Are Huaraches Good For Hiking? 

We all want to wear stylish shoes on some occasions in life, but when it comes to hiking, the shoes must be comfortable. If the boots for hiking are satisfactory, then you can prolong the hiking trip. 

Make sure that the hiking shoes are soft and give you maximum traction. Here, our main topic in this post is whether huaraches are suitable for hiking.

There is a common practice that people used to wear boots while going hiking as wearing boots will make them feel comfortable for longer. That’s why not every sandal is suited to every occasion. 

It does not matter whether you are searching for strappy or functional huaraches; these shoes are suitable for hiking. But it is a common practice that many people, especially those living in villages, typically use huaraches for hiking.

What Are Huaraches?

Are Huaraches Good For Hiking

They have low heels made up of interwoven leather strips. They are specially designed for wearing on simple floors. They are not used for mountainous regions. You cannot use these types of huaraches for hiking or trekking. 

Many huaraches are made up of a single strap to weave across your foot. Therefore, it allows fewer adjustments and a perfect fit. They are usually flat and look odd when you wear them for hiking.

In the market, you can also find Nike Air huaraches. These are also genius sneakers designed by experts. You will be surprised that it comes in the Nike bestseller list of the Year category. 

Are Huaraches Running Shoes?

Now the question arises whether huaraches and running shoes are suitable for hiking.

This post is specially made for you and will answer your question: are huaraches suitable for hiking? Note that huaraches are not running shoes, even though they should not be used for hiking. 

Are Huaraches Casual Wear?

Are Huaraches Casual Wear?

We all know very well that huaraches are mainly used as casual wear and in summer. They are not designed for athletic performance, hiking, or trekking but for everyday wear. The huaraches were first intended to be running shoes at the start of 1990. But they are not meant to be used for running purposes or hiking. 

Usually, the huaraches are very lightweight and are especially made according to modern technologies. Huaraches do not provide better-cushioning support and protection. Huaraches come up with a 400 to 500-mile lifespan.

Why Can You Not Use Huaraches For Hiking?

  • Huaraches are flat from Below.

Everyone knows huaraches are flat from below, so they are not designed for hiking and trekking. Although you can use huaraches for short distances for walking, you cannot use them for hiking.

  • Your feet are bare from the upper side.
Why Can You Not Use Huaraches For Hiking?

We all know very well that for hiking, our feet must be enclosed from all sides, so we must wear comfortable sneakers. This is the main reason huaraches do not give you complete protection. 

When you wear huaraches, your feet are bare from the upper side and sides. So if you wear huaraches in the winter, your feet are prone to getting cold, dust, and dirt. Also, when you wear huaraches during hiking, you risk getting insect bites. So it is highly recommended not to wear huaraches while hiking.

  • Huaraches are slippery when going upward during hiking

It is not a good choice when we go out for a hiking trip and wear huaraches. The reason is that while going upward, the huaraches are slippery. So when you go hiking, your feet might slip from the huaraches.

However, your feet remain in the huaraches because of the upper straps. But this is not complete protection from slipping because you feel uncomfortable while going upward during hiking because your feet slip to some extent.

Why Can You Not Use Huaraches For Hiking?
  • You might slip in mild muddy conditions.

During your hiking trip, rain or mud might be in your way. In this condition, if you wear huaraches, you are more prone to slipping in different ways.

  • You are not provided the needed support and stability

Huaraches do not give you the necessary support and peace you ever have while wearing joggers or sneakers. 

This is the main reason you should not wear huaraches for hiking. Although you can run while wearing the huaraches, you will not feel comfortable wearing them, and also, there is a chance of falling while running wearing the huaraches.

  • The midsole and outsole are not designed for hiking

Usually, these huaraches are not specially designed for hiking, which is why their midsole and outsole are very delicate. However, you could use your huaraches for walking small distances.

Features Of Huaraches

Features Of Huaraches

This part of the post will discuss some critical features of huaraches and other aspects.

  • Cross-shaped design towards the back of the shoe

Huaraches come up with a cross-shaped design at the back of the shoe. It means that there is no room for lateral swoosh on this. 

  • Design of the Huaraches

Huaraches came up with a low-heel design where the upper is made up of interwoven leather strips. They are popular worldwide, and most people wear them under jeans.

  • Material of huaraches

These are the combination of booty cage and two-color neoprene.  The huaraches have a beautiful design, whereas manufacturers typically use traditional leather. The primary specialty of huaraches is that they are hand woven in most parts of the world. 

Usually, the village people use huaraches even for hiking. But usually, the manufacturers recommend not to use the huaraches for hiking purposes as they do not produce enough cushioning and are not comfortable to wear. You are more prone to get shocks while hiking and tracking.

  • Feel

The huaraches feel comfortable but are not as comfortable as sneakers and joggers. But still, they are suitable to wear as they stretch and enclose the foot very nicely.

The traditional leather material and leather-lessening system make it a beautiful thing to wear. You can also wear huaraches on simple occasions like grocery, shopping, or a nearby birthday party. 

Manufacturers also make designs on the upper scraps, making them funky and fun to wear. Due to the locked straps present at the back of the foot, you feel more locked and supported. So this lacing system in the huaraches helps provide the kind of support you would expect from typical footwear. 

  • Stability
Features Of Huaraches

These types of huaraches provide a significant amount of stability but are not designed to be used for long hiking trips and tracking. People usually expect the huaraches to be stiff and rigid, but they are soft because they are made of high-quality leather. You will be more comfortable wearing huaraches because they are not rigid plastic cages. 

 The huaraches give you a more supportive feeling than the socks shoe. You can easily wear them, and they can quickly get into your foot. But still, you have to lock the straps in some huaraches.

  • Fit and Sizing

Usually, your feet can easily fit in these huaraches because they are available in different sizes. You can quickly get the usual size huaraches. However, you will feel the overall snug feeling. 

Some huaraches are enclosed from the front side and protect your feet from the front side. The particular style makes you feel the shape,  pushing your foot forward to the front of the shoe.

However, if you go for perfectly fit huaraches, you can keep your foot back. However, many people go for half size up because the huaraches provide a little extra room that you think would have been quite helpful.

Go half-size up unless your feet are incredibly narrow.

Midsole and Outsole

Unfortunately, the midsole and outsole of the huaraches are not so comfortable, and they do not provide enough cushioning. This is why manufacturers do not recommend using huaraches for hiking and tracking. But it does not mean they are hard to wear; they are still very comfortable but not designed for hiking. 

The midsole and the outsole do not produce enough cushioning, which is why they are very lightweight. So while wearing these types of shoes, you will not feel heavier. You will like its chunky shape, and they are pretty comfortable for walking short distances.

Are Huaraches Still in Practice?

Are Huaraches Still in Practice?

Many people believe that huaraches are older footwear, whereas many do not use them nowadays. But this is a misconception as they are still in practice today. They stand out in the market due to the new modern and funky designs. 

With the advancement in technology, many manufacturers are making these huaraches by keeping in mind the new features. They also add other things and features to these huaraches. This is why they have come up with more protection and comfort. You will be amazed to see new and funky designs in different colors, safety, and comfort.

They are not like dad’s shoe-looking either. They are a bit too unusual for that.

Eye Catchy Designs

These huaraches come up with different eye-catching designs. So if you want something a little different and distinctive, you should purchase these huaraches yourself. But keep this thing in mind you have to use it for daily purposes, not for hiking. 

Exposing Your Style

If you intend to expose your style, you must try out these huaraches as they give you a distinctive bold look.

Along with the bold look nowadays, there are also current fashion trends. These uses are beautiful and readily available. So you have a decent chance to express some of your style and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is the Best Footwear for Hiking?

With low-cut models featuring flexible midsoles, there is no shortage of options for low-cut styles. Taking a hike with them is a breeze. In addition to trail running shoes, long-distance trips can also be made in trail running shoes. It is common to wear hiking boots, ranging from mid-cut to high-cut models when going on a day hike or a short backpacking trip.

  1. What Are Hiking Shoes Called?

Hiking shoes are also called trail shoes, and they’re specially designed to provide you with moderate cushioning and stable traction. Typically, trail shoes are lightweight and ideal for short hikes and mild terrains. However, they offer good support and are also used for day-to-day casual wear.

  1. Is It Possible to Wear Hiking Shoes Every Day?

Yes, you can quickly wear hiking shoes every day, and the good thing about them is that they keep your feet dry and breathable. They also support your ankle through all surfaces. Walking in these hiking shoes will also feel very light.

Final Words 

Are huaraches suitable for hiking? If you go hiking, you must know its answer. According to experts, huaraches are not the best option for hiking. This is due to their souls not being very durable. 

The soul of huaraches does not provide enough cushioning. Also, the upper part of your feet remains bare and prone to climatic effects and insects. 

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