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10 Best Hydration Bladder to Buy in 2020

What is the best hydration bladder to buy in 2020? The hunt, the checking, comparison and selection of the most appropriate water bladder is not that simple although this is a simple query.

If you are searching for a walking, hiking, cycling, hunting or camping hydration bladder does not matter; the process is often complicated.

That is why we have tried 38 of the highest ratings brands and chose the strongest 10 below.

Our studies have centered on the capacity of the reservoir, its leak prevention, ease of access and clearance, insulation, reliability, health safety and even the miniature descriptions of bite valve forms and their fast suction.

It is a gross underestimate to suggest that this list is the best water reservoir. We do not think there is a better, more detailed list. Let us get there quickly:

10 Best Hydration Bladder to Buy

  • Capacity: 1.5 to 3L
Check Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System On Amazon
  • Capacity: 2.5L
Check CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack On Amazon
  • Capacity: 3L
Check Gregory 3D Hydro 3L Reservoir On Amazon
  • Capacity: 3L
Check Camelbak Mil Spec Antidote On Amazon
  • Capacity: 2L
Check FREEMOVE Hydration Pack Backpack On Amazon
  • Capacity: 1.5 to 3L
Check Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir On Amazon
  • Capacity: 4L
Check MSR Dromlite On Amazon
  • Capacity: 3L
Check Badlands Hydration Reservoir On Amazon
  • Capacity: 2L
Check Salomon SS16 On Amazon
  • Capacity: 2L
Check Geigerrig Hydration Engine On Amazon

1. Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System Reservoir

Source outdoor widepac 3l Review

Source Widepac Bladder is one of the best water bladder, available in three different sizes of 1.5L, 2L and 3L. Available in three sizes.

It is made from suitable polyethylene coextrusion and has a glass-looking lining within its tank and tube. This technology gives the reservoir the power to self-clean, apart from putting the loathed plastic taste of water at bay. As a result, biofilm growth and bacterial growth are effectively dissuaded from the reservoir.

A technology using an antimicrobial agent approved for FDA and EPA effectively prevents bacterial growth within both the reservoir and the suction tube.


  • The Grunge Guard technology
  • Tightly water-tight
  • No odors or tastes added to water.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • The suction valve is a bit too huge in size

Final Verdict

The Widepac source is a kind of fantastic construction with almost all that you would like to see in a hydration bladder. It can be kept and safe without leakage.

2. CamelBak Classic Hydration Pack

Camelbak classic hydration pack Review

This is another quality CamelBak hydration pack. It has a sleek style and is suitable for people with a small budget. With a capacity of 2,5 litres, there is plenty of liquid to fit, but backpacking is not easy.

The pack has a respirable mesh to make it easier to sip and a high-flow drinking tube. Some of the additional elements that make this pack hard to beat for the price are the reflective strips and a quickly flowing bite valve.


  • Easy to fill and to refill.
  • large screw top opening
  • A medium-sized bite valve
  • It has a narrow profile


  • It is difficult to clean

Final Verdict

Its lightweight design is the key benefit of this pack. For short distances and tough activities requiring more freedom of movement, this is very convenient.

3. Gregory 3D Hydro 3L Reservoir

Gregory 3d hydro Review

The hydro-reservoirs of Gregory are a unique class. They fill, clean and dry like bottles of water like soft bladders. Several new features come in the self-supporting 3D model. It accelerates the drying time and stumps unpleasant bacterial growth by avoiding the contact between the top and the bottom layers.

3D QuickDry
QuickDry Hanger
SpeedClip Mounting System
Anatomical Fit
DryLock Magnetic Bite Valve


  • 3D shaping
  • Bite valve and shut-off
  • Baffled
  • Fold-away hook


  • Small fill opening

Final Verdict

It is very easy to upgrade an existing backpack with the Gregory Hydration 3D Hydro 3L Reservoir. The packed feature is the ideal hydration bladder, the Gregory Hydration 3D Hydro 3L Reservoir.

4. Camelbak Mil Spec Antidote Accessory Long Reservoir

Camelbak mil spec antidote Review

This product comes with a basic quarter-turn top as with almost any Camelbak bladder and locks for a firm dress. It makes filling and clearing the inside of this bladder very simple with this large screw top mouth, and is available in 50, 70 ounces and 100-ounce sizes.

You also have a fast connexion system that allows you to add a philtre or add a water flow metre quickly and easily so you can monitor how much you drink.

Very large mouth with quarter-turn lock.
Center welded low-profile design.
The bite valve is large and it self-seals.
35-inch tubing system.


  • Easy to clean
  • Folds out for faster drying times
  • Easy to store
  • 35-inch tubing system


  • Strong plastic Smell in some units

Final Verdict

This product is the easiest to fill with all hydration bladders thanks to its large screw top.

5. Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir

Platypus big zip Review

The Big Zip Low Profile reservoir has been a longstanding option and has proven its consistency and reliability.

Large zip hydration bladder comes in 3 different sizes; 1.5 litres, 2 litres and 3 litres, one of the few low-profile bladders, which can be conveniently filled in backpack and pack.

The size difference makes the use to choose the size appropriate for the sleeves and adventure of their water reservoir.

low-profile design to lay flat.
Silver ion embedded interior
Durable handle
Slide locking mechanism is secure and durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Flat design
  • Bite valve seals tightly between uses
  • Durable


  • Difficult to fill full

Final Verdict

At the top of the bladder, the Platypus Big Zip is wide open with a safe Slidelock close design that facilitates the filling and cleaning process.

6. FREEMOVE Hydration Pack Backpack with 2 Liter Water Bladder and Cooler Bag

Freemove hydration pack Review

The pack is two liters in ability. It is very large and well equipped for bikers and hikers who take part in the whole day. It also comes with several zip pockets and reversible pouches that you can use to store and hold important things at hand.

The kit is made of a durable and waterproof high-quality material. It protects the equipment more securely and dryly when it is outside.

Constructed by Ripstop material.
Air Flow system on the back
Multiple compartments
Fully adjustable and lightweight


  • Great storage compartments
  • Insulation
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable


  • Lack of choice for colors

Final Verdict

It’s a worthy commodity with a good deal of positive stuff and very little hassle.

7. MSR Dromlite

Msr dromlite Review

The MSR Dromlite bags have a special 3-in-1 cap that can be easily and quickly opened to have a large mouth, a smaller open sputum or a medium sputum. The plastic handle is also durable, making filling the bladder very simple. It comes in a single size of 6 litres, however.

Comes with a 3-in-1 lid.
compact design
Can handle freezing temperatures


  • Easy to store
  • Loop makes it easy to hang and carry
  • Food-grade construction
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Small Opening

Final Verdict

One of the top bladders on long backpacking journeys to carry water

8. Badlands Hydration Reservoir

Badlands hydration bladder Review

The Badlands, built especially for hunters, is both relaxing and reliable. The company was founded by HydrapakTM and Badlands, two of the most successful innovators for outdoor goods. It is a remarkable development.

It is robust, leak-resistant, functional and quieter than any other reservoir.

Three Sizes (1L, 2L, 3L) to Fit All Badlands Packs
36 IN Hydra fusion Tube Keeps Water Cold
Elite Surge Valve With Cover
Plug-N-Play Tube Connector


  • Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Flips inside-out
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Some rubbery taste in water

Final Verdict

The Hydration Bladder from Badlands was specially built to suit your requirements. We can confidently forge it as a premium commodity.

9. Salomon SS16

Salomon ss16 Review

The Salomon SS16 has a slim profile and is light weight. The printed fill scale along the bladder side helps you to quickly and easily monitor your water volume. It has a widespread mouth with an simple , safe fit with a zip-lock seal. This product can be purchased in sizes of 1.5 litres or 2 litres.

It has a slim and lightweight design.
The reservoir is replaceable.
Plastic guide


  • Reservoir fits any Salomon Skin
  • Fill scale for monitoring water levels
  • One-handed locks
  • Portable


  • Tubing can be difficult to attach/detach

Final Verdict

The Salomon is up there when it comes to simple to purify moisture bladders

10. Geigerrig Hydration Engine

Geigerrig hydration engine Review

Geigerrig works spectacularly and is the only pressurised hydration bladder that we’re checking. The pressure system is its most visible (and indeed innovative) feature. It has an ellipsoid pump like the one in old-school blood pressure machines. It attaches to the air compartment of the reservoir.

2 Liter (70 oz.) capacity
Quick release valves on drinking and pressurization tube
Slide top and wide open mouth for fast refill
Reversible, dishwasher safe reservoir


  • Has many innovative uses.
  • Comes with a slim profile.
  • Contains a pressurized system.
  • Easy to fill and refill.


  • It has a small learning curve

Final Verdict

The hydration engine of Geigerrig is admired for its flexibility and creativity

Tips to buy/Things to Consider while buying:

When you purchase hydration bladders, you should remember the following

1. Material
The material used in the hydration bladder construction decides its strength, how it should be cleaned and whether the plastic taste of your water will or will not be present.

2. Size:
Generally, between 17 and 25 ounces of water should be drunk per hour. Usually, intake during exercise is higher than this. Additional variables, including temperature and humidity, can also vary the water demand. Take the water when you’re thirsty as a rule of thumb.

3. Compatibility:
You must choose a hydration vessel, which fits snugly into your backpack’s bladder compartment. The hydration bladders are often available and are typically built in the same manner but with minor variations.

4. Bladder profile:
The bladder ‘s construction defines its profile. To direct the profile of the bladder, look at the dimensions when empty and filled.

5. Hydration Bladder opening:
A few variables that can decide the kind of opening that you want are your refilled, fast opening and closing water and leak insurance capability.

10 Best Hydration Bladder to Buy – FAQs

Can you put ice in a hydration pack?

Yes. Add ice cubes: The easiest way to refill your water is by far to add ice to your hydration container. Fill the tank with ice roughly halfway to the top. Too much ice will freeze your whole pack.

How long can you keep water in a hydration pack?

The water is good for a large amount of periods, but in principle, it is up to 6 months, but it will be 2-3 weeks to be safer if the interior of the bladder is clean and you did not hit the inner of the bladder when you filled it and did not blown water back in the bladder.

Can you put a hydration bladder in a backpack?

The response is more frequently, yes! Any old pack can be transformed into a hydrating pack; you just need to know how. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do.

How does hydration bladder work?

The water is contained in a bladder of water, which is contained within a hydration sleeve. You enter the fluid through a shaft that runs via troughs from the tank to the outside, so that the tube hangs over either leg. The slits are often referred to as tube portals or entry points.


Hydration bladders in the world of equipment are simple but necessary. They are built to ensure that you don’t use bottles to keep hydrated along the road. Please first take your particular needs into account and use them to guide you in our review of these items. For one or more factors they are all beautiful goods and the best model is better than the other, which meets your particular needs.

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