many visitors can also visit this area.

Furthermore, it is located in an idyllic setting. There is a lot of nature around the area. So, you don’t have to roam around for enjoying the natural feels during winters in New England. The wilderness in this area has much more to offer the visitors coming to this area.

There are many exciting indoor and outdoor activities available on this getaway. Some of the essential activities that people love to enjoy in Stowe, Vermont, include a gondola Skyride. This activity occurs at the Mountain Resort. Moreover, the public has free access to visit such areas.

If you are visiting New England for your honeymoon, or you are some sort of adventure-lovers, you should try the Ethical Dogsledding activity here. Another plus point of this getaway is that it offers a spa area to those who want to pamper themselves during their vacations.

2. Jackson, New Hampshire

Jackson, New Hampshire

Another fantastic getaway for a winter vacation in New England is known as Jackson, New Hampshire. It is also regarded as the quaint village of Jackson. It is located just near the busier North Conway. Furthermore, it is located nestled in the White Mountains area of New England. There is no need to worry if you don’t want to try winter hiking in the cold regions.

It offers the best opportunity to try skiing located between Black Mountain and Wildcat Mountain. There are various types of skiing available here on this getaway. The excited skiers also have the opportunity to enjoy a detailed tour of the mountain. The guides here are also available for guiding you about cross country, skiing and snowshoeing.

If you fall in love with the historic bridges, you are going to consider this getaway as your house. There are many historic covered bridges which can help you get tempting photographs. In addition, the scenery here is available with a slight backdrop of snow. The majority of the people who are looking for outdoor activities enjoy this area at their best!

Other than this, it is close to the North Conway’s restaurants and attractions. Thus, enjoying winter in New England will not be a problem for you when you have this option on your list. The visitors coming here can enjoy the access to enjoy delicious meals around the excellent restaurants.

3. Winter Getaways in Maine: Portland

Winter Getaways in Maine Portland

Here are another fantastic yet affordable romantic winter getaways in New England. Portland, Maine, is known as one of the best places to visit during the winter season. It looks like heaven during heavy snowfall in Maine. You can have the opportunity to enjoy the salty air deep into your lungs. Furthermore, there are many iconic coastal Maine opportunities around the locality.

People coming here also have the opportunity to enjoy Portland’s quaint around the city centre. The Old Port Area and Commercial Street Areas are some of the most visited locations of this getaway in New England. Almost all localities in this getaway are paired with the scenic views of the ocean during winters.

In addition to all this, you can enjoy the viewpoints of Casco Bay while living on this getaway. Visitors don’t have to roam around for finding a living place in this area. The primary reason behind this that there are many hotels and Airbnbs are located downtown. There is also a beautiful location in the adjacent West End neighbourhood.

Another fantastic fact about this getaway is that it helps the visitors to pick the mouthwatering lobsters at local restaurants. One of the most famous Lobster Shack is available at Two Lights. Thus, you have to be sure about the delicacy of the dishes. The availability of coastal locations also makes it one of the most visited places in New England.

Furthermore, if you have some extra days during your vacation in New England, you should visit the Acadia National Park. This park is located about three hours from Portland. This getaway is also considered the best destination for families and couples.

4. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

Are you not fond of winter sports while visiting New England? If yes, you should visit Burlington, Vermont. It can be the perfect option for those who want to enjoy city life even during their vacation. Other than this, this getaway has a lot more to serve the visitors who are coming to New England during the winter months.

It can be an excellent destination for both indoor and outdoor activities. The majority of the people love to have indoor fun in this getaway during the winter months of New England. We are pretty sure that the Church St. and the shops around the locality will catch your attention at the very first sight.

Furthermore, it also consists of a pedestrian avenue where there are many cosy coffee shops. So, enjoying hot coffee with your love in the streets of this getaway in New England can be the best thing you can ever dream of. There are also bars for those who want to enjoy chilled nights full of fun.

In addition to all these activities, there are many affordable restaurants around this getaway. Thus, enjoying your favourite food without wasting much of your money is the most significant opportunity with this option. The Whisky room in the bars will make you feel like you are having the best time in Britain while being in New England.

Other than this, people who avoid eating meat also have access to enjoy vegetarian dishes in the restaurants around this getaway. Many visitors also live the opportunity to get the best DIY or locally crafted breweries.

5. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island

The majority of the people want to experience the best weekend winter getaways in New England. If you are one of those, you will surely love to visit the places which are free of crowds during the wintertime. So, if this is the matter, Newport, Rhode Island, can be the best getaway in New England. No doubt, it is known as the best summer spot, but you will love this area in winter as it is free of crowds.

In addition to this, the weekend activities here in this getaway attract visitors to enjoy a wide range of fun games. If you don’t want to spend the time at the beach, you can also enjoy many prominent establishments in this Rhode Island without searching a lot.

When you are visiting Rhode Island, you should also visit The Breakers and The Elms mansions. They are considered the best places for those who want to know about the history of New England. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the hot chocolate while sitting at the bars around the city.

Many cosy restaurants are also available in Rhode Island. These places can make the visitors feel to witness the best time of their life. The winter activities in the restaurants also catch the attention of those who want a cosier environment than a rush.

6. Ludlow, Vermont

Ludlow, Vermont

It can be the best destination for those who love to experience skiing at the Okemo Mountain Resort. The community here is famous for providing the best tier four-season destinations to skiing lovers. In addition to this, it remains the eternal getaway for the people who love to visit New England during the winters.

No doubt, it is pretty hard to find the old-school charm in the winter getaways when you are having your vacations in New England. But, this option can make you believe in the possibility of intense skiing in winters. There are many cosy restaurants in New England that have a crackling fire. Thus, you don’t have to worry about treating yourself during the vacations.

In addition to this, an extensive range of dishes is also present on the menu of restaurants in New England. You can order your favourite meal in no time. The availability of versatile cafes in this getaway gives the access to visitors to enjoy their favourite coffee in the town.

You will also love the fact that this getaway option is considered the best option for foodies. The primary reason behind this is the presence of a large number of restaurants with international style cooking. So, finding your favourite dish on your vacation will not be a problem anymore.

The availability of a long list of games and other activities will make you choose this option for your winter vacations in New England.

7. Litchfield, Connecticut

Litchfield, Connecticut

It is known as the 18th century New England town. Currently, it is famous for providing some relaxed vibes to those who want to enjoy their weekend to the fullest. Other than this, it is located a 2 hours drive from New York City and Boston. So, if you live in any of these states, Litchfield can be your dream destination during the winter weekends.

If you want to experience the deep trails in New England, you should tie up your shoes and start visiting the Nordic Skis. They comprise almost 35 miles of the trails. Besides, those who develop their appetite very quickly can enjoy the option of Dirt Bomb from the Bantam Bread.

It can be the best thing you can ever try in Connecticut when you are hungry. In addition to this, fine dining is also available for those who want some delicacies during their vacation. All the restraints in this area have the dining concept of Chef Dan Magill.

Another fantastic fact about Litchfield is that it offers the best pampering sessions to visitors. They have the opportunity to try out the Winvian Farm Spa. It is only open to overnight guests. So, if you are staying here for some days, you can have this opportunity to relax. Many visitors also love the availability of a fireside massage to calm down their nerves.

Some fantastic things that you will love to explore about this winter getaway in New England include the availability of paintings and art galleries. Thus, people who love to explore versatile places full of art will instantly fall in love with this area.

Other than this, there is also a historic trading company known as Housatonic Trading Company. It is responsible for selling arts and other historical items to visitors.


Some commonly asked questions about best winter getaways in New England are given as under: 

What is the Average Price for Visiting a Good Getaway in New England? 

According to some estimates, the cost for a 7-day trip to the getaways in New England will be $1675. This price is for a solo person. However, for a couple, it would be $5579. However, the price depends on place and activities you choose. 

Is It Worth to Visit Getaways Of New England in Winters? 

It is totally worth it because winter comes with a wide range of interesting activities in getaways of New England. Ranging from snow games to life-thretening adventures, everything is present there. So, must visit New England in winters. 

Which Activities are Present in Getaways of New England? 

Some of the common activities present in the getaways of New England include snowshoeing, ice skating, fat biking, dog skadding and what not? You will love each activity of winters there. 

How to Find the Best Getaway in New England? 

You can find the best getaway in New England by searching over internet and contacting the best traveling agencies in the area. 

The Bottom Line:

If we conclude the above discussion in a nutshell, it will be apparent that New England is full of some fantastic getaways that you can try in winter. Besides, all getaways can’t be mentioned here. So, you can read the details of every option and select the one that meets your needs.

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