Allegiant air baggage fees

Allegiant Air Baggage Fees & Policy [2021 Update]

About base ticket fare, Allegiant Airlines comes out to be quite affordable. But their baggage costs pack quite a punch and so you may lose all the advantages of that low ticket fare if you didn’t pack carefully. To inform you of all the baggage policies of Allegiant, here are the Allegiant Air baggage fees and policy (2021 update).

allegiant airlines baggage policy

Allegiant Air Baggage Fees and Rules Summary Chart 

Baggage type Nos. Allowed Maximum Size Maximum Weight Cost 
Personal item 7” × 15” × 16” Reasonable Free (within size) / $50-$75 (oversize) 
Carry-on bag 9” × 14” × 22” Reasonable $18 – $75 
Checked bag 80” total 40 lbs. $18 – $50 

Allegiant Carry-On Allowance 

The carry-on rules Allegiant Air dictates that you can take 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag with you on board the flight. However, you should note that Allegiant is one of those few airlines that charge for carry-on bags. Also, Allegiant is arguably the only airline that allows oversize personal items

To be fair, Allegiant offers a lot on board their planes despite the fee. On Allegiant Airlines flights, each passenger may bring one carry-on bag and one personal item in addition to necessary medical and assistive devices (including strollers), one jacket or coat, a small umbrella, food for consumption en route, and/or a diaper bag. 

Allegiant Personal Items 

  • Allowance: 1 per passenger (n/a to infants) 
  • Maximum size7” × 15” × 16” (17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm) including all handles, wheels, pockets or decorations protruding from the item. 
  • Maximum weight: unspecified, but you have to be able to carry it yourself 
  • Example: 
    • Male or female purse
    • Briefcase 
    • Laptop computer 
    • Camera case 
    • Small backpack 
    • Portable electronic devices of similar or smaller size to the items listed above
  • The personal item in Allegiant flights must be placed in the space underneath the seat in front of you. 
  • Fees: 
    • FREE if it is within the size restriction 
    • $50 to $75 if it is over the size restriction 
Allegiant Air baggage

Allegiant Air Carry-on Bags 

You should note that as per Allegiant baggage fees policy, the fees for carry-on bags increase as you get closer to your flight. That means you can save best when purchasing your bags online while booking. 

  • Allowance: 1 per passenger (n/a for infants) 
  • Maximum size9” × 14” × 22” (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm) including all handles, wheels, pockets, or decorations protruding from the item.  
  • Maximum weight: unspecified, but you have to be able to carry it yourself  
  • Example:  Small suitcase, roller bags, etc. 
  • The carry-on bag in Allegiant flights must be placed in the overhead bin. 
  • If the overhead bin is full, the bag will have to be checked and collected later from the baggage claim at the arrival airport. 
  • Fees: 
    • At Booking$18 – $30, depending upon the flight route 
    • After booking, or Pre-Departure$45 
    • At the airport ticket counter: $50 
    • At the Gate$75 

Allegiant Air Additional Items 

Other than your personal item and carry-on bag, you can also take one of the following items free of cost on board. These Allegiant extra allowed items include: 

  • Food items for immediate consumption 
  • Mobility aids or assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, strollers, etc. 
  • One box or bag of duty-free merchandise 
  • A coat or jacket 
  • An umbrella 
  • One item of reading material 
  • A diaper bag for infants 

Allegiant Check-in Baggage Allowance 

Allegiant baggage weight, size, and allowance 

  • Maximum size80 linear inches (203 cm) in total dimensions (length + width + height) 
  • Maximum weight40 lbs. (18 kg) 
  • Each passenger is allowed up to 4 checked bags at Allegiant Air.  

If you bring bigger, heavier, or more bags than the restriction given above, you will be charged some excess luggage fees at Allegiant Air. 

Allegiant Air Fees – Checked Baggage 

As you get closer to your flight to buy your luggage, the checked bag fees at Allegiant gets costlier. The following are the Allegiant checked baggage fees structure depending upon your baggage checking time: 

  • At the booking: $18 to $41 for each bag up to the fourth bag, depending upon the flight route 
  • Pre-departure: $45 for each bag up to the fourth bag 
  • At the airport ticket counter or gate check: $50 for each bag up to the fourth bag 

Please note that Allegiant excess baggage charges apply above these fees. As you notice, the checked bag prices at Allegiant Air will increase as you wait longer to check the bags. 

Allegiant Air Fees – Additional Baggage 

At Allegiant Air, checked bags are restricted to 80 inches (203 cm) in total dimensions (length + width + height) in size, and 40 pounds (18 kg) in weight. If your bags are larger or heavier than that, you will have to pay additional fees for excess luggage at Allegiant. 

Allegiant oversize bag fee 

  • Size: above 80 inches or 203.2 centimeters 
  • Cost: extra $75 

Allegiant overweight bag fee 

  • Weight:  
    1. 40 to 70 pounds (18.2 to 31.8 kg) 
    2. 71 to 100 pounds (32.2 to 45.4 kg) 
  • Cost: $50 in the 1st case, $75 in the 2nd case 
  • Luggage that is heavier than 100 pounds is not allowed on Allegiant Air flights. You have to book freight for that. 

Allegiant Air Baggage Policy in a Nutshell 

Allegiant air baggage dimension policy

Allegiant Air Restricted & Prohibited Items Policy 

Allegiant Air follows the TSA regulations strictly for items that you can or cannot bring on board. Advising you to follow the FAA Pack Safe guide, Allegiant will urge you to maintain a “When in doubt, leave it out” policy for restricted items at Allegiant Air flights. 

Around the same, the following is the basic idea about Allegiant Air restricted and prohibited items rules that you must follow. 

Type Item/example Restrictions / Notes 
Allegiant carry-on liquids and other FoodAlcoholic beverages up to 70% only Less than 3.4 oz (100 ml), sealed, packed in small plastic zip lock bags. Details… 
Baby food, formula, breast milk, juice  Need to be screened separately, in reasonable quantities 
Dry, solid foods like bread, cookies, dried fruits Need to take it out of the bag before the x-ray 
Liquid, gel, or cream-like food like jelly, cream, gravy, honey Less than 3.4 oz (100 ml), sealed, packed in small plastic zip lock bags. Details… 
Canned food Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml). Must be sealed. Recommended taking in checked bags. Details… 
Powdered food or consumables, like coffee or spices Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml), sealed, taken out before x-ray. Details… 
Drink containers like a thermos Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml). Details… 
Uncooked food like eggs or veggies Take out before x-ray. Not allowed to/from USVI, Hawaii, Puerto Rico 
Uncooked meat, seafood, frozen food Packed securely with up to 5 pounds of dry ice (wet ice not allowed) 
Pre-made packed foods like chewing gum, chocolate bars In reasonable quantity 
Oils/vinegar Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml), sealed, taken out before x-ray. Details… 
Pet food Solid and fluid pet foods: follow rules above 
Medicines and medical equipment Blood sugar-related equipment like sugar test kits, insulin pumps, and cartridges Valid prescription needed, must also inform TSA officer at the airport. Details… 
Vision support like contact lenses, lens kits, lens solution Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml). More can be allowed by TSA officers if deemed necessary. Details… 
Other external medical devices like spinal stimulators, neurostimulators, feeding tube Submit Disability Notification Card and medical documentation to TSA officer, show manufacturer documentation about if it can be x-rayed. Tens/massage devices can be taken without documentation. 
Inhalers or similar devices Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml). More can be allowed by TSA officers if deemed necessary. Details… 
Instant hot/cold packs As long as it fits within United carry-on size 
Fluid medicines like tonics, ointments Container size less than 3.4 oz (100 ml). More can be allowed by TSA officers if deemed necessary. Details… 
Medical marijuana like cannabis-infused products, CBD oils Only allowed if THC ≤ 0.3% of dry weight, documents mandatory 
Medical masks like N95 masks Must remove and be checked during screening 
Hard medicines like pills, and pill cutter Valid prescription needed, must also inform TSA officer at the airport. Details… 
Nebulizers, CPAP devices, etc. Valid prescription needed, must inform TSA officer, place in a clear plastic zip lock bag, take out while screening. Details… 
Portable oxygen concentrators like Inogen One, Airsep Lifestyle Documentation needed, inform TSA officer, take out for inspection. List of allowed devices… 
Vitamin/Food Supplements Same rule as foods 
Support braces like neck braces, knee brace Must inform officer 
Thermometer Remove the battery from a digital thermometer.  
Injectable medicines and injections In reasonable quantity. Injection needles must be unsealed from factory packaging. Inform the TSA officer. 
Disinfectants and hand sanitizers Container size ≤ 3.4 oz (100 ml), greater size can be allowed if deemed necessary 
Household items and tools Small devices like airbrush make-up device, breast pump, curling iron, small electric fan If it fits within your Allegiant carry-on baggage. Must remove the power source. 
Powders like baby powder, talc Container size ≤ 12 oz (350 ml). Must place in a separate bin for screening. Mix/blend machines like travel blenders, juicer Allowed only if the blade is removed and placed in checked bags, and if it is less than United carry on dimensions Small non-powered tools or toys like bottle opener, key fob, fidget spinner,  Not harmful tools that can be used as weapons, fully assembled size ≤ 7”  Gas operated personal tools like butane shavers, butane curling irons Withing safety case, gas cartridge not allowed Fluid items like ointments, creams, gels  Container size ≤ 3.4 oz (100 ml), placed in quart size plastic zip lock bags Electronic devices like cell phones, clocks, music players, electric razors or toothbrushes, flashlights, small radio Remove power source whenever possible Aerosols like perfume, deodorant Container size ≤ 3.4 oz (100 ml) Laptop Needs separate screening Paintings If it fits within your Allegiant carry-on baggage Pillows If they fit Pots and pans If under the United carry on size limits Office supplies like staplers, pins, pencil sharpeners In protective package Hygiene supplies like tampons, sanitary pads, disinfecting towels, disposable underwear, condoms etc. In reasonable quantities 
Vacuum-sealed bags Needs to be inspected – if basic scrutiny is unsatisfactory, they may open it 
Wedding dress Must be packed safely and securely in a hard transport-ready casing. 
Unpowered home tools like knitting needles, shaving razors, nail clippers,  In a safe package. Scissors must be ≤ 4” 
Flammables Smokes like cigarettes and cigars, cigar cutter Check import/export laws for the countries in case of international travel 
Chargers with a battery inside, like power banks  Must be packed properly 
Candles Must be packed properly 
Sporting & Camping equipment Collapsible outdoor furniture like an air mattress with an inbuilt pump, sleeping bag If fits within United carry on 
Small sports stuff like balls If they fit 
Camping stoves Without fuel 
Soft-sided cooler Only if empty 
Parachutes Packed properly in a separate bag 
Collectibles like rocks or conk shells As long as a reasonable weight 
Weather protection like an umbrella, raincoat, snow boots As long as it fits within the carry-on size 
Common things To find out which common, day-to-day usable items Allegiant Airlines will allow or not allow on their flights, please check this page 
Note: please go and check the TSA list of allowed and restricted items for full details. 

FAQ’s About Allegiant Baggage Fees 

1. What does Allegiant charge for baggage? 

  • Personal Item: Free if within 7” × 15” × 16” 
  • Carry-on: $18 – $75  
  • Checked bags: $18 – $50  

2. Does Allegiant charge for carry-on bags? 

Yes. Depending on the flight route and the time you are paying for your carry-on, you may have to pay from $18 to $75 for each Allegiant carry-on bag. 

3. How strict is Allegiant Air with carry-on bags? 

As carry-on bags are not free at Allegiant Air, they are very strict with their carry-on bag policy. All Allegiant Air carry-on bags must be: 

  • Less than 9” × 14” × 22” in size 
  • Able to carry in hand 
  • Able to fit in the overhead bin 

4. How strict is Allegiant with baggage weight? 

Allegiant Air baggage weight restrictions are stricter than other airlines. The maximum checked bag weight at Allegiant is 40 pounds (18 kg) only. Above that, for each Allegiant overweight bag, you will have to pay $50 (up to 70 lbs.) or $75 (up to 100 lbs.) extra, above the standard Allegiant checked baggage fee. 

5. Should I pay for a seat assignment on Allegiant? 

It depends on how picky you are with your airplane seats. Generally, all Allegiant Air seats are good enough for most people, except that you may feel slightly cramped in the back rows. Anyway, if you do choose to select a seat at the time of booking, you may need to pay some extra charges that may go as high as $80, depending on season, route, and class. 

6. Is a backpack considered a carry-on on Allegiant flights? 

Yes, if it is less than the Allegiant Air carry-on size restriction (9” × 14” × 22”). Further, if your backpack is smaller than 7” × 15” × 16” everything considered, then it may also be considered as a free personal item at Allegiant flights.  

7. Can you bring snacks to Allegiant Air? 

YesFood for immediate consumption is listed as an Allegiant Air additional item, and it is not counted as a personal item or carry-on, as long it’s packed properly for travel. Be sure to be reasonable with the quantity, though. 

8. Does Allegiant require a mask? 

Yes, at this time of the pandemic, a proper face covering from above the nose to under the chin is mandatory for all Allegiant crew and passengers at all times in the flight. Face masks with breathing valves are not allowed.  

9. Is it cheaper to book Allegiant at the airport? 

Yes and no, depending on the amount of luggage you are hauling. You can save as much as $13 per ticket if you book an Allegiant flight at the airport but may lose out quite a few times more than that since Allegiant baggage fees increase exponentially as you get closer to your flight. 

10. Are drinks free on Allegiant? 

NoConsumables are not covered in your Allegiant flight ticket, just like your bags. You have to purchase them extra. 

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