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10 of The Best Vineyards to Visit in Britain 2020

Most people look forward to wine tasting with their friends and family but are unsure of the best vineyards to visit in Britain. To help you plan your vineyard trip, our experts have prepared a list of 10 of the best English vineyards to visit in Britain.

Wine has always been an essential part of British culture. For generations, people have debated over which vineyards make to the list of 10 of the best vineyards to visit in Britain. In recent years, local British wines have won numerous international accolades. Such international recognition has caused a growing interest among people to visit vineyards.

Another reason for the growing popularity of English vineyard tours is the fact that hectic urban lifestyle makes one crave for the tranquillity of the acid green vines. Beaming with ripe fruits, watching the sunset over the lush green vineyards is enough to rejuvenate the most stressed souls. English vineyards provide city-dwellers a golden opportunity to connect with nature and that is why a growing section of millennials are turning to explore this type of travel.

With limited paid leaves, it becomes difficult for the working population to travel to distant lands for such vineyard tours. Luckily for them, the best English vineyards are spread across the lengths and breaths of the country. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best vineyards to visit in Britain. Pick the one closest to you and give yourself the day trip that you deserve.

Giffords Hall, Suffolk

The vineyard is also home to a good number of chicks and lambs. Seeing them roam freely entertains children and adults alike. The vineyards are ideal for visits to family and groups of friends. This is a pet-friendly place and people are encouraged to bring their furry pets along. There are a host of private and public tour options in Gillfords Hall for you to choose from.

Greyfriars, Surrey

A relatively newer vineyard, Greyfraird was established less than a decade ago. Owners Hillary and Mike Wagstaff are connoisseurs of good wine and have a thorough understanding of the process of wine-making. They see to the proper growth of each of the 70,000 vines in the vineyard. This has led the vineyard to feature among 10 of the best vineyards to visit in Britain time and again.

At the heart of the numerous international accolades won by the vineyard lies the fact that this vineyard beautifully combines traditional and modern approaches to winemaking. Spread across 50 acres of land, the vineyard produces some of the finest wines in all of Britain.

Chapel Down, Kent

One of the more traditional vineyards, Chapel Down is spread over a huge 22 acres of land. One of the poshest English vineyard tours, the daily tour is well charted out. It begins with a tutored tasting which is followed by the dining session. Foodies can make their pick and choose to either go for A A Resette or Bib Gourmand restaurant.

BiB Gourmand is a Michelin star restaurant that specializes in pairing the world-famous Chapel Down with a host of locally seasoned ingredients. The result is a range of unique modern British delicacies that will leave you wanting for more. Such is the popularity of the vineyard that celebrities like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are known to frequent the place.

Hambledon, Hamshire

For visitors who want to experience traditional winemaking, Hambledon is the place to go. Located on the edge of South Downs, it is one of the finest English vineyards that are open to the public. The highlight of the two hours guided tour here is the tasting of the classic Cuvee and an explanation about the preparation of the same.

Three Choirs, Gloucestershire

What sets Three Choirs apart from other UK vineyards is the fact that it has a wonderful microclimate. Set amidst the beautiful valleys and rolling hills of rural Gloucestershire, the place is a sight to behold. Many like to visit the place to take in the beauty of the suburban town. Such is the environment of the place that people believe the air of the vineyard is as intoxicating as the wine.

The wine tasting tour in Three Choirs is significantly longer than most others and allows one the option of sampling hundreds of different types of wine. One may also choose to go on an unguided tour wherein they relax while casually strolling through the grapevines. For those wanting to spend the night in the vineyard, there is the provision of stay-in rooms available in Three Choirs. The multi-cuisine in-house restaurant will ensure that guests are in for a treat to their taste buds.

Glyndwr, Vale of Glamorgan

Glyndwr has 40 years of winemaking experience and is the oldest vineyard in Wales. It is also one of the largest English vineyards in the world and has a natural setup. Hedges are left to grow wild to encourage birds to visit. One would find ducks, chicken and wild pheasants roaming around the vineyard. Here, it is ensured that only organic fodder is fed to the grapevines.

The English vineyards tour is a two-hour activity that begins at 12:30 pm. Guests are served sparkling wine and told about the heritage of the vineyard. In the course of the walk, they will be served some more varieties of wine and served a delicious lunch that is made from local produce. Visitors also look forward to a chance to meet the llamas, an essential part of the tour

Castle Brook, Herefordshire

CastleBrook is set on the site of an ancient Roman vineyard and a visit to the place evokes nostalgia from a bygone era. Established in 2004 by the fourth-generation members of a family of vineyard owners, this vineyard offers a modern take to generations worth of traditions. The team combines traditional champagne methods with modern grape extraction techniques to make the best sparkling wine in the world.

One of the most systematically arranged English vineyards, this vineyard takes care of ensuring next day delivery if you order any wine. Thus, if you miss your friends and family while you are there, you can always take in some authentic British bottles of bubbly home. What is interesting is the fact that every single bottle that you take home will have the ‘Chin-Chin’ motif, the identity of the owners of the estate.

Camel’s Valley Cornwall.

Camel’s Valley is one of the most famous vineyard tours UK and that is why it is recommend that one makes their reservations to the vineyard well in advance. The guided tour is carry out in larger groups with ample time for sampling different types of wine. For those who are not interest in the English vineyards tour and would rather prefer relaxing with a glass of wine, the Came’s Valley has a terrace garden. Sipping a glass of Cornish wine while taking in the beautiful view and being away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a rejuvenating experience.

For food enthusiasts, there is the famous trio of Padstow restaurants by Rick Stein’s available at stone’s throw. Also, there are several home-stays and cottages available on rent in and around the vineyard.

Langham, Dorset

What sets Langham apart from the rest is the fact that wines are produce in a vegan, environment-friendly way. This is one of the most visitor-friendly of the vineyard tours UK. Here, visitors are take in a two-hour talk wherein they are tol about the different processes involve in the preparation of wine. Langham has a 19th-century milking parlor. Visitors can enjoy a traditional lunch or afternoon tea here during their visit to the vines.

Langham is an ideal retreat for those who prefer a hands-on experience over a mere visit. Here you will not just get to interact with the team. But also join hands in picking up grapes and loading the press. Parents are encourage to bring their little ones along to show them the process of wine preparation.

Bolney Estate, West Sussex

If you are looking for an array of English vineyards tour experiences. Bolney is the place to go place has five different vineyard. sites. Visitors are free to see as much as they would like. The vineyard was establish in 1972 by Rodney and Janet Pratt. Muller-Thurgau being the first variety of grapes sew. Today, 4 decades down the line, over nine varieties of white and red grapes are grow here.

Bolney Estate is one of the best UK vineyards in terms of variety. There is the option of drop-in tour, taster tour, afternoon tea tour and the grand gourmet tour to choose from.

With the wine tasting season just around the corner, you now know where to head for your next weekend getaway. By listing out 10 of the best vineyards to visit in Britain. We hope that we were able to be of help. As you prepare to set out on a wine tasting trail, here’s wishing you the very best.

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